YMC #63: Deep and Shallow (By makotachi)

It’s time for another spotlight pertaining to a GL webcomic!


Genres: Drama, Yuri

Plot Summary: Mitsuru Shibuya has a lot of mixed emotions and those mixed emotions seemed to mostly be directed at the calm, but beautiful, Kei Shizuka who is in her class. Due to her home life and even her social life, Mitsuru is having a hard time figuring everything out and clearing up her emotions.

This work is rather simple in premise, Mitsuru has some very mixed feelings towards her classmate Kei. These feelings she does not have an exact word for, but she figures that these feelings are feelings of dislike and disgust thus leading to her being rather irritable around the other girl. There is some splattering if dramatic elements that we only get glimpses of, we get to see some of Mitsuru’s home life which clearly plays a part in her repressing some part of herself, and we see her walking about in the rain looking all dejected, but that’s really about it. We only  see glimpses of these things.

The work also tends to rely on cliches for its mode of story telling. This is not necessarily a bad thing; everything always depends on execution after all, but in Deep and Shallow’s case this really does not help it out. The type of cliches represented in this series are Mitsuru’s whole character, she’s kind of the typical, over the top tsundere, we learn about Mitsuru’s history through another character and it takes place on a rooftop as well (which tends to be the typical spot for “serious” confessions in quite a bit of the eastern medium.) Some of the situations are like stuff straight out of a typical manga, and the character Kei even has some traits that are kind of commonly represented. That does not make this work bad! Not by any means, but it does kind of make the work become bogged down and feel like something I’ve come across countless of times.


Let’s move onto the romance, not much has happened. It’s apparent that this progression is going to be rather slow, but it is there! Mitsuru may not understand her feelings, but it can be seen obviously that she does have some sort of attraction to Kei. Kei also seems to have a particular attraction to Mitsuru as well and that’s displayed through her teasing attitude and playful attitude that is directed towards Mitsuru.

There are a couple of “romantic” type scenes that are held between the two, but there aren’t many and whether you read them as truly romantic is up to the reader. The girls right now are displaying traits that they’re not that friendly with another, so it’s kind of hard to see some scenes as romantic even though they probably were mean to be.


Deep and Shallow is not a bad work, but it’s not a great work either. Of course, it is not even close to ending yet, so who is to say that it could not become a great work? Only time will tell.

Deep and Shallow is currently featured on smackjeeves and is an ongoing comic with 78 pages.

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2 Responses to YMC #63: Deep and Shallow (By makotachi)

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  2. mutopis says:

    have you seeing the Neo Gen Impact yet?

    you can see the rest, it is eng sub if you press the ENG at the top right.


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