A Wild Catgirl Appears V1 Review

There needs to be more yuri visual novels featuring or revolving around monster girls. This is New West Games‘ A Wild Catgirl Appears. A game made to commemorate the Yuri Game Jam event that took place from September to early November 2015.

Update: At the end a new link for the Steam version has been added with exclusive bonus content.

A Wild Catgirl Appears

Genres: Visual Novel, Yuri, School

Themes: Cat Girls, Video games

Length: Very short (1-2 hours)

G-Rating: Passable

Plot Summary: A Wild Catgirl Appears follows the story of Ami, a loner at high school, as she joins the school’s coding club and sets about making her first video game. They create Starla, an awesome catgirl ninja and create a figure to interact with their game. The figure doesn’t quite work, but the next day Starla is quite real!


I will not cut any corners. From the main menu it is clear that the game has a “side project” feel to it containing the bare essentials of a visual novel. There is no “Windowed” mode (that I’m aware of), only three save slots and lacks other basic VN features.. This can be overlooked since it was a side project to commemorate the joyous occasion known as yurijam.


While the game structure is simple how does it fare as a visual novel? In a word, decent.  The game stars Ami who does not socialize with many people. The other girls include Ria, Ami’s tsundere best friend, the soft spoken bishoujo Lise, the leader of the coding club and the titular cargirl herself Starla. All four ladies have their amusing quirks such as one using a “wall” to hide truth and another opening up gradually.

The gameplay is standard visual novel fare with choices determining which one of the other girls Ami will choose to confess to.


The backgrounds are fine and the girls look neat, especially Starla. The CGs are decent. I used words like decent, fair and fine a lot because that is the best way I can describe the game, decent.

Overall A Wild Catgirl Appears is a fine little game. Do not expect anything beyond “good side project” quality before and after picking it up. The girls are fun nice to look at, especially the titular catgirl Starla, the backgrounds are fine, the CGs serve their purpose and the music fits the mood. It’s cute enough to warrant a look…provided the reader is patient.

Readers can get the game on itch.io ($2.99) and iTunes for iPhones ($3.50).

Get the Steam version with exclusive bonus content for $2.99 here.

Would I recommend the Steam version of this game? If the reader is very patient and has three bucks to spare knowing what they’re in for, a “prototype of a game”.

The Steam version’s only draw is the bonus content. Everything else remained the same from its initial itch.io release (not in a good way). As a preview it’s fine but when one is selling their unfinished product to a mainstream market and not a niche one that will not end well. Basically it feels like a quick cash grab. Keep this in mind.

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5 Responses to A Wild Catgirl Appears V1 Review

  1. How did they legally get away with having such a blatant Pokemon reference for their Title.


    • OG-Man says:

      Referencing video game media with a few changes to the spelling and pronunciation is nothing new. Besides “A Wild something appears” isn’t copyrighted really.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Trans Homura says:

    Betaed this basically they said Android support not necessarily possible

    Liked by 1 person

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