A Kiss For The Petals: Remembering How We Met Review

I mentioned before that the following game is historic in the yuri nation because it is the first ever English localized Sono Hanabira ni Kichizuke Wo game. This is A Kiss For The Petals: Remembering How We Met

A Kiss For the Petals promotional artGenres: Romance, Yuri

Length: Short 2-6 hours.

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary: Risa Azumi and Miya Ayase reminisce of how they met and remember when they began developing romantic feelings for one another.

Just in case, to get newcomers who have never heard of the “Sono Hanabira” series, or “A Kiss For The Petals” in English up to speed here is a short summary taken from the excellent website led by the android who played a huge part in promoting the series overseas and playing the right cards to have this game test the waters on whether it is worth localizing the entire series so far in the West, Android Unit AXYPB, aka Craig P. Donson. The miracles machines can accomplish.

A lovey-dovey, extremely dirty, romantic comedy full of yuri goodness♪

It’s a yuri series distributed by Fuguriya, a circle specializing in yuri.

Harems of female protagonists, sex toys simulating male genitals, dick-girl transformations, gender bending, and entanglements with males, to say nothing of grotesque depictions of bodily fluids or depressing plot developments, are all completely absent.  Its distinguishing characteristic is its portrayal of sexy, romantic relationships between girls.  Its appeal isn’t just cute girls having sex, but in the fun, lighthearted depiction of couples going out on dates and stealing kisses in school.

Viewers can check out the rest of the guide by clicking here.

One last thing before we FINALLY get started the following two facts are essential for fans of the series to keep in mind:

  1. The mobile version this game was adapted from had no love scenes in it. thus this is the second “all ages” Petals game in the series so it was not censored during localization. The first “all ages” game was Hanahira!.
  2. Since the game’s events take place before Maidens of Michael (The first all-star game where this couple made their official debut) there is no problem playing this game before MoM…once it too (hopefully) gets localized.

Now on to the review itself.

Chibi Risa and Miya

As mentioned in the summary this story is a flashback of the time when Risa and Miya first met and the catalyst of their present day status as fluffy and erotic yuri lovers. While the story is sometimes told from Miya’s perspective it is primarily narrated by Risa since she brought up the memories.

Risa and Miya fall under the “hard worker and isolated prodigy” pairing category. Risa works hard to be the best she can be and enjoys being a responsible and dependable lady. Miya on the other hand is a natural born prodigy who sees little need to attend classes or socialize with classmates. Obviously the two felt an inexplicable magnetic connection to one another but unlike their predecessors who hit it off and engaged in the “sacred petals ritual” relatively quick Risa and Miya had a longer road to follow before reaching that point in their lives. Also this would not be a Petals game if that were all there was to the story. There is more to tell but that is something readers will have to see for themselves after picking the game up.

One of Risa and Miya's many battles

So yeah like all other installments the game’s draw is the cute and fluffy times the girls share with one another or in this entry’s case, the fluffy bickering  and the other special additions to both girls’ characters beneath the surface.

As readers can see from the above CG the game pertains the trademark high quality beauty it has had since the series’ inception. However, some widescreen enthusiasts may be disappointed by the series’ insistence to continue making CGs in a 4:3 screen ratio rather than the “progressive” 16:9. Readers who say this is because it is a mobile port, no the series has always used 4:3. Personally it does not bother me but others may get irked by this. At least the head honcho of the series has an explanation

As far as gameplay goes this one is more a kinetic novel, meaning there are no choices and it is a reading experience from beginning to end seeing the beautifully drawn CGs and fun moments.

The soundtrack remains the same and that is okay because all entries have a similar setting soonly including new tracks occasionally is fine. The main soundtrack has always been fine anyway.

I can only speculate but the fact this game was chosen as the introduction of the series to Western fans is obviously a test to see how well it is received here. Personal hope is that it does well enough to warrant getting the other games localized…which I think may be a challenge considering certain other couples…

Overall Remembering When We Met is another wonderful entry in the Petals series that is a no-brainer for fans to pick up when able. Also it serves as a fun read for fans who want a cute yuri game without the raunchiness. Highly recommended to any yuri fan and readers interested in the genre.

Readers can get the game in the following two sites:



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16 Responses to A Kiss For The Petals: Remembering How We Met Review

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    I downloaded this off Steam earlier today. It’s not a huge time investment and wasn’t that expensive so I figured I would give it a chance. I doubt it will dethrone Nekopara as the cutest PC visual novel I own though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. torvhan says:

    Finished it last night, was very enjoyable…want more XD.


  3. yurimylove says:

    Super fluffy and sweet! Adorable yuri I luv it!!

    Aside from some demo and translated playthru I watched on YouTube, this is actually the first full yuri VN i played (though i played non-yuri VN before). Thoroughly enjoyed it! When more petal titles get localized I’ll be sure to see the news on your blog and go get them.


  4. Hanneman says:

    Just finished it, another wonderful Sono Hanabira entry (or should i call it A Kiss For The Petals now? xD). Although it´s short, it´s really well written, and event though i didnt knew them before, i now understand why Risa and Miya are one of the new favorites! Now i wonder if in Maidens of Michael, the story starts with both already knowing each other and just tells how they came to be in a relationship.

    Also, i hope it sells really well. I’l start promoting it whenever i can and get more and more people to buy it!!


    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah most likely A Kiss For The Petals from now on.
      It’s short and sweet, emphasis on the sweet.
      Pretty much. Without understanding Japanese it is clear that’s where they embrace their feelings and engage in the sacred Hanabira ritual.
      I like them more than Reo and Mai that’s for sure.
      Whatever it takes to get the other games to come to the West.


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