A Kiss For The Petals Revolution – Rinagisa Announced

Sono Hanabira; New Generation

Fuguriya announced a new entry in the A Kiss for The Petals franchise, Revolution -Rinagisa that, as the name suggests, stars Rina and Nagisa, the brunette and blonde in the middle.

Rina and Nagisa

Nagisa and Rina.

The story takes place after the events of New Generation where Nagisa accidentally upset Rina when she saw her getting really chummy with a sexy sempai. Destroyed by Rina’s refusal to listen to her explanation, Nagisa goes into a slump while the other new-gen cast do what they can to help the two meet again and make up.

Again it’s more about seeing girls snuggle with each other and showing plreaders how much they love one another both in words and actions. The franchise has always been about that.

The game is scheduled for a digital release in Japan December 25th with a hard copy release on December 31st at Comiket 89.

For more information on the game click on this Petals’ Garden post.

Click here to get a sneak peek at Rina and Nagisa doing what Petals stars do best when not having conversations.

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6 Responses to A Kiss For The Petals Revolution – Rinagisa Announced

  1. goodboy64 says:

    Nice to see a new entry in the series, the brakes on this particular train don’t seem to be working!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bcy says:

    A Kiss For The Petals Revolution
    For a split second I imagined a SonoHana x Utena crossover. That would have been interesting.


  3. Hanneman says:

    I dont know about you, but i think Fuguriya should start publishing here in the West already. I’ll die of happiness when i see a Sono Hana game announced simutaneously in Japan and in the West.

    Liked by 1 person

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