Nurse Love Addiction Out on Steam + Contest

Nurse Love Addiction

To commemorate the big release of NLA, Degica Games are hosting a contest giving away some fabulous prizes to lucky winners.

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Nurse Love Addiction!!
We’re very excited to finally be sharing our Visual Novel with the world!
We hope you enjoy it and we’d really appreciate an honest review after you’re done 🙂

To celebrate the launch, we are running a giveaway for some signed art/fanbooks from the original artist as well as Steam Credit! You can get all of the details and enter here:

The contest requires entrants to get as many points as they can by complying with several simple tasks like following Degica’s Twitter or having played NLA for over an hour. Learn more by clicking on the above link.

UPDATE: A new point option has been added. Follow ME and Lena K on Twitter via the above link.

HINT: Post a comment here. You never know.

Remember to pick up Nurse Love Addiction on Steam by clicking HERE.





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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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7 Responses to Nurse Love Addiction Out on Steam + Contest

  1. Katali says:

    Great news ! With Kindred spirits and Flowers ( on the way ) we are really spoiled this year ! 🙂

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  2. Weiss Grimoire says:

    Really nice to see so many great yuri games coming to steam this year!

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  3. mutopis says:

    got it from /u/ for some reason there is no manual for hotkeys

    A = hide HUD
    Z = open menu/back to VN
    W = open menu
    Q, X, Space, Enter = advance
    Ctrl = hold to skip
    S = definitions section

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  4. SayuriCero says:

    Reblogged this on SayuriCero and commented:

    Nurse Love Addiction is Out ❤

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  5. yurimylove says:

    I love “the ditz” as the protagonist here. Not having played a lot of VNs the ones I did usually has the more sardonic/”straight-man” type main characters (e.g. Yuna from Kindred Spirit, Amber from Highway Blossoms, or Rie from Strawberry Vinegar).

    Asuka is really funny and she makes the cutest noises!


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