Starlight Vega Now Available on Steam

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8 Responses to Starlight Vega Now Available on Steam

  1. AkumaChan says:

    Holy crap! I finally have a reason to get a job so I can purchase this 😀 also, ITS A YURI HAREM WITH DEMONS <333

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  2. ThreeofEight says:

    And I liiiiiive yet again. Of course I have to go out tonight to be “social” or whatever. At least I have Yuri demon girls to come back to. Hopefully it’ll be in the store before I go out so I can download it ready to play ASAP for when I make it back!

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  3. Lena K. says:

    Let’s call this year the year of glorious Yuri Visual Novel releases~
    goes off to buy the game

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  4. Rincewind says:

    The wait was well worth it.

    I played Melody’s route, and was amazing. Melody is just wonderful. Aria is so lucky.

    Now I’m playing Lyria’s one (I guess… unless I’m messing royaly, which is possible)… but it’s kinda heartbreaking seeing Melody reactions.

    I am so glad of having backing this game.


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