Yuri Nation 4th Anniversary

Shirobako yuri

I’m Ai in this image.

It’s been this long already huh?

Four years have passed since I started blogging. Four long years of posting my ramblings and love for yuri, anime, anime girls and video games. Four long years of meeting fellow yuri fans (and some overall anime fans and fellow niche video game enthusiasts) who I will probably not meet in person in this lifetime. Four long years of meeting some people whose teeth I want to kick down their throats and have made enemies of because of our lack of agreement on anything or one of us annoying the other. Four long years of me rambling that I’m doing this for free.

Chuunibyou sexy bikini 2

Someone told me I have a lot of time to waste because of how much I blog. To that I say yes I do. However, I also say that I am happy. I am financially secure. I am living a fortunate life with very few regrets apart from how I should have changed a couple of approaches in college. I have a loving family. I have friends on and offline who understand my twisted mind. Although I say I want to hurt people I have never been angered enough to the point of wanting to brutally murder someone…yet. I do not ask for much to be happy. I am fine with offering assistance if am asked. I mentioned several times that I am a short tempered optimist but again I am optimistic.

Dunno what it is. Despite my writing a blog post explaining my love for yuri/ any other lesbian media,I still cannot explain why specifically it is that when I watch or read romance media starring girls/women who may or may not spend the rest of their lives together my heart melts whenever they show remote hints of wanting to start a romantic relationship. A passionate kiss knocks me out inside all the time. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it done with het pairings so many times already that when I see two women fall in love it warms my heart. Thumbs up for two boys/men out there also having found love. It’s weird that lesbian romance is what gives me hope that one day I too will find the woman I will spend the rest of my life with. Until then (or hopefully beyond that) I will keep going.


You like what I have to say, thanks for sticking around with me all this time and hopefully will continue supporting my madness. If you don’t like what I have to say then why are you still here? I won’t make any promises on what the future of The Yuri Nation and Anime Island will hold. All everyone can count on is that I will still be here. I’m not the most popular yuri blogger on the planet but why would I want to be? I am content being one of the happiest, despite my occasional angry outbursts, and sharing my happiness with everyone who is willing to accept it.

About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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41 Responses to Yuri Nation 4th Anniversary

  1. Cytrus says:

    I thought you were around longer, actually xD. You started a bit before i started reading blogs more often, so i always assumed you had been around since long before :P.

    Have fun and keep up the good work :D.


  2. goodboy64 says:

    Four years, huh? That’s awesome to be able to put it all into perspective. I’m glad I’m able to join in on the ride now. Good work these past four years and into the future!


  3. SilverFox says:

    Congrats on the 4 years! One day you’ll find your special someone somewhere! I look forward to more chats with ya and seeing more posts!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Your conversations have been a huge part of what has kept me sane last year. I thank you for being one of my most loyal council members and fun friends to discuss stuff online.


  4. Cong your blog is on 4th year !


  5. Nick says:

    Congrats man! I’ve only been following you for maybe a month or so, but I really like the content you’ve got here. Keep up the great work man!


  6. Alexis says:

    Felices 4 años en la blogosfera, cuídese mucho y nos seguiremos leyendo en este sitio, eso es sexy… Shaba-da-doo.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Muchisimas gracias por ser una de mis seguidores ninja. Casi nunca la veo pero se que esta ahi.
      Life Sexy PARA SIEMPRE!


  7. Chris says:

    -well, it’s nice to know that i got mentioned at the start of ur second paragraph. i meant to say in that one post that “u seemed to have a lot of time to use.” my bad; u seem quite active on ur posts, so i don’t mind following u. i got u on my feed, so as soon as u post something, i’ll check it out.

    -4 years blogging… well, i hope u at least have been studying or picked up studying japanese as it’s the bases of everything that is yuri in regards to anime, manga, visual novels, novels, games; 4 years… 2000-3000 words of japanese could’ve been learned.

    -i have about 4-5 years of studying japanese on and off & not even close to fluent, but as an experiment, the other day i tried watching some anime in a language i didn’t understand (chinese) and i almost cried b/c this is what it probably sounds like to ppl who aren’t familiar with japanese. i had to try and block out all the chinese voices b/c it kept getting in the way of the subtitles, which made it even more sad. & when i switched back to japanese audio, i felt more grateful for what i have. my japanese listening skills sucks and right now it sounds like listening to technical astro-physics jargon in complex english but it’s not totally foreign. i can pick out some words here and there but not the whole meaning. listening to words like 大好き (daisuki), 愛してる (aishiteru), 好き (suki)… all of which means “i love u”… being able to recognize these (especially in yuri), is very powerful.

