Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 Review

Here’s another little yuri visual novel that caught my eye, one made by an English company no less, to check out.

Sakura Fantasy Header

Genres: Fantasy, Ecchi, Yuri

Length: Short, 3-4 hours.

G-Rating: Okay

Sakura Fantasy is the third in a series of “Sakura” visual novels developed by Winged Cloud, the other two being Sakura Spirit and Sakura Angels, though SF is the only yuri one of the three so far. Also take note this is Chapter 1 with a sequel planned in July according to VNDB.

Sakura Fantasy Raelin

As for the plot it’s about a novice knight in training named Raelin whose life changed forever after an unexpected meeting with the mysterious empress Ardena and a shooting star that became the talk of the capital when it crashed nearby one night. Raelin also happens to have a gift called “Farseeing” which allows her to transport her subconscious near other people to see and hear what they are thinking. The other function…take a wild guess.

The story is actually a straightforward one that could easily be greenlit for an anime adaptation, a ” sexy warrior babes in a medieval fantasy world with yuri” show to be exact. Basically an ECCHIMANIA anime. Do not expect an epic tale featuring an epiphany inducing story line with characters that will forever change the way fiction is written. In fact the events within the story’s first part are nothing new. On the bright side what is given is certainly interesting enough to see what will happen next in Raelin’s journey along with her companions/potential love interests.

Sakura Fantasy Ardena, Keira and Gwynne

Each of Raelin’s allies/potential future love interests all follow a certain trope with Keira being the “strict on the outside but caring on the inside” coach, Gwynne the kind ojou-sama bookworm and Ardena the cold and mysterious beauty/benevolent ruler. Raelin herself is a competent and likable heroine. All sexy beasts with secrets to slowly unravel as one would expect from a VN like this.

The gameplay is the standard two/three-choice fare that doesn’t have much effect on the overall plot as this is not the complete product. They serve more to unlock hidden CGs this time around. Speaking of CGs…

Ecchi Gwynne preview

Of course Wonder Cloud knows full well what it is the main draw to this VN outside of yuri fans who do not mind this genre. It certainly isn’t the riveting plot that’s for sure. The soundtrack is a solid fantasy setting fare that won’t blow the roof off a joint but doesn’t get annoying. It is also undeniable that the art style is most impressive. Your VN’s main draw are beautiful women, then you better make sure they are pleasing to the eyes. It also helps that the backgrounds aren’t too shabby either. The dialogue works for all the scenarios and are easy to read but again not a work that will win awards. The grammar could also use some work as I noticed a couple of errors here and there but nothing serious. No different than any fan translated games.

Yuri example

As mentioned the VN has yuri elements that serve as a taste of what’s to come in the next chapter. The VN is ecchi but not a hentai despite certain fanservice tropes every now and then.

Overall Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 is a solid start to what is hopefully a solid yuri VN. The women are neat, the plot is interesting enough to keep the interested wanting more even though the VN isn’t very long. Worth giving a try for players who do not mind ecchi fanservice.

Get the game on Steam here:

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23 Responses to Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1 Review

  1. Alexis says:

    Hello Mr Overlord
    slowly I begin to write in English.

    Acabo de revisar el CG de Sakura Fantasy y no está mal, habrá que esperar que más ofrecen y pedir a Kumalia-sama que por favor no metan el cliche de que al final las protagonistas se tienen que matar entre ellas. Escribiendo sobre videojuegos, me enteré que van a sacar uno llamado Yoru no Nai Kuni, el CG promete, hay abundante contacto físico entre las dos chicas y por lo menos (por el momento) no hay heteroshit a la vista.

    Good night.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Es un buen empiezo.
      Ya hable de ese juego cuando lo anunciaron. Estoy esperando mas detalles o un trailer que explica mas que el primero ya hizo.


  2. elkat4 says:

    While I normally don’t care for visual novels, but I feel like giving this one a try on account of rare ecchi-yuri.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Give it a go.


      • elkat4 says:

        I’ve played chapter one and I’m already disappointed that I’ve already completed it. So far it’s a good story and my only complaint of any significance is that how the character sprites move back and forth during a scene (which is little more than a very minor annoyance that I didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the story the slightest). I think I will use this a gateway into other yuri-centric visual novels.


      • Overlord-G says:

        A promising start it was.


  3. Takadou Akane says:

    I was wondering if you would pick this up since it does seem to suite some aspects of your taste.

    As for me, I picked this one up a while ago. There is nothing I can say about it that you haven’t already mentioned in your review except you seem to have forgotten the “jungle girl”. I can say that I didn’t regret buying it. Raelin herself is pretty likable to me and among her love interests, the one I like and support the most is Gwynne (this may or may not change in the future, I will have to wait and see). Well, certainly looking forward to the next chapters.


  4. theheckw says:

    I know you gotta be neutral for the sake of the viewers but— who do you prefer? :3


  5. The Otaku Judge says:

    Winged Cloud titles would benefit from stronger writing, but at least their artwork is nice. It’s good to see that Fantasy has more choices than earlier titles. I played it a bit and was immediately presented with the important question of whether to wear panties or go commando 🙂


  6. goodboy64 says:

    For an english company the art is actually pretty good and on-par with Japanese VNs, I might pick this one up.


  7. Seems like they just made another one, but the central romance isn’t girl x girl:

    However, you can enjoy this scene (NSFW):


    • OG-Man says:

      Oh I heard about that one last night and Sakura Clicker last week but I’ll wait for Chapter 2 of this to come out before talking about the Sakura franchise again.


  8. In Sakura VN’s with male protagonist: Male is usually dense or a coward. Not much overall character development either.
    In Sakura VN with female protagonist: Fun and kinda perverted main character with some unique standpoints on religion. The plot interested me, of course it’s not the best but it’s the best of all the Sakura VN’s.


  9. My fucking shit. Why. I heard the original writer for this VN left the company.


    • OG-Man says:

      Oh dear. That does not sound good. Hopefully this will not affect the sequel’s production as the planned Summer release was obviously scrapped.


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