Is The Order a Rabbit?? Episode 3: Ballerina Latte

Since not everyone understood my last message from last week I will elaborate. Near the end of the end credits in every episode Chino will be in the cafe challenging the viewer to a game of rock-paper-scissors. She will have different hands every week so make sure to check out the credits or fast forward to the challenge.

With that taken care of, on to the episode.

Chiya's drawing of Cocoa

An unintentional nod to this week’s Yuru Yuri perhaps?

Chino's drawing style

Chino’s avant-garde drawing style.

Samurai ChiyaKimono Armor Chiya

Have I already mention how much of a Chiya fan I am? I have? Well it bears repeating.

Rize's drawing of Tippy

Rize’s not only good at coffee art but drawing as well.

Sharo drawings

The first half of the episode’s good but it felt like the drawings are worth highlighting.

Gimme back my drawing!

Your drawings are praiseworthy Chino but you still get a failing grade though it does rival Chinatsu’s artistic merits.

Maya's serious

One could tell Maya was the most serious of the posse when it came to the art assignment. Also Michael Jackson is eternal thanks to her and other anime characters.

Megu feeling the music

Chino’s dad’s cassette sparked the ballerina inside Megu. Very nice. Chino is saddened by her lack of physical prowess.

Chino having trouble with ballet

Thus she wanted to learn but found it much harder than expected.


All I could say here was “Why?”.

Megu's mom

Sexy mom confirmed, OG is pleased. Also Cocoa’s body’s not fit for ballet it would seem.

Didn’t take long for the rest of our bunny overlords to join the fun.


The difference between pros and failures. Funny enough it’s from the show’s main couples.

Destined to love

I LOVE the music that plays when Sharo’s mesmerized by Rize. I don’t blame her. One day Sharo, one day. Even Megu’s Mom agrees they’re meant to be life partners.

Happy Megu

In an amusing way this ended up becoming a Megu episode. No complaints here.

I got a draw and was surprised by the challenger.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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19 Responses to Is The Order a Rabbit?? Episode 3: Ballerina Latte

  1. x says:

    Just a bit further and Sharo would have Rize.


  2. chikorita157 says:

    I’m glad that Megu had some development and her mother looks pretty and talented too. Yep, Megu is pure.

    Still, I’m glad that Sharo and Rize is progressing.


  3. themarrowbook says:

    This episode was a clear proof that the season 2 is reinforcing the show with an extreme amount of cuteness.
    ChiMaMe drawing 1st part was cute. Chino’s art is nowhere as creepy as Chinatsu’s, though…
    Just as expected, you really liked the 2nd part. With Megu’s mom (1st actual appearance of a mother, perhaps?) and your fav pairs participating in the dance.

    Unfortunately my TV stopped just before the rock-paper-scissors. Better luck next time.


    • OG-Man says:

      Chinatsu’s are more mortifying, yes.
      Yes this was Megu’s mom’s debut.
      Perhaps it is not meant to be for anyone to play the game.


  4. cirno9fan says:

    I was too in shock to react in time for the game xD

    I actually started the episode out very out of it. But once that scene between Rize and Syaro happened, I finally found myself awake.

    Quite enjoyed the episode, and do we finally have some inkling of something that Rize might possibly return Syaro’s feelings one day in the future that is hopefully not very distant!?


  5. makotachi says:

    They’re all so cute! Oh god, this episode looks so adorable!


  6. randomredneck says:

    If Princess Tutu made ballet half as adorable as this, I’d have watched more than one episode.

    Also, ballet MILF. Nice.


  7. kurokanako says:

    … How could I miss the fact that the 2nd season of Gochuumon started and is already on the third episode??!
    If it wasn’t for me randomly checking your blog, I never would have known, so I thank you for that 😀
    I think this is my second favourite episode (just behind the final ep of last season), glad to see the minor characters are getting some development too!
    I’m very satisfied with the way the yuri subtext is being developed, I hope we will get lots of yurific moments this season and tons of doujins after 😀


  8. mutopis says:

    they made ballet much more interesting.


  9. yurimylove says:

    i’m sure it’s a coincidence but they mentioned “black swan”. There’s a ballet movie “Black Swan” (starring Natalie Portman, with Mila Kunis) with some yuri elements/scenes. However that movie is sort of a dark psychological thriller — the exact opposite of “cute girls doing cute things”.


    • OG-Man says:

      Must have heard of the movie I reckon. Anyway I saw it as well when it came out along with THAT scene and when you look up the reason why that scene was added in the first place you’ll laugh.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. K says:

    Well, this was quite an artsy episode; drawing in the first half and ballet in the second. Thanks to this episode, Chino dancing in the ED doesn’t seem weird to me anymore.

    Chiya’s so eager to please and she’s willing to meet expectations and then some.

    Sharo was on a high after that routine with Rize. That look on her face said it all. Too bad they couldn’t join Megumi’s mother’s ballet school because of work (and money problems in Sharo’s case).

    What I liked most about this episode was how it subtly focused on Megumi in the second half. It was delightful.


    • OG-Man says:

      It all came full circle.
      Chiya’s a goddess.
      Poor Sharo had gold in her reach but life got in the way. Next time.
      Megu got her time in the spotlight. It was wonderful.


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