YMC #61: Lily Love First Impressions

Here’s another non-JP comic that took the Yuri Nation by storm. It’s Ratana Satis‘ Lily Love chapters 1-9.

Lily Love Cover

Genres: College, Read Left to Right, Romance, Yuri

Number of Chapters: 16 (Ongoing), 9 translated as of this writing

Plot Summary: The red of thread of fate once again works its magic as it brings two Thai women, Donut (Donath) and Mew, destined to be together to form an adorable yet occasionally hectic romance.

Cute Donut and Mew

Lily Love is a very simple love story between two college girls who just happened to meet by chance and somehow hit it off right away. The small message in Donut and Mew’s first meeting is that sometimes risks need to be taken when looking for that special someone. Had it not been for Mew daring to go for broke Donut, the meek, dormant beauty lacking confidence that she is may not have discovered the woman of her dreams.

The first bunch of chapters served to setup the two together as the time that passed can give readers clues that it may have taken half a year or more for the two to begin the process of eternal love.


As the above image and the first chapter shows the art style is magnificent and served to introduce myself to a woman who rivals Octave’s Setsuko and Kase-san’s…Kase-san as one of the most beautiful manga lesbians ever drawn, Mew. While beautiful in her own right, Donut should consider herself extremely lucky she found someone as kind and gorgeous as Mew to fall in love with her.

Lily Love Bikini 2

So yeah this wasn’t a review per se but rather a commercial to get more people to get psyched for more Lily Love, especially now that the real game is about to begin. I may be exaggerating when saying this but this is a must read for any yuri fan. Yes. It is as hype worthy as Kase-san.

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8 Responses to YMC #61: Lily Love First Impressions

  1. automaticimperfection says:

    Donut is not as average as she looks,well if that’s average in Thai..I’m moving!!
    also Mew is super cute besides gorgeous ❤ those two are awesome, it’s one of my favourite manwahs or however those are called


  2. SilverFox says:

    This is a beautifully drawn manga. The story is cute and the girls are gorgeous! The extras for the series are good, quick, and cute reads. Donut and Mew really have good chemistry with one another. Donut thinking she doesn’t look all that great when in reality she looks fantastic and Mew being a bit devious in getting her to show her. One of the better series out there to read that’s not smut. I look forward to each new installment of this series.


  3. DrAnimaniac says:

    I adore this, just wish the translations came out faster.


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