The Yuritopia Ascension Games Round 2 (Closed Since November 8th, 2015)


The Round 1 results can be viewed here.

Round 1 is in the books and the results were interesting to say the least. Before we continue to Round 2 an explanation for some fans who didn’t get how I split brackets and other stuff.

The reason why I split the shows based on seasonal brackets was to find out which couples and characters are the nation’s favorites. For example, which couple is their favorite Spring season couple and which lesbian or lady who emanated strong yuri vibes is their favorite of said season. That’s it. BTW, the reason why Cinderella Girls was different than other polls featuring less than 5 couples was because it was a special case. I was very curious about that one in particular. Hopefully that was enough of an explanation. If not then sorry. I cannot be clearer than that.

With that out of the way here’s how the second round will go down. This time it’ll be a simple one vote to the finish. I initially thought it would be fun to have 8 competitors go for the Yuri World Championship finals but no. I want to make it more decisive so the YWC will also only have four representatives. Basically this round will determine which ladies the fans enjoyed seeing most of all from their respective seasons.

The winners of this round will go on to compete for their respective championships this January waiting to see who will join them from the upcoming Fall bracket.

Let the games continue!


Winter Bracket

#1 Winter 2015 Tag Team

Surprised Royal Fried Chicken beat Love Laika. Guess the “Uzuki lost her smile” arc played a big role in their victory.

Kirin sharing the dreadNagato X MutsuUzuki and RinGinko's wild imagination 4


Kureha's resolve

Kureha no longer has anyone to go up against so she goes on to the Yuricontinental Championship finals.


#1 Winter 2015 Superstar

The three ladies who got the most votes last round fight for the #1 spot.

Ooi's baitMutsu scoresYurizono's dominance



Spring Bracket

#1 Spring 2015 Tag Team

The power of friendship-love prevails once moreKumiReiAnge and HildaAn Ayaya Yoko fantasyMore Eruna fantasiesEin's vision of NanoFate

Voters can vote for three teams here.


#1 Spring Co-Star

Fate after seeing Super Vivio for the first timeNo surrender Kumiko 1Gleeful Honoka


#1 Spring 2015 Superstar

Adorable AyaEruna's treasure hunt trainingKousaka's dress


royal starfish

Summer Bracket

#1 Summer 2015 Tag Team

Too much info for Kurumihibimiku3Pay attention to Miyu 2Komari in Hotaru's utopia


Kuro EinzbernHotaru's excuseMiku Kohinata


#1 Summer 2015 Superstar

The moneymakerMii-kun ready for battle


And that’s all of them. The ladies and teams who advance will be announced next Sunday.

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23 Responses to The Yuritopia Ascension Games Round 2 (Closed Since November 8th, 2015)

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Voting’s getting rougher…

    And most of my votes went to losing candidates xD

    I knew it would be so though


  2. themarrowbook says:

    I’m glad that the Ayaya and Hotarun the Champ made it through the 1st round!
    I hope either of them wins, but the competition should be much more intense this round.

    And thank you so much for further explanations.


    • OG-Man says:

      Hopefully they’ll advance to the finals but the competition is fierce, especially for The Ayaya. The Champ probably stands a better chance.


  3. Hanneman says:

    Such a shame i forgot to vote on the first round, i’m repairing my mistake right now. Now, that i saw that Royal Fried Chicken beat Love Laika, i’m wonderng if i should make an effort to finish CInderella Girls, just to see why they won.

    Also, goddamn did the Spring bracket was challenging to vote! So much goodness went by that season!


  4. Fipse says:

    Poor Mutsu wont win. Even in her own fandom she is not that popular for yuri.


  5. kitsu260 says:

    So, Uzuki Arc really make a different with her popularity, Love Laika had a lot chemistry but they never had so strong emotional scene like New Generation.
    Other thing I see the choice on NanoFate kinda weak because they don’t had few scenes together this year compared fo Vivio x Einhart


    • OG-Man says:

      I’ve seen that in the yuri fandom drama often beats chemistry when it comes to popularity.
      Vivio and Einhart didn’t do much in the first cour of the anime.


  6. Prince&Teddy says:

    Voted for my favorite Gayaya, yuri kuma and cutie Hilda. Too bad Hilda could never make it as a solo contestant…


  7. yurimylove says:

    … and when all votings are concluded the winners will be announced during a special yosakoi dancing performance by Hanayamata!

    haha just kidding 😛


  8. baba says:

    oh why you made it so hard haha, it was hard to vote in the spring superstar category, I was between Reina and Ayaya, but I chose the later just because she is obviously gay and yuri wins :p
    I didn’t vote in the first round, so hopefully I won’t miss the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Lena K. says:

    I’m giving all my love to Mutsu!
    Now go Mutsu, you can do it!


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  11. K says:

    Whoa, the results were close in some places. Some of my picks got through, others did not. I gotta say, I underestimated Mutsu’s popularity.

    Miki and Miyu tied!? Fascinating. What are you going to do about that one?


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