YMC #54: Love/Death

This should be a quick review as the manga’s concept and draw are self-explanatory. This is Love/Death.


Genres: Action, Romance, Violence, School Girl, Yuri, Yandere.

Number of chapters: 7+Extra

Summary: Two emotionally unstable/short tempered assassin schoolgirls who love each other to death.

The manga’s flow is the following: The girls meet up, a misunderstanding brews, the two fight to the death, the misunderstanding is explained during said fight, the two make up, their love grows stronger/fuse gets shorter, rinse and repeat. Sometimes there are other girls who know or figure out their relationship nearby commenting what the audience thinks after the end of each chapter, mainly “I cannot imagine these two girls surviving past adulthood”.

This manga was clearly made to with the “foe-yay” shipping demographic in mind. For readers who are unaware what foe-yay is, it is the romantic shipping between two people who are constantly fighting each other and are so obsessed with fighting and beating each other that the viewer twists the meaning to them being romantically obsessed with one another.

Love-Death misunderstanding

Sound familiar?

Oooor an even simpler plot, it’s a story about two yandere lovers.

My favorite part besides the two obsessing over each other are the facials both make when they get ready to destroy each other and the faces they make after they realize how much they love each other.

Overall Love/Death is a short and to the point read that speaks for itself. No need to go into detail as to who would enjoy this. The review should more than explain who would or would not like this.

Update: According to one Erik Hildebrand there’s a second story featuring a different couple attending the same school. If it gets translated it will be covered at some point.

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13 Responses to YMC #54: Love/Death

  1. automaticimperfection says:

    Yay I just reviewed this today haha how cool .


  2. cirno9fan says:

    It was such nice read. Here’s hoping we can get a full on anime season with a similar concept someday…

    I mean, yanderes are already great, but when two yanderes fall in love with each other!? Bliss~


  3. josefcd904 says:

    I remember reading this series back a few months ago. Miharu was the one who got me into it. Good to know a few more chapters came out since then. I just love how extreme this series gets.


  4. ramenshojo says:

    A review of Love/Death without the word Yandere being used once!
    I can see how one may tragically misinterpret this insanity as a kind of “foe-yay”, but it’s certainly not the case with this manga. Yanderes are rare enough already, and to have two fall in love with each other…now that’s sweet and hilarious at the same time ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cyan says:

    Ouh I have been looking for this one but I didn’t know the title. thanks now I can go read it


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