278th G-View: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (By The Yuri Canon)

Note from OG: Before Iono-Sama built a yuri kingdom there was another yuri harem mistress: “The Galactic Chick Magnet”, Yuna Kagurazaka.

Well I’m back, I’ve been asked to write about some of the yuri series of old. Sort of A” Blast from my Past”… “A Blast from the Yuri Canon Past” LOL kind of works. To begin with let’s have a look at one of the more memorable, albeit rather short, yuri series.


Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama (Episodes 3-5), Mecha, Harem, Yuri

Themes: Robots, Superpowers

Number of OVAs: 5. Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (2) and Galaxy Fraulein Yuna Returns (3)

20 years before Yuki Yuna, around the time that Usagi (Sailor Moon) was trying to save the planet there was another Yuna who saved not just the earth, but the entire galaxy, twice in fact. The girl was known as Kagurazaka Yuna and she would become not only an idol but one of the most powerful Saviors of the Light, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, whom also created one of the biggest yuri Harems in the history of anime, gaming and manga. I really don’t think there is another girl who has so many girls chasing her around. You see, while Sailor Moon had several who gave their life for harem, Yuna has two Princesses who each have their own fleet of battleships behind them, as well as another hundred or so other girls who are willing to give their lives to be there for Yuna and some Giant robots too… this has a bit of everything. You see, Yuna doesn’t defeat her enemies, she (sometimes) beats them up and turns them into her friends and many fall in love with her. All of this happened before even the first OVA even started.

Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ Ginga Ojōsama Densetsu Yuna) started out as a PC video game series way back in 1992. This series was later ported to the Sage Saturn and even the PCP, but there was never a Western release. However, there were two, rather short, OVA series that we did get that brought some wonderful yuri goodness to us deprived yuri fans back in the 90s. The first was a 2 episode OVA released in 95 under the title Galaxy Fräulein Yuna: Siren’s Sadness, Just Galaxy Fräulein Yuna Out West and later came 3 more episodes Galaxy Fräulein Yuna: The Abyssal Fairy AKA: Yuna Returns or Dawn of the Dark Sisters Out West. Apparently the Dub actually ended up with more Yuri silliness than the Sub as the VA’s added in more unusual and slightly more yuri filled comments to fill in some of the silence that was in the original. While I have seen both I do prefer the Subbed version, it is still very much Yuri, there is no way around that fact.

For the sake of keeping things simple I won’t go into the game. They are nearly impossible to find nowadays and were never officially translated… hell I don’t recall there being a fan translation either… The series might confuse a few as many girls make cameo appearances throughout the series, some complaining about the lack of lines or screen time. Let’s just say that long ago Yuna became an idol and shortly after Savior of Light and has been busy turning all her enemies into her friends, but along the way she has, of course, made even more enemies.

The first OVA is very light-hearted and silly with a lot of random yuri moments. They actually packed a lot into these two episodes and it is rather impressive considering the time constraint. The series begins with Yuna in her Giant Robot, yes Giant Robot, falling through the atmosphere about to crash into the earth. However, she isn’t going to crash, no she is just cooking an egg using the heat of re-entry to fry it in a giant frying pan… Did I mention this series cannot be taken seriously for the most part? She wins the Giant Robo Iron Chef contest with her egg cooking skills… really not sure what this had to do with anything really… Queue catchy and cute opening! Well I found it catchy… even had the CD… and figures… and… Okay I really liked Yuna and still do… where was I? Oh, the opening. Here look for yourself.

After the opening we see a starship targeting Yuna and her friend/Roomate Yuri, Cube (Kyūbu) who is an android that constantly needs to consume food… a lot of food, as it slowly counts down and finally fires, taking out part of the city. Somehow Yuna and Yuri are fine and they get a message stating this was all Princess Mirage’s doing, as a way to wake up the girls in time for school.

Yuna 1

As the two of them run off to Shiraokadai HS All-Girls’ High School, Yuna grumbled about Mirage’s odd way of waking them up. They greet a number of other girls, including a mysterious new transfer student by the name of Ichijouin Misaki. The two of them trade gazes causing Yuna to swallow hard.

Yuna 3

During Misaki’s introduction to the class she continues to stare at Yuna, making Yuna think that Misaki is in love with her.

