Life is Strange Eps 1-3 Review (By makotachi)


Life is Strange is an ongoing, interactive game that was produced by Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix. The way the game works is that the decisions and actions you take as the character will affect what happens, so it’s pretty much set up like a visual novel.  The story focuses on a young student named Maxine Caulfield who has the power to rewind time. With her power, you can play through her and make certain decisions to affect the future then go back and do things differently so you can see a different future. It’s a rather interesting concept that plays out nicely.

This is Maxine Caulfield.

This is Maxine Caulfield.

It’s a well designed game with an interesting format. The game is released in chapters and updates and it is planned to have a total of five parts. Currently there are three episodes with the last one being released in May. The updates are supposedly scheduled to be seven weeks apart. Besides its release format, the actual look of Life is Strange is not something, in my opinion, that is that different. It looks nice, as it should, but there’s nothing about the design of the characters that stand out too much.

Of course, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to talk about the representation of LGBT women within the work! The focus of the work is not romance, it’s the story, but there are some options you can make to get certain scenes with particular characters.

Chloe Price

Chloe Price

This is a picture of one of the friends of the main character, her name is Chloe Price. You can’t romance Chloe, that isn’t an option, but you can take certain actions to get certain scenes with her. Whether the reader takes those scenes as romantic or platonic is up to them, but within the series you can be presented with the choice of whether to kiss Chloe or to not, on a dare from her part. In my opinion, while the story doesn’t go too much into depth about romance and sexuality, that the two character presented are bisexual young women. They share interesting intimate scenes, they develop nicely together, and they do show deep affection for one another. Plus, I don’t really believe people just kiss the sex they’re not attracted to for fun, but there isn’t talk about the subject just yet.

From episode 2

From episode 2

Despite that lack of communication, you can still enjoy a few intimate scenes between the two women, but keep in mine that your decisions and how you use your power will affect what happens in the ‘present’ or ‘future.’ How you decide to use your power can affect certain scenes and it can affect how characters will interact with you.

from episode 1

from episode 1

Until later episodes come out and reveal more about the characters, the yuri rating for this series is going to remain a low, in my opinion. You can get some nice intimate moments and a kiss, but there isn’t much romance and it can be interpreted as just two girls having fun by certain people.

With that, it is an interesting game and it’s worth checking out not just for the girls alone!

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5 Responses to Life is Strange Eps 1-3 Review (By makotachi)

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Currently waiting for all episodes to come out before buying the game. I definitely have my eyes on it but want to play the complete experience rather than in parts.


  2. Blob says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the first three episodes. The gameplay encourages you to play through each episode several times to see all the different choices and their consequences, and the playtime is short enough it’s not a hassle to do so.

    Chloe is probably bi, from what we’ve seen so far. I don’t want to spoil anything, but apart from her newfound relationship with Max she has another very close friend and some of her lines are… not something you’d say about a friend. Honestly, I’ll be surprised if the last episodes suddenly state that she’s straight. She is a polarizing character though.

    Because of the multiple choice gameplay, my guess is that the player will be able to have Max romance Chloe, her male friend or no one. But I do think you’ll be able to go further than flirting. We’ll see in a few months if I was completely off-base.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s why I’m waiting for the full version. I want to see what will happen and now hit any “to be continued” along the way.


  3. 0mniessence says:

    Idk, i wish chloe had longer hair, the butch types never really appealed to me.

    Something that i always wondered is, if lesbians are supposed to like girls, then why do I more often than not see femme/butch couples? Like, the femme, even though she is gay, in the end is just looking for someone that looks like a dude either way, lol wut? I don’t understand it.

    But then again, I was told that femme/femme couples are out there too but you just never see them because they look like regular ol’ girl friends having fun xD!

    Oh, well, I prefer femme/femme couples, but to each their own. I like time traveling stories, so this game would def appeal to me!


  4. The US rarely does “visual novel” type games but when we decide to roll one out, you better believe we do it better and more EPIC than Japan ever thought they could!


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