Blog Update: G-Ratings Are Back Again

Update: Apparently I underestimated how much people value numbers.

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17 Responses to Blog Update: G-Ratings Are Back Again

  1. goodboy64 says:

    Interesting points, personally I use the number system as a simple summary of my personal feelings on a manga or anime, in case no one wants to read my review in full and just look at that. Of course, everyone scales different, 5 is average to some, 7 for others, so while they are arbitrary, as long as the review makes clear what means what on their scale, I’m fine with numbers. That being said, since your reviews, and I like to think mine as well, go much more in depth then what the numbers say, the review itself should always be the most important aspect to take away.


  2. Sunite says:

    Good update, whenever I’ve reviewed animes, I’ve always given them a out of ten, which I believe to be a good way to summarise the show personally. If your readers know you well enough, they will trust that number and either watch it or not. But I like it even more that you’ll be describing how good the show is instead of summarising it into just a number.

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  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    I like giving products I review a rating out of five. I think it helps because sometimes when describing an anime I fall into the trap of commenting more on faults than good points. This may give the impression that I hated the anime so the score helps offset that.


    • Silvachief says:

      That’s one of the major reasons I use number scores as well. Especially when we’re talking about a review for something that usually scores fantastically I feel the need to justify giving a lower one. In those cases especially it’s easy for readers to get confused (“Whelp, two good sentences and fifteen bad ones. Guess it’s terrible!”). Other times the reality is that talking about good things simply doesn’t take as much space as talking about bad things.

      As said above, scores are useful for readers who just want to have an unambiguous measure for how a particular reviewer felt about a title. Sure, maybe they won’t read the whole review, but at least the writer has been able to cater to their preferences.

      Personally, I find scores to be more useful than the summaries of good and bad points some writers include in their posts (though having both is best, I suppose), because those points are often useless without the context of the post around them. Then again, scores can only be useful if you’re aware of the scoring system being used (I mean, for me anything above a 7/10 is worth trying, but I doubt many readers check the section where I explain that).

      Basically…it ticks me off when reviews don’t have scores XD

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    • OG-Man says:

      That’s why I do my best every time to go in detail why I enjoyed something and post negatives when needed. By now I hope most get how I express myself. If not, there’s always the conclusion.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Never mind. They’re back again.

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  4. mirrorpurple says:



  5. yurimylove says:

    well I do like to know your rating after I’ve read your review contents. I’m happy the numbers stay 🙂


  6. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I’m actually interested in your ratings as much as your review of course. Seeing the numbers helps me have the gist of what you generally think about a certain show, especially if I haven’t watched that particular show. It’s like the conclusion to your conclusion 😛 Saying that it’s good or bad is actually fine but there are times that I want to know, how good is it? or how bad is it? Then I want to read the why. The numbers and the critique are equally important for me when reading a review. It helps me to know whether I should give a certain show a chance or I should just forget about it 🙂


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