248th G-View: Re-Kan

I have no clever intro for this show. It’s a slice of life anime featuring ghosts, Re-Kan.

Re-Kan cover

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural

Themes: Afterlife, Yuri

Number of episodes: 13

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: Hibiki Amami is a girl who can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings, hence the Re-Kan title’s meaning, sixth sense. The stories follow her daily life with both her friends and the otherworldly.

A slice of life anime revolving around the living and the deceased. While the association of the two in non-horror media is nothing new it is how this show brings the two together that makes it appealing.

A tyrant

The main female cast here are all basic and have their defining archetypes that help make them all likable. There’s the red haired beauty with a seemingly shady past, the blonde whippersnapper who runs an occult blog, the cute airhead who likes zombies for a specific reason and the dorky boy not in this pic whose main purpose is to get clobbered or shunned. The main duo will be mentioned in a bit. Along with those archetypes are neat back stories for most of the characters.

Toilet Ghost

Together with the main cast the show’s denizens of the afterlife are also praiseworthy players who add the extra spice to this otherwise basic slice of life show. Some of the ghosts are recognizable Japanese horror spooks, with some identifiable to Western audiences based on Westernized adaptations of Japanese horror movies while others are more recognizable to JP spook enthusiasts. Besides that they also contribute to the other major highlight of the show, the unity between the living and the remembered. See, one of the strongest themes on the show is the bond between families and loved ones. Thanks to Hibiki’s “main character syndrome” of butting into other people’s business for the right reasons she (maybe) unintentionally acts as a gateway to the otherworld giving emotionally distressed people from both sides that one last opportunity to voice very important words they couldn’t before…yeah. Those dramatic interactions range from touching to tearjerkers…and no one had to get killed off. What a novel concept, though ironic since half of the show’s cast is already deceased but readers hopefully got the gist.


The animation style is personally very appealing, especially the way hair is drawn. Some viewers may find the style odd but as time passes get accustomed to it. The OST, OP and ED are all wonderful. A relaxing soundtrack to say the least.

Hibiki and Narumi's bond

It’s time for the usual pre-conclusion segment on the G-Views. Hibiki Amami and Narumi Inoue are the show’s protagonists and main ship. Hibiki’s a kindhearted, soft spoken ghost whisperer (so to speak) and Narumi’s a scaredy cat tsundere. The chemistry writes itself.


However, those are not the only things that make this ship special  Let me put it this way, the anime does the work for the yuri nation. Basically the show wants HibiNaru/AmaIno to live the rest of their lives…and beyond together as spouses as much as the nation does.

Overall Re-Kan is a most enjoyable SoL with ghosts, lighthearted humor and occasionally powerful dramatic moments. Of course readers who aren’t into SoL will find it hard to enjoy this show but for SoL enthusiasts and animeniacs who are willing to give any show a try, go for it. Oh and of course I recommend this to yuri fans who are cool with soft yuri.

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Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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46 Responses to 248th G-View: Re-Kan

  1. Ck12 says:

    I never really expected to enjoy this series so much when I first watch this. I enjoy all the characters even that Idiot Yamada and his bro. And Inoue is such a cute tsundere (just like my other fave tsundere Ayaya). One thing I like about this series is that their friends are also shipping Amami and Inoue just like us Yuri fans. And that last scene of the anime is so sweet. Rating 8/10


  2. cirno9fan says:

    “What a novel concept, though ironic since half of the show’s cast is already deceased but readers hopefully got the gist.”
    I laughed out loud at this one xD

    You already know I seriously loved this show. Other people on here have likely realized it by this point. Being a horror afficando (with especial leans towards the J-horror side, but definitely not without my experience in all other horror) made this anime all the more enjoyable.

    “the anime does the work for the yuri nation. Basically the show wants HibiNaru/AmaIno to live the rest of their lives…and beyond together as spouses as much as the nation does.”
    There is just sooooooooooooooooooooo much truth in this statement. I love how the last thing the anime has is the pervy cat saying “It’s yuri”

    Was an amazing ride, and my surprise of the season. Never expected to like it this much.

    Really enjoyed the final episode too. one of the few shows this season where I actually felt like I was watching a “finale”.

    Will definitely miss the gang. Hope that fanartists/etc pick up on it.

    My only real gripe with the show is that the animation budget got pretty bad at times. A minor issue amidst everything else though!


  3. DrAnimaniac says:

    I really enjoyed this show. My favorite aspect was definitely the strong relationships between the living and deceased. I love how Hibiki served as the bridge between those two worlds and that her friends were so open and supportive of her. It really emphasizes the bonds between friends and family and knowing no boundaries and so it was a very special anime. Of course, that soft yuri made it even more enjoyable, Nabiki is a definite official ship, promoted by the show itself. It’d be nice to have a second season, but even without one I’m still content.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Strong and emotional feels without resorting to cliche suffering. Very good stuff.
      Oh yes indeed. When Pervy Cat declared our adorable duo a couple YET AGAIN, done and done.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    Sounds more fun than The Sixth Sense.


