The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 – Prelude Review

Stumbled unto this one randomly while looking up info on another visual novel I’m looking forward to. Picked it up and here I am with my thoughts on The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0.

The Reject Demon Toko Start Screen

Genres: Adventure, supernatural, visual novel, romance, yuri,

Themes: Hell, Rock and Roll, ecchi

Developer: Lupiesoft

Length: 2-3 hours

G-Rating: Good

Plot Summary: When a human is destined to die, the demons ferry their souls to the afterlife. ‘The Reject Demon: Toko’ is the story of Toko herself, a demon who has been kicked out of hell. Toko cannot ferry human souls to the underworld, and every day she stays on earth has her becoming increasingly human. Her troubles, however, are only just beginning.

Nadia and Toko at the mall

TRDT: Chapter 0 is one of Lupiesoft‘s main projects with Dizzying Hearts and The Menagerie being the other two. Chapter 0 is the first of five planned chapters with Chapter 4 being the last. This is a visual novel (Technically a kinetic novel) in every sense of the word as there is no gameplay elements to be found here. No dialogue options, no branching paths, just a story to be read from beginning to end with character visuals, changing reactions and occasional CGs. That does not make it a bad VN however, simply one where one only reads.

Chibi Nadia and Toko at the movies

The story and characters are the vn/kn’s main draw as is to be expected. It’s the love story of a hothead demon girl and an airhead, well-endowed human girl, an overprotective, hotheaded, know nothing about the human world demon and a “airhead on the outside but very perceptive on the inside” college student to be exact. The character dynamics between the two is what one would expect from a short tempered person and her calm, collected but somewhat “spacey” girlfriend is like. Besides the leading ladies there are other charming and equally quirky characters of varying “sizes”.

Since the two main themes are hell and rock and roll readers can expect the story to be more than “lost in civilization” as it gets interesting after some time passes. The addition of  a Dante’s Inferno “9 circles of hell” underworld societal structure and rock and roll being part of the underworld folklore are also nice touches. It doesn’t play that big of a role in this chapter but possibly in future ones.


The CGs are a mix of graphical sexiness, cute chibis and other neat stuff but there is some NSFW content, more so than the above image so keep that in mind before reading this one. The animation quality speaks for itself. Only images with Nadia and Toko have been shown to avoid spoilers but the other characters are more or less drawn similarly. The soundtrack as the main menu screen above shows is rock themed and I dare say a pretty good one. It may not appeal to everyone but that’s what the sound menu’s for.

Overall The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 is a promising start for what looks like a rom-com adventure with rockin’ tunes and hellacious stuff happening to our heroines. It’s not a long read but should be enough to help the interested decide whether the rest is worth anticipating or not.

The interested can buy the game on Steam here:

The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 — Prelude on Steam

Or here as well:

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20 Responses to The Reject Demon: Toko Chapter 0 – Prelude Review

  1. billybob300c says:

    if you find any new untranslated yuri VN, make sure to mention it. i’ll try and translate some and post on my youtube channel; I’ll definitely check out The Reject Demon. thx man.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll keep a look out though right now I’m mainly focusing on the ones that are getting localized.
      Anyway hope you enjoy reading this one.


  2. drinkie1 says:

    I have thought about getting this VN on Steam multiple times actually but then i keep changing my mind lol also going kinda off topic here but is there any news on Dizzying Hearts? i downloaded and finished the “Demo” of it last year or so and i really want to continue it but i can’t find any news about it


    • Overlord-G says:

      I gave it a positive rating plus it’s only 5-6 bucks.
      Because there isn’t any update on it yet. It’s still being worked on. The next LPS project is Menagerie.


  3. makotachi says:

    Oh man, if my real life friend’s didn’t have me added on steam I would totally get this….
    On an off topic kind of thing, would you ever feel up to exchanging steam accounts? My friends and I enjoy playing tf2 and prop hunt and stuff in large groups and always love welcoming new people to play with us, ahaha.


  4. elkat4 says:

    I’ll give this a try when I have the money.


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