245th G-View: Show By Rock!!

Show By Rock!! Cover

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai.

Themes: Bands, Music, Light Rock, Metal, Urban.

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Synopsis: Cyan Hijirikawa is a first-year high school student who has a good passion for music. However, she is very shy and doesn’t have the courage to join the school’s music club. But on one fateful night, she gets sucked into the rhythm game she had been playing on her smartphone after receiving an item called “Strawberry Heart”. Cyan ends up in a new world called Tokyo Midi city, a place where those who command music controls everything. After some crazy events Cyan is approached and recruited by Maple Arisugawa, the CEO of Banded Rocking Records to join his recording agency. She meets ChuChu, Retoree, and Moa, the vocalist, bassist, and drummer of Plasmagica, one of Banded Rocking Record’s bands. Thus her new life as part of the band had begun while also trying to figure out a way back home.

K-On_movie_keyBakumatsu Rock

The best way I could initially describe SBR is a cross between K-ON! and Bakumatsu Rock as the show takes elements of both shows, lighthearted moe comedy and a fantastic rock and roll adventure and combines them into one.


That and the two main bands are the all-girl light rock band Plasmagica and the ripped pretty boy metal rock band Shingancrimsonz, both awesome and entertaining in their own ways. As one would expect both bands represent their subgenre well. Plasmagica spends their free time being cute and doing cute things while Shingancrimsonz spend theirs being super macho and silly. From this short description of both main bands viewers can get that a third of the show is Girls Club and occasionally Boys Club shenanigans so those familiar with one, the other or both will easily get into those parts.

Of course there are other bands my second favorite being Tsurezure naru (especially its leader) after Plasmagica.

Egg Manager's freaky serious faceChibi Kitty Cyan

The 2D animation quality is both colorful and diverse. As far as I’m concerned SBR’s 2D is a visual treat and one of the show’s strongest highlights. Then there’s the CG. Anime fans know all too well the controversial topic that is CG in anime. Some are fine with it while others loathe it entirely. The CG worked quite well I’d say and it wasn’t overused at all. It was mainly used during the musical numbers and occasional fights against Dark Monsters. Speaking of…

Shingancrimsonz vs Dark Monster

The Dark Monster battles are both exciting and visually delightful seeing chibi animal people using the power of rock to take down evil. Most exhilarating despite it sounding ridiculous.

The music is wonderful with Tsurezure naru once again being a favorite of mine. I daresay their songs are better than Plasmagica’s despite those being fun to listen to. So yeah great songs and OST.

Having said that one of the show’s main flaws is its pacing. Now I am not a person that has much of an issue with rushed development or plot progression but SBR’s feels rushed at times. I mean REALLY rushed to the point of some major events being resolved in less than a minute. On the bright side SBR is clearly a show to have fun while watching so it is appreciated that it doesn’t dwell on seriousness or dramatic situations for too long.

While the rushed pacing can be overlooked because the show is fun and not to be taken too seriously, the one thing that keeps SBR from becoming very good is that I feel it’s missing something. It’s hard to explain but viewers could notice it while watching. It’s that special spark that helps make a show/movie/comic etc better than what it initially is. Basically SBR is good but is missing that special something to make it very good.

Cat person

Now on to the yuri courtesy of Retoree and her crush on Cyan. For the majority of the first half her crush was referenced almost every episode and it looked like it would be an important subplot. Unfortunately when the second half kicks in her crush is hardly brought up being shown occasionally but nowhere near as glorious as in the first half. Disappointing but at least it was consistent till the end so that’s somewhat reassuring. Hopefully there’s a future OVA to rectify this.

Overall Show By Rock!! is a good show that could have been better. Most of the characters are likable, the SoL portions are fun, the music is great, the animation is a visual treat and the battles are pretty cool despite appearing silly to some. However, plot progression feels a bit too rushed and the show lacks a certain spark to boost its appeal from good to very good. As it stands the show’s fun and has enough to be memorable but could have been so much more. Recommended to viewers who like having fun but aren’t too critical.

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27 Responses to 245th G-View: Show By Rock!!

  1. Hanneman says:

    I thought i was the only one who felt that this show was missing something. Like with Houkago no Pleiades, i always felt like everyone was having more fun wih it than i was.

    Something i wasnt expecting was that the Shigancrimsonz guys stole the show halfway through for me. I’m a metal dude, so it’s easy to see why XD

    Overall, i think this is a good show. When i watched the first episode i wasnt sure i was going to like it, mainly because of the way they presented the CG in it. But as time passed, i began to like it, and it was worth my time. Too bad the RetoCyan ship didnt come full force throughout the entire show, such a shame.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I don’t think you’re alone on enjoying Pleiades as much as other people. I’m sure there are others who share your thoughts.
      SC were awesome.
      What could have been between RetoCyan. Oh well.


