YMC #49: Their Story (By Mako-Tachi).

Thanks to the rise of technology, it has become easier for artists to produce their own work and publish their own comics onto websites. Thanks to stuff like this we no longer have to wait for just Japanese producers to create Yuri manga/anime, readers can enjoy a plethora of other series from artists all around the world! Once such an artist is Tan Jiu who comes from China. She’s an artist who publishes some of her work online as a webcomic. One of those webcomics is her work ‘Their Story.’


Their Story is a slice-of-life webcomic that features a romance between two high school girls. That makes it sound rather stereotypical, but how the story is executed and drawn out is what makes this a delightful read. Not only is it a wonderfully sweet romance, the webcomic is just beautiful to look at. (It comes in full color!) Tan Jiu uses soft colors that seek to embrace the warmth they are trying to convey in the scenes between the two girls. It’s bright, but not so bright that it’s distracting. Tan Jiu also pays attention to the detail she puts in her characters, the way the creator draws their hair, their multiple outfits, and just about everything that pertains to the physical aspects of the characters is wonderful.

Artwork from the comic.

Artwork from the comic.

But enough about the art! What about the romance?! That’s what we’re here for after all! Their Story wastes no time with the tomboy-ish Sun Jing getting invested in the adorable Qui Tong. As soon as Sun Ting sees Qui Tong she is instantly infatuated and seeks the other girl’s attention.


Sun Ting is not as suave as she thinks she is though. This makes for some awkward, but cute and funny moments!

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The series is filled to the brim with sweet, innocent interactions that convey what it’s like to really fall in love for the first time. It shows just how clumsy you are when you’re into some one and it reflects just how awkward your first interactions can be. It makes for some wonderful laughs, and it makes for an original and adorable relationship.

With the colors and the art style combined it does an excellent job of portraying the warmth of the romantic feelings between the girls. Here are a couple of examples:

2 3


Tan Jui certainly knows how to pull at the heart strings! I get a little flustered just looking at how sweet and intimate the scenes can come across as! The story is more innocent than some others, so far there isn’t any sexually explicit types of scenes, but I’m thinking this is meant as a more slow, romance type of work. The series is still ongoing, but there is plenty available to get into it! Also the author has a habit of crossing her works over, so I won’t be surprised if once this work is finished it will get featured in one of her other comics. Anyway, Their Story is a 9/10 for me. Combined with wonderful art, a try-hard suave lead, and incredibly adorable romance scenes this series gets its high rating. If you want something sweet then I highly recommend Their Story  to check out!

Translations done by yaoi-blcd.

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9 Responses to YMC #49: Their Story (By Mako-Tachi).

  1. DrAnimaniac says:

    I love this! Seriously can’t get enough. Excellent analysis, I’m in complete agreement. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. If you like this one, I’m certain you’ll love Fluttering Feelings a.k.a Exciting Feelings, it’s similar to this one. I recommend it if you don’t already know about it that is.


  2. yurimylove says:

    Thanks for your tip on the webcomic. I’ve read all the available chapters up to today. It is so cute and funny, plus the art is simply amazing! All that time it must’ve taken the author to draw and color all those details, wow.


  3. jianuzzi says:

    it was a good story. I happened to luckly surf around on different manga sites and came across to dynasty reader to finally finish Sasameki Koto. Very good. I think im going to make it a mission to read manga too from now on.


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