Yuru Yuri 3.2: Overcoming Fears in the Name of Love

This week promised the return of a most ominous legend. What impact did she have coming back? Let’s find out.

Akari's dream

Akari has interesting dreams. Yeah it was one of those “words sounding or being pronounced similarly” jokes but imagining Akari riding a giant spider made me smile real wide.

Special body pillowAkane returns

There she is! The former Dark Lord returned from her slumber to once again grace us with her wonderful siscon ways much to Miss AJ’s dismay.

My dream ruined

When Akari failed to help Yui with her spider problem she asked Chinatsu for help. The poor dear had her hopes raised and shattered as quickly as King Kai eating Spaghetti-Os. Anyway as hard as Chinatsu tried to help Yui in the name of love she too could not conquer the dreaded spider.

Buff Akarin!

HUZZAH! “Akariiiin” still lives! I also approve Akari liking bears. Maybe that’s why she equips hair buns.

]Sakurako blushingHimawari's thinking about Sakurako face

Watching Himawari and Sakurako deny their feelings for each other on the outside never gets old.

Ayano trying out a new dress

I was disappointed we didn’t get to see her mom’s face. At least we got a portion of her figure. Anyway she got a dress from a friend and gave it to Ayano. Didn’t take a PHD graduate to figure out who the friend was.


Maybe one day she will fulfill her destiny and court Hinako Oomuro.

Lemon tea for Ayano

The sketch went exactly as KyoAya shippers hoped it would. Good for Ayano. Also her not liking TOSHINO KYOUKO’s foreign pun was hilariously ironic. Anyway not much to say. The date was wonderful and if there are specific highlights feel free to mention them in the comments.

Masochist beer again

Besides the failed pun the other highlight was the return of “masochist beer”. I wonder if the show is secretly sponsored by A&W? Please do not try to answer this question.

Confused emotions

Can’t tell if our savior was distraught, aroused or both by the thought of Akari rejecting her.

Poor dear

Chinatsu’s onee-chan needs a hug. The poor dear is madly in love with our savior.

Day is saved

Obviously our savior need not worry for Akari’s too pure to be lured into finding one of our savior’s treasures. In fact our savior got yet another treasure after the ordeal. Good for her.

Ayano enjoying her dress a bit longer

In the yuritopia spoken of in the pages of the fabled yurible, Ayano would have worn that dress 4EVAH! Also more of her mother for me to enjoy.

Next time more Sakurako goodness.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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29 Responses to Yuru Yuri 3.2: Overcoming Fears in the Name of Love

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Scratch one chapter off the list. That was even more amazing than I imagined it would be~

    I never thought we would get the pseudo-ish date chapter so soon o_o

    The Himawari and Sakurako stuff was great as usual!

    Also, when I saw that spider my heart stopped for a moment o_O

    Spiders are scary…

    All the wordplay in this episode was great xD

    Loved the “Write neko-san” bit xD


  2. kracen says:

    So much in one episode… I’m still trying to compose myself…
    Akari reacted exactly the way I would have if someone had threw a spider into my face… I mean, spiders don’t bother me that much, but if they looked like that, and it was launching directly at my face, I think I’d also go unconscious for a good hour or two.
    As for the most important part of the episode… Himawari and Sakurako… For people who claim to hate each other, they spend a lot of time together and a lot of time worrying about the other… At least Himawari in her own way kinda confessed how she likes Sakurako a bit… One day… One day it’ll happen.
    As soon as I saw the dress and Ayano, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and even then, the expectation was exceeded…
    The amount of Yuri moments in the season so far after only two episodes could fill seasons worth in other shows… Yuru Yuri… Please… Never end.


  3. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Man! Talk about misunderstandings and I liked it 😀
    I couldn’t stop laughing at everything.

    Akari’s such a villain as always for Chinatsu LOL

    Himawari and Sakurako’s scene was just really cute and amazing and funny. Himawari’s supposed to be the smart one and yet she didn’t realize the other meaning of what she said.

    Kaede finally showed up but why so fast?! huhuhu T.T
    But that date of KyoAya…as a fan of such ship…finally something outside Chitose’s fantasies! 😀 It was short but very wonderful ❤ They literally got to know each other after a long time. A plus for Kyouko reading Ayano’s mind in the end 🙂 Their moms are friends which ended up having Ayano wear Kyouko’s handmade dress and coincidentally meeting at an intersection – that’s fate I tell you o.O . And good thing Chitose wasn’t there or else she would’ve died from blood loss already. 😛

    I actually got scared for Akane as well when she remembered the Akari body pillow she left out to dry. She clearly showed us that when you’re desperate and in a hurry you can do anything, like be faster than a train 😛 Good thing Akari haven’t seen the body pillow yet :3


    • OG-Man says:

      Fate keeps telling Chinatsu that Akari’s her soul mate but she refuses to listen.

      HimaSaku 4EVAH!

      One step at a time for Ayano though this week’s was her biggest yet since kissing TOSHINO KYOUKO’S cheek.

      Our savior did well holding on as long as she could. It wasn’t easy that’s for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Kaiser Tenshi says:

    KyoAya is the truth of the world 10/10 would watch again


  5. x says:

    Hooray for Ayano, she is one step closer in having Kyouko.


  6. Fipse says:

    I am surprised you did not catch the background lesbians. http://i.imgur.com/Q1Yw8Te.jpg


  7. randomredneck says:

    Double-Tsun goodness.
    More Siscon hilarity.
    She actually said “date”.

    Redneck is pleased.


  8. JimJiminy says:

    almost didn’t look at the first skit due to spider close-ups.
    my god sis is awesome


  9. ArcaJ says:

    Yuru Yuri is back! They managed to bump up the Yuri a bit. Akari got some good bits this time, even though Kyouko kept trolling her.

    OG I don’t hate Akane (mainly because she knows how to keep her hands to herself). It’s always funny to see her freaking out.

    Sakurako and Himawari inched a bit further towards mutual confessions. But, only an inch. Ayano was this episode’s big winner. She actually managed a conversation with Kyouko and they learned about each other a bit. Plus Ayano was really cute in that outfit.


    • OG-Man says:

      The poor dear may never be free of trolling.


      HimaSaku’s progression is slow on purpose but we’re cool with it since its fun seeing them deny their love for each other.
      Definitely a big win for Ayano.


  10. Kai says:

    “as quickly as King Kai eating Spaghetti-Os”
    …your references are off the charts.

    But yeah, that KyoAya scene is wonderful this episode, with HimaSaku a close second :p


  11. Lyonel says:

    Was a nice moment between ayano and kyouko. But i really love watching himasaku scenes ❤ so OTP


  12. yurimylove says:

    the yuri is strong in today’s episode! the character interactions are a bit more serious in tone than usual, and I like it. Kyouko is such a charmer!! No wonder Ayano is pudding in her hands. If only Kyouko has real feelings for her…


  13. baba says:

    I just watched the first two episodes and I had to comment on this episode. My fave ship had a ‘date’ and it was so cute. There’s no way I can stop supporting KyoAya now, I feel like little by little they get closer. When Kyoko teased her about the lemon tea haha cute.

    Sakurako and Himawari were cute as always, they are always kinda close to confessing but never do haha. At least we all know they are will be togehter someday.

    apart from the yuri, the episodes gave a good laugh as always lol


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