Life Lessons: The Value of Spoiler Warnings/Bans

This WAS a gibberish self reflection that I felt like typing to let out my thoughts. Do not take it as me being upset, just puzzled.

UPDATE: I know very few people responded but it made me realize that my “spoiler bans” for shows like GG aren’t pointless. Fans come here because they want to discuss the ANIME versions. Next week the ban’s back. Hopefully the ones who are up to date will respect that. SPOILER WARNINGS/BANS aren’t as pointless as I thought. Still I won’t change my reflection here because it served a purpose.

When writing posts I ask myself when I cover a show that everyone but their grandmother is up to date with the source material, is it better to ask readers not to spoil what they read in said source when watching televised adaptations in the comments or let them freely talk about it? Makes me wonder what it is readers actually want. For some reason it worked well for Magical Girl Illya and SOMEHOW during the Nanoha Vivid coverage viewers were under control but when Gakkou Gurashi aired…I have no idea what they want with this one.

I still stand by my word that I will not read the manga until the show’s over because of my archaic style of enjoying shows without knowing anything about the source material. The few times I had seen the source and covered a televised adaptation, like my Neptunia TV coverage, it was not a big deal because the source material is simple and I kept any potential spoilers to a BARE minimum. The point I am making to myself is the question of what to do with the Gakkou Gurashi coverage going forward. Should I keep going, despite it losing the fun because almost everyone rushed to read it after episode 1, or stop? The less people I see that are interested the less reason I have to continue other than my “finish what I started” mentality with this show. It won’t be as fun but I guess I’ll keep covering GG since I can at least count on my fresh perspective providing oodles of surprises for myself…despite the commenters lacking my enthusiasm instead being focused on a “anime vs manga” approach, which I personally find dull…but some people enjoy that approach which is why I lifted the spoiler ban and gave them the freedom to discuss the show however they wished.

Frankly I hope this will not be a recurring trend in the future. Yes I want to entertain fans writing these episodics and engaging with them but in cases such as this…will I truly enjoy writing GG episodics? Should I stop (even though I don’t want to) and wait till the show ends and write a G-View? I dunno. Maybe I should change the format with this one and turn it into an “OG Reacts” thing rather than discussing events in the episode and what I got from them. Eh. Whatever happens, happens I guess…

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11 Responses to Life Lessons: The Value of Spoiler Warnings/Bans

  1. kurokanako says:

    For what it’s worth, I also prefer to see the anime adaptation without having read the source material and I don’t like reading spoilers in a comment without meaning to.
    Anime conveys emotions and feelings that manga doesn’t always give me. For example, in the second episode of Gakkou Gurashi, the scene in the library actually had me at the edge of my seat, it was done perfectly in terms of pacing, atmosphere, background sounds, etc.
    Now, I think if I had read that particular scene in the manga beforehand, I would have felt less tension and I probably would have enjoyed less because I knew what was coming and how it would end. Of course, sometimes the anime strays from the source material, but still, I prefer taking the plunge into the unknown and watch anime without knowing what comes next.
    I think, as you said, it really depends in the type of show, So far, I get the feeling that a show like Gakkou Gurashi will have a bunch of surprises for us, and reading spoilers might ruin the show for me. For other shows however, meh so what if I read a spoiler or two in comments (for example.. i dunno, Sakura Trick? XD)


    • Overlord-G says:

      Will take this comment into consideration as well. I have a feeling there are actually quite a few more people who are “old fashioned” like me after all. They just felt sad when I lifted the spoiler ban.


      • kurokanako says:

        Great! I appreciate the ban being back (god, what a weird thing to say…), thanks! Next week i can read the comments again without having to worry about somebody spoiling all my fun.. 😉


  2. cirno9fan says:

    I’m of the sort that likes healthy spoilerfree discussion. And it’s fun to watch and see what others are speculating when you already know the answer. Spoiling it for them is pretty much the opposite of fun for me.

