ebi-Hime and NewWestGames Yuri Steam Glee

We got a triple dose of yuri goodness on Steam thanks in due part to @ebihimes and @NewWestGames.

Oops. There’s one more.

First up we have two games from the woman I dubbed the “Edgar Allen Poe” of yuri, Ebi-Hime (The lovely lady who brought us Asphyxia) in the Steam version of The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns, which includes a new event and like last time it is free. The second game is her latest commercial yuri project titled Strawberry Vinegar which features a hungry demon girl. The third title is the Steam release of A Wild Catgirl Appears by NewWestGames which includes a new bonus catgirl route, meaning two catgirls and other girls to romance.

Check out the games and their one-week only discounts below.

Strawberry Vinegar

The Sad Story of Emmeline Burns (Free)

A Wild Catgirl Appears

Oops. There’s one more free game I forgot to mention.

Princess Remedy In a World of Hurt.

Dunno what the game’s about yet but it’s free and has yuri so…yeah. I’ll review it when able.

Click on the below links for reviews of both Emmeline and Catgirl to get an idea what readers are in for. I have not played SV yet as of this writing.

Emmeline Burns Review

Catgirl Appears Review

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2 Responses to ebi-Hime and NewWestGames Yuri Steam Glee

  1. Trans Homura says:

    I helped with catgirl


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