  2. saint07 says:

    While I think you might be a little too brutal with your rating for SBR(I’d give it strong 8 at least), I have to agree with everything you just said.
    SBR really was rushed, especially from the middle of the show. I really, really loved the first half, all these introductions, silly sheningans and plot buildup were really wonderful, but second one lacked some spark and was paced really much too fast, like they were trying to fit too many plot points into too little episodes. It made show much less enjoyable to watch than it could’ve been.

    Most issues I have ofc with last episode. If they made 13 eps the ending’s pace would been much better, and not such anticlimatic jumble they served. Before anyone could catch the severity of the situation, it was already resolved. It lacked drama and deeper emotions unfortunately. Not to mention I was really hoping that fact that girls from school club looked like Plasmagica would be addressed, at least briefly. Nope. So, sad to say, last episode was a letdown.

    But we finally got Retoree’s and Cyan’s hug, so that’s something. Though, honestly, from the dramatic climax of their relationship in ep5, from ep 6 onwards their subtext was rather disappointing too.

    I honestly think that episode 6 was somewhat turning point of this anime, for worse unfortunately. From here it all started to get too rushed. While ep7 was funny as hell(thanks to Shingancrimsonz ofc), I think someone got too much ideas and too little time to pace it better. Really, all of the episodes felt too short.

    But overall, show served a lot of laughs and was infinite bag of cuteness, and I enjoyed it a lot. I only wish it was longer.


  3. Star Light says:

    I feel a little bit down in the end anime. Cyan still have to return her world, I feel really sorry for Retoree. People said it is a happy ending, but it is sad ending to me. I wanna cry Oa oa oa :((


  4. cirno9fan says:

    I enjoyed it a lot. The show made a habit out of quickly finishing off plotlines, so I was expecting that with the final episode. Was sad to see the bandmates thing not really dealt with. This is kinda the issue with a protagonist traveling to another world (unless they couldn’t care less to ever return to their own world, like NGNL), they have to return home sometime. And it usually results in partings like this ;_;

    it was definitely rushed. Too bad really. Still, while I agree that the RetoCyan tuned down in future episodes, we got so much more than what we normally get, and this definitely wasn’t meant to be a yuri show, so I don’t get why people are so disappointed…???

    Ah well, Onto KinMoza!


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s because of how much it was toned down in the second half after the many big teases in the first half that had viewers feeling down. The rushed epilogue didn’t help. Anyway at least it was consistent.


  5. Ck12 says:

    There are some episodes that I got bored and skipped it. Like the shingan-whatever focus episode. Some people might enjoy them but not me. I watched this anime because of Plasmagica. I like their songs and Cyan is so cute. Too bad the Cyan/Retoree were toned in the last few episodes. Have you noticed that the band in Cyan’s school are the members of Plasmagica? They were also shown briefly in the first episode.


  6. goodboy64 says:

    I liked this show quite a bit, very entertaining from start to finish. I agree on the lack of Retoree focus on the second half, after that beach episode it just went away. I also LOVED the Tsurezure naru leader, something about her was just so… elegant.


  7. Maro says:

    I totally agree with you for the overall view of Show By Rock!!
    My hypothesis is that, it was a fun show but somehow missing something, because of too many characters being developed independently.
    The show had 2 main bands whose story arcs are almost always separate. Other bands had only an episode or so of interactions with either of our main bands.
    The story of each band is perfectly fine, without major plotholes. It just feels like they didn’t quite lead to the climax, where all the bands join forces with Cyan.
    Also each of the plotlines might have been too straightforward, omitting much of the potential subplots, like Retoree’s crush on Cyan.

    Well, that may be the limit of 1-cour show, the same as the plot being too rushed. Had it had 1 more cour, things could have been better explored.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Not much to add here. You explained well enough. Two cour isn’t necessary, a 14th episode patching things up would be enough.


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  9. K says:

    I skipped over this when it initially aired but I just finished watching it (the first anime series I finished this year, actually).

    Let me tell ya somethin’, brotha; it was a blast. I liked the characters. The show just drew me in with its lively power chords. It indeed was rushed, with RetoCyan getting shafted among other plot points and with so many dudes and dudettes introduced, not everyone would be fleshed out but in this case I won’t dump on that so much.

    The way Cyan’s story ended was alright to me but I was surprised that there was a second season announced. Well, I’m totally stoked to see what they’re gonna do there.

    By the way, it was the dub that I watched and I found it to be rockin’ awesome. It seemed like a lot of effort went into it. I could lay down some clips if you’re interested.

    Liked by 1 person

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