Yuna 4


Yuna 5

Yuna 6

Misaki however isn’t who she appears. She is actually an intelligence officer of the Galaxy Alliance by the name of Selene and was sent by the mysterious Fraulein D to investigate the possibility that Yuna is actually out to destroy the galaxy instead of save it. If you didn’t know Frauline D is evil…Let’s see: Dark room. check. Masked face, check. Sits on throne, check, with goblet of red wine in hand, double check…See? Evil.

Yuna 7

While Misaki is investigating Fraulein D sends her two lackeys out to keep Yuna busy and lure her away from the city. They do this by making a trail of limited edition photos of Polylina, knowing that Yuna couldn’t resist photos of the woman she loves. However, along the way Yuna encounters a little girl crying about her lost dog. Torn between photos of Polylina and a crying girl she devises a plan and bribes Yuri with food to gather the photos, which she does in the blink of an eye, now the two can go searching for the missing dog. Along the way they meet more characters and soon have the entire city following them around in search of the dog, the search becoming sillier and more insane by the minute.

Yuna 8

As all of this is happening Misaki interviews Liavelt von Neuestein, Lia for short, who is also the mysterious Masked Polylina that Yuna loves so dearly, and even has her own TV series about her mysterious persona… Note, Lia is actually Yuna’s best friend, but Yuna doesn’t know that Lia is Polylina… Still not sure why Lia keeps that part a secret…

Yuna 9

Anyway, after the interview a Giant robot starts rampaging through the city, claiming to be Yuna, however the Robot is a darker color, but let’s not get into that… Misaki transforms into battle armor and fights the giant robot… Did I mention that every single girl in this series has a transformation sequence, suit of armor, or is a robot or something, and pretty much are all super powerful? Well that’s what happens when every super human/robot villain becomes friends with Yuna and follows her back to Japan…

Yuna 10

So after a short battle Misaki is convinced that Yuna is in fact evil and arrests her. Somehow Lia is too slow to get there on time, even though she was there during the battle with the robot. Lia and Yuri watch as Misaki flies off with their beloved Yuna, on her way to trial as a traitor to the galaxy.

Yuna 11

Next episode Yuna wakes up to find herself handcuffed and in a dark room, when she discovered that Misaki was responsible she thinks Misaki is just being kinky, but when she is told she is under arrest she is bummed out. Yes, she liked the idea of being handcuffed by Misaki. That’s Yuna for you.

Yuna 12

After a very brief trial Yuna is found guilty and sentenced to be launched into a black hole. Lia and Yuri finally arrive at the Galaxy Alliance and try to plead with Misaki that Yuna was innocent because Yuna and Yuri were saving a dog. Of course Misaki is completely clueless, after being told twice she is wrong, she finally does more investigating and finally finds the girl and her dog. She also learns that because Yuna was trying to rescue the dog pretty much the entire city followed Yuna and no one was hurt during the Robot attack. With this new information Misaki flies off to stop Yuna from being launched into a Black hole. She crashes her ship into the Cannon about to fire Yuna into space. Fraulein D reveals herself to actually be Devil Fraulein and suddenly a fleet of black ships surround the Galaxy Alliance.

Yuna 13

However, Devil Fraulein didn’t take into account that Yuna has gained not just one Princess but Two and both are not happy with someone taking their Yuna from them. Both arrive with their own fleets of battleships, along with many, many, many more girls, all in their power armor and some upset that Yuri can’t name them all as a giant fight takes place in space above them. Finally, pissed off, Devil Fraulein changes into her true form, that of a giant monster. Yuna, Yuri and Elmer (Yuna’s little robot fairy guardian) merge and form a Giant robot, El-line and with the combined love of all the girls around her Yuna is able to defeat the evil and destroy it. I don’t know how many of you noticed but the composer for this is the same guy who did the music for Sailor Moon. You can really hear it when the girls start giving Yuna their power, all of them. It is rather silly watching the images flicker by as they try to get a shot of every last girl who was there. There are a lot of them.

Yuna 15

The episode concludes with Yuna meeting up with Misaki in the hospital and wanting to be her friend. The room fills with many of the characters from the game, laughing and chattering. The End. That pretty much sums up the first part of Yuna.

Yuna 16

Now the next 3 episode OVA is a very different from the first. It is as if they decided that since it has been established that this is an insanely silly yuri story they would try to break the rules a little, more like a lot, and got for a much more bleak and tragic tale. This time three robot sisters have come to kill everyone related to Yuna and finally Yuna herself. While the first episodes starts with a lighthearted little love song between Yuna and Polylina on Christmas eve as the two perform before a large crowd it is quickly interrupted as one of the sisters shuts down power to the giant hologram of Yuna as she is sending her Christmas wish to everyone.

