Life Lessons: Open My Online Eyes Wider

I am so sorry to everyone who used Yahoo Mail to contact me.

Yahoo Mail

As the above icon shows and it is also located in my Yahoo page, I have a Yahoo Mail account. I also have a Skype account. Here’s the problem though and it is a HUGE error on my part, I almost never use Yahoo Mail or Skype except for emergencies. Recently I got message on Hotmail (The one I primarily use) asking for a request…on Yahoo Mail. This person inadvertently opened my eyes because when I went there, besides PSN purchase confirmations I noticed some messages from people asking for suggestions and fan mail!

I was like “OH BLEEP!”. I got complimented for being interactive with my fans and then this happens! This is worse because of some of the heartfelt compliments I got from fans. I said numerous times how surprising it is I came this far…but to have actually touched people with my passion for yuri? THAT I did not expect at all. Every time I get a message like that it shocks me, which is why this hurt me because those fans may feel like I turned my back on them not giving them assurance that I appreciate their support and am happy to talk to them.


The life lessons for this post are the following:

  • If one has multiple ways for others to contact them, make sure to check them all as often as possible.
  • Not everyone uses ONLY Hotmail/People still use Yahoo Mail.

PS: Although I will check Yahoo Mail more often from now on, do not contact me via Yahoo Messenger. I don’t use that anymore.

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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2 Responses to Life Lessons: Open My Online Eyes Wider

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Still not gonna skype though? ;(


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