    -after seeing ur passion from these archives from 2011-2015 on the right side of this post, what i’m trying to say is u should use that energy to learn japanese so that u can be even closer to anime, manga…especially the yuri stuff. even if ur not fluent, just knowing the basic words will make u appreciate japanese media. there’s a deeper love that’s waiting for anyone willing to pursue the language. from ur archives, u have the most important ingredient to make it all the way in japanese: love 愛 for the language.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh I’ve watched enough anime over the years to catch some familiar words but still can;t read a visual novel to save my life.
      I appreciate your wanting to help by encouraging me to expand my yuri horizons by delving into RAW yuri media. Maybe one day I will take the time to periodically study Japanese like my good friend Chikorita157 did.

      I respect the hard work you put into studying the language. Your words show how satisfying it is.


  8. Rei says:

    I’m always impressed how you could always run your blog this long and always keep your readers updated on a regular basis. Congrats dood, and hoping for many years to come.

    And hey i’m back again from the dead.. Funny how the same day I decide to blog again, is on the same date as your blog’s anniversary. Now you can remind me every year 😀


  9. DrAnimaniac says:

    I’m pretty new in comparison to you in how long I’ve been blogging, but you give me inspiration to continue. I don’t know many otaku like me and I definitely have no one who shares my enthusiasm for Yuri and so I’m very happy that I’ve gotten to know you. I look forward to continuing our discussions on Yuri and anime in general. Thanks for giving me your support and congrats on 4 years!


    • Overlord-G says:

      It has been a pleasure meeting you Doc. The Yuri Nation is still small but as long as we keep on fighting one day our dream of getting one or two 100% yuri shows per season and not have homosexual entertainment in general be scoffed at by many will someday come true.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Hanneman says:

    I’ve been reading your blog daily gor almost two years now, and it became a good part of my life seeing you ramble and fangasming over this lovely genre, as well as sharing experiences on anime and, sometimes, games. You can be sure that i’ll be around as long as you do, buddy! Congrats on those 4 years of blogging! May we keep enjoying this medium for a long, long time!


  11. josefcd904 says:

    I just wanted to say Congratulations. I have only been bloging for almost 4 months now. It is hard to imagine if I will be doing it 4 years. But somehow you did it. I think that is amazing in itself that you did not give up and just continued going on and on. Although I have only been following you for a short time, I hope you keep it up and congratulations once more at reaching this 4 year mark.


  12. the_elevator_man says:

    It’s been that long? And isn’t that what I said last year, same time?
    Congrats, keep it up, and count down to five.


  13. Omarion says:

    It’s been a long road so far huh


  14. cookape says:

    I only knew what yuri realy was last year befor that i had already seen ai themed anime and thought nothing of it and saw at it as nomal anime girls behaver and what keeps me going of all my frends only one doesn’t know what to think of it but does not hate lesbians and for some reason we all agree on it feels nomal to see GL


  15. Silvachief says:

    Congrats on the 4 years! And may you last forever more, great Yuri Nation!


  16. chikorita157 says:

    Congrats on making 4 years and I wish you luck in the future.


  17. Sheeit man, ain’t no problems on this front! Keep it up! Always do what makes you happy. And hey, if you don’t get a woman then get a dog. They’ll be loyal to you until the very end man.

    ‘swhat I plan on doing. Get a dog and teach in Japan. Watch yuri on my laptop while I grade. Sounds like a good life to me!


    • Overlord-G says:

      I will do my best to remain optimistic.
      I’m sure I’ll find my lady love one day. Patience is a virtue.
      I already have dogs to raise so that’s taken care of.
      Best of luck fulfilling your dream of teaching in Japan dood!


  18. yurimylove says:

    congratulations! what’s even more amazing than 4 years of continuous frequent updates, is that you manage to reply to everyone. [s]wow[/s]


  19. Mercuria says:

    Me: I’m Iguchi on that image~ XD (Seriously, having goth-loli-sama look down on me with that cold yet passionate eyes is my dream (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    Anyway, congrats on your 4th year, OG-sama. I’ve only been around here for a year, but I really enjoy reading all your posts. Finally, may the “Moon and the Sun Goddesses” always bestow their light upon this YuriNation!~


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