YMC #60: Fluttering Feelings/Exciting Feelings

The manhwa has two titles because both are applicable. This is Ssamba’s Fluttering Feelings, aka Exciting Feelings. I will refer to it as FF because it is the most used title.

Fluttering Feelings Cover

Genres: Read Left to Right, College, Full Color, Drama, Yuri

Number of Chapters: 42 (ongoing)

Plot Summary: A story about two Korean college women, Kim No Rae and Baek Seol-A meeting by chance, forming an interesting friendship, facing several social challenges from both the past and present and also coming to terms with their growing, yet hidden romantic feeling for one another.

Fluttering Feelings  fan art

It does not take long to realize that one of the strongest themes in FF is social issues and/or anxiety from both the past and present. Both Seol-A and No Rae have had a rough time in their high school days in regards to how people saw and treated them. Seol-A based on her social status and No Rae possibly having been seen as naive. It can be tough on people when society for no good reason plays dirty tricks on them and it can affect their judgment of people who mean well big time. This has had a strong effect on how both women interact with the people around them, especially guys (some well deserved). As far as their own friendship goes it has its ups and downs. They want to get closer to one another but because of past and present experiences along with their own dormant feelings for one another…it’s tough.

Fluttering Feelings fan art 2

Like Stretch this series also plays the “waiting game” with its readers. However, like its non JP brethren, Their Story the feelings No-Rae and Seol-A have for one another are more obvious. Because this is a drama though the obstacles getting in the way of the big confession are fiercer than Stretch or Their Story.

The thing about FF is that its appeal is easy to explain. I made jokes (though it kind of is a fact) about most yuri fans being masochists because they enjoy torturing themselves with dramatic stories like this one. The more the reader/viewer/player feels tortured by two girls/women potentially becoming a couple, the better. Besides that No Rae and Seol-a’s hectic lives both as friends and the people they interact with provides familiar yet still entrancing material. Also both are very attractive women and amusing. Seeing them get together would be blissful.

Overall Fluttering Feelings is an easy to explain manhwa but when read its appeal becomes all the clearer. The two leading ladies are lovely and adorable when smiling but when they are troubled it is a drama goldmine of sorts. It is a long ongoing story but it is also a simple one that can grab many yuri fans’ attention.

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5 Responses to YMC #60: Fluttering Feelings/Exciting Feelings

  1. makotachi says:

    This looks really cute… I’m totally adding this to my reading list.


  2. baba says:

    Oh, I love FF and this: “The more the reader/viewer/player feels tortured by two girls/women potentially becoming a couple, the better”, made me laugh because it’s kind of true haha! at least for me. I mean, in some way, I think that it’s really fun because when it finally happens it feels greater. I personally love the progress of two girls falling in love and taking time in getting together, dealing with their feelings along the way, confusion, etc. Of course I also like it when it’s faster. It depends.


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