Drusilla Dreams Review

When this game first came out it had little fanfare despite its promising premise about yuri in ancient Rome. Unfortunately its reception was mixed. Question is which side is right, the positive or negative? Let us take a look at Seraphim Dreams’ Drusilla Dreams.

Drusilla Dreams

Genres: Romance, Incest, Educational, Historical, Visual Novel

Themes: Rome, Yuri

Length: 30 minutes

G-Rating: Meh

Plot Summary: The lovely Drusilla has overthrown her brother Caligula, and has become the Empress of the Roman Empire! With all the power of the known world at her fingertips our Drusilla has only one problem, her love life!

Drusilla Dreams is a short yuri style visual novel about the loving relationship between Drusilla, and her favorite slave Lucca.
Will the burdens of being a slave affect their love for one another? Will the empire fall into rebellion because they have a woman in charge!? Where is Caligula? Does anyone even care!?

Enjoy this sequel to our game “I am Caligula” with multiple endings.

Drusilla Dreams Lucca.jpg


Drusilla Dreams is only $1.00 with occasional 50% discounts and it shows. One route can be finished in less than 5 minutes. Heck I found everything there was to find even after some update patches in less than an hour. As I was playing it was clear the developers mainly wanted to make a historical education piece on Caligula and his sister Drusilla’s incestuous relationship rather than a story about an empress who fell in love with a slave girl. As for what I thought about said incestuous storyline, it is what it is. My knowledge on Caligula’s and Drusilla’s lives stemmed as far as the Cinema Snob’s review  (HERE and HERE) of the Caligula movie and that is all. The game has some educational value I suppose.

Drusilla and Lucca

The touted yuri between Drusilla and Lucca felt more like an afterthought compared to Caligula and Drusilla’s story.

The game’s presentation again reflects its $1.00 value. Not horrible but not impressive either. Because the game is so short finding all the endings is a breeze. One ending even includes a little jab from the developers to critics. It was cute.

Overall Drusilla Dreams can be best summed up in the following sentence: “You got what you paid for”. Caligula and Drusilla are typical tyrannical rulers from Roman times with selfish desires, Lucca was just there for moral (and I suppose romantic) support, the presentation is passable at best and the yuri felt more like bait than the main attraction. It is not expensive at all so I suppose people overpowered by their curiosity can check it out. Just remember it is a visual novel that has as much as its price tag entails.

Get the game on STEAM.

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5 Responses to Drusilla Dreams Review

  1. Bigbossbalrog says:

    Boooo! This game sucks! If you want Roman stuff, go for Ryse, or Total War.

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  2. The Otaku Judge says:

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  3. yurimylove says:

    my little sister can’t be this cheap!

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