Chikane, Himeko, and THAT part of Kannazuki no Miko

D.T. Nova’s KnM series continues with the most obvious of starting points, analyzing ChiMeko’s rocky relationship and bringing up one of the most controversial scenes in yuri history.

On the Edge of Enlightenment

The beginning of Kannazuki no Miko is something a little uncommon; all three parts of the love triangle already know each other, but haven’t expressed feelings beyond friendship. The events of the first episode change this for both Chikane and Souma, though Souma effectively has a head start because he’s much more direct.

At first, Himeko and Chikane’s relationship seems barely changed from the secret friendship they already had, and Chikane tries to support what Himeko wants even if it’s being with someone else, but she gradually grows more conflicted about it.

Even while seeing their relationship as friendship rather than romance, Himeko views Chikane in an overly idealized way. But Chikane herself would be the first to say she isn’t perfect, and even take it too far into the opposite direction; it’s never explicitly spelled out, but Chikane suffers from some degree of internalized homophobia. Chikane also simply assumes…

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13 Responses to Chikane, Himeko, and THAT part of Kannazuki no Miko

  1. Trans Homura says:

    Meh I’m just fed up with rape in general especially with the predatory lesbian trope

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  2. OG-Man says:

    For readers wondering what my response was to this post, here it is:

    As mentioned I would reveal why I love ChiMeko so much now. It is because they are very flawed. Not saying that other yuri couples are less flawed but what I mean is that the two accepted each other despite all the bad things Chikane did and Himeko put up with.

    I’m with you on the controversial subject DT. See, the thing that bugs me is that the detractors saw Himeko’s supposed “Stockholm Syndrome” as reprehensible and trashed the pairing for that reason alone. Chikane was scoffed as a heathen and Himeko a submissive wimp.
    As sick as this makes me sound to others, the reason I didn’t explode in rage after what Chikane did was because there was a valid reason behind it. At the time Chikane wanted Himeko to hate her enough to go through the ritual. Sexual assault was the first idea that came to mind. Chikane didn’t realize that Himeko’s idealization/admiration of her was a bit too high to the point of being unhealthy.
    Chikane then tried a full-on heel turn by joining Orochi. Still didn’t work. Next up was the final duel where she would badly beat up Himeko despite her countless pleads for answers. When THAT also failed her last resort was Armageddon. I guess Chikane threatening to destroy innocents and other people Himeko held dear was enough for her to realize Chikane had lost it at the time. I also guess both kinda knew going through with the ritual would set things right again…or something. I dunno but it worked.

    Point is that even though the writers could have done a better job conveying the post assault distress it still got the message across to me that Chikane did it because she was starting to get desperate and chose the most heinous thing she could think of at the time in order to save Himeko from having to sacrifice her life again.


    • Trans Homura says:

      I understand just why did the writers think Rape
      Here’s another thing cutting off her legs instead same effect
      not triggering

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      • D.T. Nova says:

        If you’re looking for an out-of-universe explanation, would you believe it’s the same reason the mecha are there? (No, seriously. Multiple aspects of KnM homage one specific older series, which is what I’m posting about Monday.)


  3. mutopis says:

    after years people still debate that issue, the fact that we are still debating it means that the anime still matters to people. not bad for an old anime series.


    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much. The writers used the “any publicity is good publicity” approach, which as we can see years later worked wonders for it. That goes to show why KnM is a yuri classic, like it or not.


  4. Hanneman says:

    I remember it havig something to do with Himeko’s virginity, since it was needed for her to become sacrificeable. That and the fact that the anime did tone down that scene, to the point that i didnt even noticed that happening, made me less bugged about the whole deal. That scene at the end makes me forgive all the show’s shortcomings, for real.

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  7. ArcaJ says:

    This brings back memories. The post is well written and gets to the meat of this debate. I remember being really upset about the whole Rape scene and the aftermath. You have it spot on about the self hatred Chikane must have felt. (been there, done that). Chikane felt that she was already tainted by her “impure” feelings for Himeko. Combine that with her remembering the past lives (where she killed Himeko as part of the world revitalization ritual) and that makes for a TON of guilt.

    Chikane couldn’t revive Ame no Murakamo in that condition so she game Himeko the most disgusting, vile, detestable villain she could think of. Herself. Does that justify what she did? OF COURSE NOT! NOTHING justifies sexually assaulting someone. The fact that Himeko went into denial, proves that the rape was something so far outside of Chikane’s character that Himeko couldn’t reconcile the Chikane she lived with and the Chikane of “That Night.” There’s a reason why you can get a hundred different interpretations from a hundred different people regarding this show.

    I also love it when people try to illicit a rational reason for Chikane’s actions. There is no rational reason. Just like Himeko said at the end Chikane is a 16-year-old girl. I remember being 16 and the last thing I could be described as was “rational.” (I was a New Kids on the Block fan O_O)

    So, Chikane’s plan was poorly thought out, poorly executed and ultimately failed. I don’t think anyone was portraying the Rape as “good,” or heaven forbid “necessary.” Just a very bad decision by a broken girl who thought she had no other choice.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Not much I can add here. Like D.T. Nova you nailed both why Chikane’s actions “that night” were both wrng and came from someone who was emotionally distraught and desperate to make save her beloved from a cruel fate at any cost.


  8. Crimson Crusader says:

    It certainly does not help that the ending of Madoka Magica: Rebellion has certain fans making comparisons as well as playing up on the parallels and similarities between HomuMado and ChiMeko.

    THAT has left fans wondering if Homura would ultimately end up doing unto Madoka in the same way that Chikane did unto Himeko in a future series….


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