    • Overlord-G says:

      While Re-Kan also has its strong emotional moments it is far less dramatic than that beloved movie but also unlikely that it will be as acknowledged.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. JimJiminy says:

    One of the few shows I looked forward to ever week. Each episode had a very good plot in it that was easy to follow but still tugged on the heartstrings from time to time.
    Cat at end summed it up the pairing very well with his last line.


  6. John Hayabusa says:

    This was a really fun anime. It has yuribait but not in the same ridiculous level as Hibike’s. Hibiki and Narumi are pretty much a canon couple.


  7. elkat4 says:

    Re-Kan! After the end:
    X years after the characters graduate, Inoue and Hibiki are happily living together with their adopted (ghost) children. Unfortunately, Inoue’s hair has lost its color and luster due to ghost related stress.


  8. saint07 says:

    Aye. All true things. Though I found animation lacking at some points, especially at the beginning. But it was overall pretty acceptable, so it’s all fine.
    I really liked that we didn’t really need to look for subtext. There was nothing subtle about existence of Inoue x Hibiki pairing, since the show itself shipped them very damn hard, it was, as you said, vey soft yuri. Everyone knew it was there, and it was accepted by all show’s characters without question. There was no need even for great romantic gestures (even though they did some pretty touching things for each other) I’m perfectly okay with that. There’s no need for cheap drama.

    Overall, very damn good show and 8/10 rightfully earned, even though it didn’t make me feel too much in these supposedly touching moments. Ach well, I’ll blame it on me.

    Tbh, the pervy cat’s comment sold this show for me in the 1st episode. And the last one. He knows what’s up.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hibiki X Narumi will be the underrated/overlooked yuri ship of the Spring 2015 season but my peeps know of their greatness and that’s what matters!

      Not every man can cry man tears. That’s how life works.


  9. chibola says:

    Yes, I thought Re-Kan is nothing too stupendous, but it was a very sweet show. Not groundbreaking or anything, and pretty cliched 90% of the time, but I liked it anyway, it was passing entertainment for me :3. Plus the soft yuri was a nice bonus.

    It was very cute and I wouldn’t mind seeing another season should one come out, but that I hardcore WANT another one, not sure…. I found some raws of the re-kan manga. I’m thinking of maybe translating them to English, mainly to see if the author intended for there to be yuri or if the yuri was something that the animation studio decided to bring in (sort of like kyoani with hibike xD)

    nice anime and i enjoyed it :3


    • Overlord-G says:

      These days determining a show’s appeal by how original it is is a bad idea.

      I said at one point that HibiNaru’s anime exclusive. I was misinformed. HibiNaru is also present in the manga. What the anime showed is exactly how their relationship is depicted and shipped in the manga.


  10. fantasygirlkanna says:

    I enjoyed this show too much that I’m now very sad that it’s over X(
    I’ll miss everything especially Hibiki and Narumi (except the yamada brothers)
    But there’s just one thing I don’t get, sooo who was that evil looking kid the roll-call samurai saw in Hibiki’s memories? Did I miss something? o_O


  11. Zhepyr Valentine says:

    Despite being okay with SoL, I dropped Re-Kan after episode 2 because I find the pace to be painfully slow and somewhat boring. I do see people enjoy it on Twitter, but never really get back to it. I like the cat though.

    Oh, and the background. I really can’t stand the background.


  12. cirno9fan says:

    I must correct a misconception that started because of me. I gave OG misinformation (though I had no clue how wrong what I read was). He thought I had actually read the manga (I have NOW, but did not before), and I read some rather distressing things about the manga. It was completely untrue. I have the raws on my computer now, and whatever was said was all lies. It’s very much like the anime. Just the anime has much more of the heartwarming stuff. The shipping is still pretty strong. It being a 4koma though, it focuses much more on comedy.


  13. mutopis says:

    it was a good show.


  14. K says:

    To think I was going to pass over this anime. Glad I didn’t. The background didn’t work with me at first but I got over that. The characters were alright and I liked how it showed the relationships between the living and the dearly departed. The jokes were fine. Overall, a good watch.

    As for Hibiki and Narumi, Pervy Cat said it at the end of the first and last episodes. You’d have to be in denial to not see it.


  15. mutopis says:

    looks like summer clothes than swimsuits.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Another successful “paycheck” earned good dood. They’re a bit of both as I’ve seen girls swim with shorts or lie in the sun wearing what Narumi was.


  16. yurimylove says:

    That’s a cute little show I intend to rewatch again at some point (like I do with all the series that I really like). You know the yuri is real — when the entire OCEAN ships them XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s definitely worth watching multiple times.
      HibiNaru is so canon it’s insulting to assume otherwise.


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