    Anyway, I normally am the party that hasn’t read the source. And I really hate it when someone spoils something. even if it’s something like KinMoza or Sakura Trick, I still really don’t like being told what’s going to happen in the future. This brings me to what happened with GG

    I have read some of the manga. But I’m definitely not as caught up as others. As such, when it was made a “spoilers okay” zone, I lost the ability to actually discuss the show on this blog. Something I really enjoy doing. Because I am at great risk to be spoiled on things I hadn’t yet made it to yet. Plus, it’s been ages since I read the manga, so very little is fresh in my head. I only remembered the bare minimum. This was really disheartening for me. I don’t really have a forum to discuss stuff like this, as the one I frequent the most, the anime community just really isn’t all that strong, and they rarely talk about the shows I talk about. So, this place is like an oasis. But, if it starts going all spoilers just because people went ahead and read the manga, then I won’t be able to enjoy it here all that much anymore.

    Stuff like Symphogear will be fine, since it’s all original, but that’s only a small percentage of the anime out there. Most is adapted from a source.

    So basically, it’d be nice if people refrained from throwing spoilers out so much, and just respected that there are those who would rather watch the anime through before touching the source.


  3. Hanneman says:

    As i have read only the first 3 chapters of the manga prior to the premiere of the anime, i believe that from now on i’ll be spoilered by the comments section on your episodics. So i’ll only read your post and nothing else, which is a shame, since i love commenting here on your blog. So, despite being against your decision, i’ll respect it, since i know where you’re coming from.


  4. Hazelnutpie says:

    Same here. I did posted my thoughts about this matter on episode 1. Since you receive a whole ton of comments, I don’t know if you read mine. But I do prefer the anime separate from the manga. That way it can be judged for itself, and not get swept within manga’s fans expectations. As hard visuals sometimes differs from one’s personal interpretation.

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  5. KueKyuuQ says:

    I am actually glad, you’ve decided put the ban back. Although I couldn’t help myself and look up the manga – or maybe even because of that. In case of GG especially I feel, that ppl talking about / spoiling the manga story, could do more harm than (intended) good. As with many other manga to anime adaptations, I get the strong sense that the animators intentionally don’t want to follow the book too closely; hence any “spoilers” could still be way off when transfered to the anime, and cause confusion and frustration. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy a story one medium at a time. Kind of like how one shall refrain from reviewing / recapping Harry Potter movies by comparing directly to their counterpart books 😛 …similarly applicable to comments on such reviews. Or maybe a little closer to home: How spoiling TWD based on the comic book story just. doesn’t. work. Ppl should maybe try to consider them AU and keep them separate (and their “spoilers” away from the comments section…).
    Thanks for your “old fashioned” approach and keep the good stuff coming 🙂


  6. yurimylove says:

    I agree with all the commenters on this thread above me. In other words, when you feel that a spoiler ban is called for go for it dood. I personally don’t like spoilers either, though you could probably tell from our past (years) of interactions that I’m usually the last guy to the party. I hardly ever watch a show on the simulcast date, so I usually end up watch the episode, then read your post and feedbacks before I post my own comment, sometimes a couple weeks (or even a couple YEARS late) XD So whatever I write will probably never spoil anybody.

    As far as comparing anime to manga/other source materials go, even though I usually watch anime only, I actually don’t mind reading about the differences between the characters/storylines etc. Of course it’d be good if it’s done in a way as to avoid spoilers, for example, by only pointing out the differences after a certain characters/events have already taken place onscreen.


    • KueKyuuQ says:

      I agree, considerate spoilers and discussions would be okay, although it might be hard to ‘teach’ everybody (in particular the more impulsive commentators) what in which instance is okay to spoil and talk about and what is not. The line may be more obvious for some and more intangible for others. I personally tend to even add spoiler headers when commenting more in depth on events of an above already covered episode, just in case someone stumbles across the post without having watched the eps / show yet ^^; (…see? In my head even that makes sense XD)
      So, yeah. A general spoiler ban on particular shows and solely focusing on the anime itself as is, is justified imho, if only to avoid misunderstandings and elaborate guides on “how to discuss differences in ongoing anime/manga without spoiling” – which above mentioned impulsive posters might not even bother to read…

      Maybe OG can (and is inclined to) find a solution for those eager to compare notes, like a mid-way or final summary post opening discussion on differences up to that common point in narrative between Gakkou Gurashi anime and manga… Or not. Time will tell ^^

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