RWBY Volume 3 Confirmed

RWBY leads

After the tragic passing of RWBY creator Monty Oum, the future of the series was uncertain until recently when the Roosterteeth site posted an announcement on the future series.

According to the announcement Volume 3 is in pre-production and part of the animation Monty had worked on will be used. The staff will fill in the rest.

The show is scheduled to air sometime this year.

Why post this news here instead of Anime Island? Because of the fanfiction.

PS: Fans wondering when I’ll review Volume 2 will have to wait after Nanoha Month.


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8 Responses to RWBY Volume 3 Confirmed

  1. kracen says:

    When I heard of Mounty Oum’s Death, I knew that RWBY wouldn’t end, as RWBY was Mounty’s dream, to create a show with characters he loved, doing what he loved… Roosterteeth will make sure his dream lives on and make it into his legacy.


  2. Hourin says:

    I hope you keep an eye out for which shipping is canon.


  3. Mi Woods says:

    When will it come out?!!!


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