Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter

Here’s a franchise I never thought I’d see come back but with the nostalgia-boom and remakes, comebacks and sequels of old series being all the rage nowadays I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m thankful this series is FINALLY getting a chance to make a comeback.

Fear Effect Sedna.jpg

Last year the Fear Effect franchise and other Eidos IPs were made available by Square-Enix Collective (SE’s version of Kickstarter) for developers to pick up and pitch ideas for new games. Sushee stepped up to the plate and now we’re getting “not quite Fear Effect 3 but definitely a story that takes place after 1 and 2” Fear Effect: Sedna. If the Kickstarter is successful Collective will sponsor and publish the game. Speaking of Eidos titles, I’m hoping for Gex 4 and Anachronox 2 if this project succeeds.

To put it simply, Fear Effect was a short lived series with a mature storyline (With sensual content, yes) and gameplay mechanics that revolved around managing stress and avoiding panic attacks while solving mysteries with supernatural elements.

Fear Effect Sedna gameplay screen.jpg

Based on the screenshots and the Kickstarter description Sedna will be an up to 5-player isometric co-op game similar to the likes of the XCOM reboot and the “Lara Croft and…” titles with Fear Effect gameplay elements and character behaviors that change based on character relationships and actions.

Hana X Rain.gif

Hana X Rain still canon? Highly likely.

And now for the main reason why I brought up this Kickstarter.Fans who have visited the Video Game section of the Yuri Hall of Fame will notice these two ladies as inductees, Hana Tsu Vachel and Rain Qin. Rain was introduced in Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix as Hana’s “almost impossible to deny” lesbian lover. However, this was a prequel and Rain was not exactly in the first game. Also back when the game came out the mainstream wasn’t as kind to yuri as they are nowadays so most diehard fans got upset about this and I assume the writer had to come up with some mumbo jumbo about the two “not dating” and Hana not being gay or something like that. Anyway the above image and the KS description states that in Sedna Hana and Rain are living and working together. I initially had concerns on the pair’s status but this Operationrainfall interview confirms the two are canon so YAY!.

Check out the Kickstarter for more information on the game and its content.


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