Mahou Tsukai PreCure Episode 19: Bat Door

Many thanks to cirno9fan for helping sub this week’s episode.

Message Pot.jpg

Message Pot.

Our heroines were looking for the Headmaster in his office but he wasn’t there. Mofurun found a “message pot” with said message being that he had gone off for a while.

Dokurokushe close-up.jpg

Okay so Dokurokushe is a “he” after all based on the voice heard.

Back at enemy HQ Batty questioned Dokurokushe directly on whether “he” was giving the orders or “he” was Gecko Guy’s puppet. Dokurokushe then seemingly spoke for the first time and even gave Batty a dark power boost skull to help him capture Haa and the Smartome.

Liz discussing the mysterious Headmaster.jpg

Back at school the Magic Gang were discussing the “Seven Mysteries of the Headmaster”, which included stuff like his unknown age, never using magic and gossip. It was then than the lovely Miss Liz brought up the last mystery, a forbidden door located in the sacred tree that only the Headmaster could open.

Forbidden Door.jpg

Forbidden Door.

After some shenanigans our heroines eventually found the forbidden door which of course couldn’t be easily opened. Suddenly…

Super Batty.jpg

Super Batty would make a great fighting game boss.

Batty combined the dark skull along with Gamets and Sparda’s wands to transform into one freaky mofo spiturbat chimera.

Captured Cures.jpg

I’d like to see either Spider-Man or Venom fight this guy.

Haa faces another giant.jpg

Seeing Haa go up against monstrous giants is still badass and hilarious.

Justice Scream.jpg


Still alive.jpg

Still a Bat Guy.

Maybe the dark skull gave him an extra life.

Grape Haa.jpg

Grape Haa.

I’m going to miss Haa’s more adorable forms when the time comes.


How convenient.

Next week we’ll find out what lies beyond the Forbidden Door.

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4 Responses to Mahou Tsukai PreCure Episode 19: Bat Door

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Definitely still thinking that Yamou is pulling the strings, so to speak. The whole situation is just so very off

    It’s possible Haa-chan will be able to maintain those forms when she grows up. There’s no guarantee it won’t still happen. But it won’t be as cute, that’s true.

    Starting to wonder if the magic world might disappear altogether after “it” happens. Doubt that feeling is going to be right though xD

    Batty just does not give up. He’s been beaten twice now, and is going for a third round. That guy kinda seemed the weakest back in the earlier episodes, but seems he’s actually the strongest afterall.

    We’re getting pretty close to the moment. But have we finally revealed all the support stones yet? I keep on thinking it’s all of them, and then a new one pops up xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Hence why I said “seemingly”. As you say something’s off about Gecko Guy and Dokurokushe.

      Not as cute but if she can still use her various elemental forms after her final evolution that would be sweet.

      He’s one of those persistent villains one can’t help but feel sorry for due to how loyal they are to their leader.

      It’s usually around episode 19 or 20 when something big is about to go down jn a PreCure show.


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