Yuna 17

Next, we watch as this mysterious little sister proceeds to take out every one of Yuna’s friends, sending them to the hospital, bandaged like mummies. But she doesn’t stop there either as she returns to finish them off only to encounter one of the sillier fights with Shiori, who up until now was shown to be very slow. Shiori isn’t dumb, she just walks and talks extremely slowly. However, when fighting she is not only fast but extremely powerful in that silly, yet cute, kitty power armor of hers. She is the only one who manages to stop this insane little girl’s attacks and breaks her hand off. Only this causes the little girl to start crying, creating a vortex, destroying most of the top floors of the hospital.

Yuna 18

While the girls all discuss how to stop this rampaging robot before she does more damage, Shiori busts out of the vortex with two other girls under her arms. She shows them a video of the girl crying. Yuna can’t get past the image of a crying girl and decides to rush in to help the girl, even if it means her getting hurt along the way. Yuna learns that this little girl is Ayako, the youngest of a group of sisters, who had been taught that fighting is a form of playing. Yuna tries to cheer Ayako up but Ayako refuses to believe Yuna and gets even more upset. Finally Yuna slaps the girl and then hugs her, calming the crying child.

Yuna 19

Yuna 20

While Yuna has managed to befriend Ayako the rest of her friends still see the girl as a threat. Yuna tries to show Ayako there are other ways to have fun like going to school, taking her shopping and even an amusement park, only to have their fun stopped by Ayako’s sister Kyoko who quickly runs off when Polylina and Misaki show up. Polylina and the other girls try to convince Yuna that these sisters are all very dangerous and should be destroyed, along with Ayako. Ayako begs Yuna to befriend her sisters and Yuna promises to do just that. However, Kyoko has taken control of Princess Mirage’s ship and is targeting the earth. Yuna, Ayako and the others run to try to stop the ship from destroying the earth… The rest is one battle after another as Yuna tries to make friends out of these deranged sisters and her friends try to keep Yuna alive.

Yuna 21

I’ll leave the rest for you to all go watch since these final episodes were something else. While not as dark as some series get it was a large contrast from the first half of the series. Still I highly recommend the series as a whole. Still one of my Favs, even after all these years. I actually enjoyed watching it again as I prepared to watch this. Still have my figures of the girls; Ayako stands with Yuna and Yuri while Polylina is next to my cup of pencils, her legs can’t stand without support now. This is one of the most memorable series I’ve watched over the years with more Yuri moments than a lot of full length series. I only wish there was more. Hell if I could find the games I would be happy.

Note from OG: While the yuri harem elements are there, viewers must keep in mind the date these OVAs came out, meaning the yuri content, while there, is limited. Still, Yuna Kagurazaka’s conquests are legendary in the yuri nation even though these OVAs gave us but a small taste. Thus the reason these OVAs only get a Grade 4. It’s like NibuDeko. The yuri is there but we don’t get much of it.

Well, that is Yuna for you. I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Time for me to return to art. See you around!

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10 Responses to 278th G-View: Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (By The Yuri Canon)

  1. cirno9fan says:

    One of the first yuri anime I saw. Fond memories of this one ~

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  2. Reblogged this on The Yuri Canon and commented:

    Did a review of Galaxy Fraulien Yuna for The Yuri Nation

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  3. OG-Man says:

    While I thought the 2nd set of OVAs were overkill…that was the point. A legendary series this is…even though it took me this long to watch it. Guess we now know who was Iono-sama’s predecessor.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest we can’t really say it was “Overkill” since we never played the games. For all we know the first OVA was over the top and the 2nd followed the video games. shrugs We are missing a butt ton of story without those games, seeing as we are dealing with RPG titles there was probably a lot of extra story.

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  4. AkumaChan says:

    Prepping my popcorn for an all nighter :3

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  5. Yuna looks so adorable, and I really like the character designs for these girls overall. This series just looks really damn cute and fun period, and I’m definitely gonna watch it. Top that off with Takanori Arisawa composing for the series and Akiyuki Shinbo directing the second OVA, I’m sure I’ll have a blast. Thanks for the recommendation, OG.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Enjoy, it is a worthwhile short series to watch. I’ve been considering going over other older series that basically show where a lot of the current tends in yuri originated from as we see directors and writers toeing the line for what they can, and can’t, get away with over the years. Sadly there are a lot of old series that new fans are not even aware of.

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