Victory Belles Kickstarter

Silly me for having overlooked this game. Due to there being recent titles taking place in an all-girls prison or tank girls opened my eyes but then I read “starring insert male name here” I walked away. Silly me for not having asked Black Chicken Studios the million dollar question: “Does the Captain have a set gender or “Choose your own”?”. My promoting this Kickstarter tells fans what the answer was.

Victory Belles Poster

Long story short Victory Belles is pretty much a Western version of Kantai Collection, which I have no problems with whatsoever as I’m curious to see what kinds of neat little twists Black Chicken Studios can add to the “cute girl battleship tactical strategy” game formula. Also the “ships” can be courted…and I want to play a KanColle game while also understanding what the girls are saying without having to look up forum site or waiting for fan translations.

Plot Summary:

Waifus and Warships? It’s something I never knew I needed.”

Victory Belles is an iOS/Web game of chaotic turn-based brawls via spotlight and star shell, epic destruction by 14″ naval rifle, flights of torpedo and dive bombers at dawn, and burning hulls left to slip beneath the waves. As Captain, you lead beautiful and deadly personifications of WWII warships into battle over the most dangerous secret man was not meant to know.

The strongest navies of 1939 – those of the United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, France, Italy, and Imperial Japan – must work together, despite threat and treachery, to defend humanity from a monstrous new foe. Battling in every stretch of water from the Aleutian Islands to the coasts of West Africa, you will have the opportunity to assemble a fleet of over 120+ of the most powerful, famous, and glorious warships of the time to fight for the fate of the world!

Outgunned and outnumbered, you decide your nation’s strategy against the growing threat. Everything from your naval base to the complement of the fleet’s air arm is at your discretion. You’ll take command of the most pivotal battles, and shape the course of the war. Will the French Navy sail away from Mers-el-Kébir with an alliance intact? Can the Soviets keep the last Baltic defenses of the Revolution from being destroyed by the enemy?

The fleet waits for your signal, and the world holds its breath.

Some of the Victory Belles.jpg

Learn more about Victory Belles and support the project by going HERE.

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4 Responses to Victory Belles Kickstarter

  1. yurimylove says:

    mystery FINALLY REVEALED — the Abyssal ships are victory belles!! XP

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Hopefully if it gets made and it won’t get taken down by Kantai Collection’s legal team. I’d gladly give the game a go, although I would be apprehensive about donating to a Kickstarter were you really only get in game currency in return.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. frenze12 says:

    Over 200% funded, seems like we don’t have to worry anymore about the game not getting made 😉


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