Hidan no Aria AA Episode 2: Lovesick Wrath

Poor Shino

Poor dear is looked down upon by hypocritical middle class students just because she’s an ojou-sama.

My Akari!

Then again why would she need to care when she had Aka-“remembers last week”…oh.

Akari's dream

At least Akari’s on cloud nine for the time being.

Aria Holmes

The only Sherlock Holmes descendant I take seriously is Sherlock Shellingford. Too bad Akari Holmes Kanzaki.

So Aria had Akari finish sewing her special paraglider as Akari was not skilled at anything else in the field of combat though Aria’s kunoichi informant told her that Akari’s martial art could be the Tobiugachi assassin style. Oh and Akari broke the world record of sewing earning her Aria’s praise and 5 seconds of bliss.


Akari’s constant fangirling lit a fuse in the lovesick ojou-sama. We also learn that Shino is a distant relative of Non Non Biyori’s Champion. Question is, who taught who the fine art of “cherishing my lo-…friend”.

Good, good

Anyway Shino had a plan, a sinister plan. Aria’s “main character senses” were tingling but waited to see events unfold.

Shino's plan

Later that night at Shino’s garden maze, the winds were blowing, no one else was in sight. It was time.

I challenge you

“Why Akari? Why did you take Aria over me? Is my taco not good enough for you? What makes her inferior figure more enticing than mine Akari? Are my tig ol’ bitties not scintillating? You will pay for denying me with your contract being broken.”

Get her my pets!

“Wait a minute. hallucinatory trauma dogs weren’t part of the plan. Oh whatever. I’m too heartbroken to be rational right now.”

Secret weapon

“Oh you thought you could pickpocket your way to victory against me? Too bad I saw it coming and prepared the big guns. Your heart belongs to me and only me Akari. I MUST YOU”

Sage advice

“Hey kid. You wanna be a top gun, knock that lovesick puppy out. Oh and use the mcguffin tie.”

The mcguffin tie

“Curse you mcguffin tie, CURSE YOUUUUUUUUUU!”

“NOOOOOOO! My sweet honey thinks I’m a psycho now even though it was all my fauuuuult.”

“I’m the kind hearted main character dawg. It is in their code of ethics to forgive psycho friends and obsessed rivals for their meanness because that’s what I do. That’s what I do.

I'm sorry my sweet honey

“You know my taco will always be yours baby. I will wait till the end of time and masturbate every night until you come to your senses.”

Plan B

“Babyyy. I found a loophoooole”.

Next week, another one of the Champ’s descendants will claim their prize and I will squee once again for more crazy lesbian goodness. Crazy lesbians need love too!

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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26 Responses to Hidan no Aria AA Episode 2: Lovesick Wrath

  1. Tyler Junky says:

    You know what sucks about watching anime. The sheer number of them. I torrented the entire first season of this but the episodes kept piling up along with the episodes of other anime and I never got around to finishing that season. Eventually I dropped it because I couldn’t keep up. Now theirs THIS season and it looks bad ass but I’m still combing through the anime from this season to figure out what I want to watch AND finish the remaining anime from the previous season! In other words: SO much anime SO little time! DX.


    • OG-Man says:

      Believe me I know what that’s like. The one solution I use is prioritize some anime over others and EVENTUALLY go back and finish ones I NEED to finish. Some anime need to be sacrificed though so keep that in mind. For this one you can kinda skip the main Aria anime as it is not necessary to understand what’s going on in Aria AA. .


  2. x says:

    A love triangle is form, please don’t kill each other.


    • OG-Man says:

      Unlikely. She’s just lovesick, not murderous. Besides, the loophole no longer gives her a reason to hate Aria because she found a way to be close to Akari again 24/7 in a sense.


  3. JimJiminy says:

    This semi-Yandere is best semi-yandere in my book. And I believe the champ learned from her before she moved to the country, due to the body pillow and poster and teacups and….yeah.

    Really liked the conveniently placed second sword.
    Also chicks wielding swords just skyrocketed this one up the list for me. Maybe placed even before Valkyrie Drive since I found out the incestuous twins will only be in the game.


  4. kracen says:

    Whenever a character in an anime has one or more of the following; Same name, personality, traits or story as another character in another anime I’ve seen, I like to spin a story as to why that person from that anime is actually the same person.
    So, in terms of this anime so far.
    Aria, being a descendent of Sherlock Holmes is actually Sherlock Shellingford in disguise. With the loss of her toys once again, she decided she needed to learn another way to catch the gentlemen thie… I mean bad guys, with a different kind of toy (A gun), so she let down her loop hair down into twin tails to make sure people don’t recognise her.
    Akari, is sick of being unnoticed and invisible everyone, so she transferred school where she is learning to become a bad ass “They’ll have to notice me now” she thinks.
    Shino, moved back away from the country side due to her father’s work, sadly leaving behind her new friends, and so latches onto the not as short first person to show her some kindness since she moved there, not forgetting her sewing skills, she once again makes as many plushies as she can of the one who holds her affection.


  5. SPFan says:

    Shino-chan has a lot to talk about with Akaza Akane.


  6. Alexis says:

    Oh God!!! miss Shino is a crazy. Esta chica junto con Akaza Akane formarían una extraña hermandad de acosadoras un tanto perturbador. Mi debilidad son las ojou-samas y esta si bien me agrada no por ello se me hace olvidar por su… eemmphh digamos… “especial forma de amar” y es que me quedé con el ojo cuadrado cuando vi como ahorcaba al pobre conejito y entró en modo yandere tratando de recuperar a SU Akari-chan, me agrada este show aunque hay que soportar a los quejumbrosos que quieren que aparezca un protagonista masculino



  7. chikorita157 says:

    Yep, love makes one crazy, but I’m glad that she made up in the end. Of course, Akari is not going to break up with her as she aims for her dreams to work with Aria.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. mutopis says:

    yanderes need love too


  9. Dimdom says:

    Episode 2 overall pretty good, Shino really cute and Aria more attention to Akari 😀

    Next episode will be very good, about Kirin x Raika 😀


  10. K says:

    Seeing all those Akari dolls Shino instantly reminded me of Hotaru. Of course, her crush on Komari was more subdued than Shino’s crush on Akari, which caused her to go yandere, but I guess that’s because, unlike Hotaru, Shino’s only friend (before Raika anyway) was Akari. Anywho, this little spat didn’t sever their ties at all and it looks like they’ll be doing stuff together pretty soon.


  11. yurimylove says:

    Hotaru should borrow a page from Shino and challenge Komari to a duel — then they can “kiss and make up” afterwards like here XD


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