Sacrament of the Zodiac Review

Note: A review copy was provided by Denpasoft.

Here we have another yuri centered game taking place in what is considered one of the top 10 yuri hot spots, an all-girls Catholic school. The question is whether the game is worth checking out for fans of the yuri genre? Let us take a look at Kuro Irodoru Yomiji‘s Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and the Tamed Wolf.

Note: While the game contains not safe for work scenes this review is safe for work.

Sacrament of the Zodiac

Genres: School Life, Romance, Yuri, Eroge

Length: Short (2-6 hours)

G-Rating: Okay

Plot Summary:

Every year, there is a ritual called the “Sacrament”, where they pray and get baptized to the goddess. There is a school saying, that if during this time a person shows one of the twelve zodiac stigmas, they will bring happiness to all. Arissa, who has been chosen as the Princess of the White Sheep, falls in love at first sight with Hitsuji, a recent transfer student. Understanding Hitsuji’s intentions, Arissa is attracted by her strength and awkwardness and decides to accept her.


Hitsuji and Arissa

The begins with a kiss between our leading ladies which may make some question the two taking their relationship to level 1 so quickly, a “love at first sight” scenario as the plot summary describedl. At least the girls acknowledge this fact later on. Since the story centers entirely on the relationship between Arissa and Hitsuji, how does said relationship fare? I say it is adorably decent. It is reminiscent of Yuuna and Nanami‘s relationship in the first entry of the A Kiss for the Petals series in that it took off quickly. As long as the two girls are likable the “let’s get right to the loving” approach is fine and as far as Arissa and Hitsuji go they pass. They are both adorable, especially Arissa. Arissa is cute as a button, honest to a fault but also sharp. Because of her upbringing she is not “street savvy” shall we say but it does not take her long to grasp a situation. She also makes the best remarks of the two (I wonder if she can “baa”?). Hitsuji’s first name can also be read as “sheep” in Japanese but in actuality she acts more like a lone wolf, protective of her one true love.

Now one would categorize this game as a nukige (visual novel whose main purpose are love scenes) rather than an eroge (visual novel featuring love scenes) but Sacrament of the Zodiac has enough content showing the two taking their relationship seriously beyond “get to the next love scene”. Both girls compliment each other with Hitsuji teaching Arissa a bit of street smarts and Arissa helping Hitsuji become more social with other girls. Speaking of girls, there are other characters in the story but only Arissa and Hitsuji are shown on screen while the others are invisible speaking ladies.

Sacrament of the Zodiac gameplay screen

Now let us talk about the gameplay. Despite Sacrament of the Zodiac not featuring a traditional multiple-choice system found in most visual novel type games there is a way to change how to story plays out in what I like to call “choice perspective” (It could have an actual name but this is what I am going with). Basically the player can switch between Arissa and Hitsuji’s perspective/narration when the little image on the right featuring one of the two girls is not transparent or blank. This has two added incentives besides getting to see both girls’ thoughts in most situations, both inside and outside the bedroom. The first incentive is that depending on which girl the player is following he/she will access a scene only available to one of the girls. One example is a scene featuring Hitsuji calling a friend on her cellphone. This scene is only accessible if the player is following Hitsuji’s narration. The second incentive is unlocking the best/true end. To do this players must figure out the right order of the special cutscenes. When is it the right time to watch an Arissa exclusive cutscene and when is it time to watch a Hitsuji one? That is the key to unlocking the best/true ending route.

The CG quality is good and the soundtrack while nothing spectacular gets the job done in setting the mood.

Arissa and Hitsuji kiss

The love scenes are simple yet scintillating with the best one needing to be unlocked of course. One thing of note is that both girls are obviously virgins so…yeah, “that” does happen.

Overall Sacrament of the Zodiac: The Confused Sheep and The Tamed Wolf is a simple and enjoyable eroge. Our leading ladies are adorable as characters and together, the soundtrack is decent, the CG is good both inside and outside the bedroom, and the ” choice perspective” feature is well implemented enough to encourage one or two more playthroughs. Neat little game for yuri fans who are fine with visual novels that feature love scenes.

Readers can buy the game here.

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10 Responses to Sacrament of the Zodiac Review

  1. Lena K. says:

    I seriously didn’t even realize that this one had been released already as well…
    Now after spending some money on SonoHana, the 2 new Smash Bros characters and Kindred Spirits, I might be broke, but I need to get that one as well 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pancakecreme says:

    I’ve bought the game as soon as it was released. I wonder if you can spoil me and tell how to get the Best End? Which scenes do I need to flip? So far, I’ve only stuck to playing Arissa’s POV.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KingCommandoJimmoTheIII says:

    For $10 I think this game looks like a good buy, especially if they are reminiscent of Nanami and Yuuna. They are the best couple!

    Liked by 1 person

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