A Kiss For The Petals: Yuricycle Visual Novel Adaptation Announced

Thanks to Petals Gardens‘  “A Kiss For The Petals” Chief Executive Officer Android Unit AXYPB for reporting this announcement.

A Kiss For The Petals - Yuricycle

After Hanahira! and Remembering How We Met this will be the third all-ages game in the franchise.

Yuricycle is described in its main page translated by Ralen as “A lovey-dovey cycling diet towards yuri goodnesss”. It’s a series of lighthearted comedic sketches starting with Mai teaching Risa and Miya about cycling and the included health benefits. Of course this being a Petals game fun times, playful teasing and romantic flirting between the featured girls await. So yes it will feature more girls than Mai X Reo and Miya X Risa. There’s even a surprise crossover, meaning this will be the first game in the franchise where a spin-off series girl, in this case Satsuki Ishigami from the “Nurse School Trilogy”, will meet the girls from the main series. In a way this is another historic entry in the series.

As noted in the main post the novel will feature a bonus chapter starring Mai and Reo.

 “Reo and Mai’s Cycling to Tokyo’s Big 3 Dorayaki Makers”!

In short this is an educational/motivational story about riding bikes, as taught by cute lesbians. The VN is scheduled for a November 20th, 2015 release in Japan. No word on an English version yet but I’m sure readers can use the translated chapters as guidelines for everything but the bonus chapter.

For more details visit the Petals Garden post here.

Read all the translated Yuricycle chapters translated by Ralen here.

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10 Responses to A Kiss For The Petals: Yuricycle Visual Novel Adaptation Announced

  1. Kai says:

    It’s all-ages, but nonetheless. AWWW HEEELLLLL YEEAAAHH.

    This one is interesting too, because it actually featured two pairings, the other one I really like, the other one unfortunately I haven’t play their VN, but seem to have a lot of high praises.

    Is the Nurse School Trilogy translated? I haven’t play that either.


    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully Steam will pick up both the first and second all-star games, especially the second so we can learn about Rikka X Sayuki, the couple you were referring to.

      Sadly the game featuring Sayuki has yet to be translated. Other than billybob300c’s partial Youtube videos subbing oneof the games none of the Nurse School Trilogy games have been fully translated.


  2. goodboy64 says:

    They’ll think of anything for a premise haha. But in all seriousness, I do feel kinda hyped for this.


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