Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!: Brokeback Lilies

Reviewing this 63 minute movie length OVA overall would have me repeating what I said in my reviews of the previous two seasons so instead I will cover this “mega-sode” like an episodic.


Epic intro

If there’s ever a third season or second “mega-sode” I would love to watch a whole segment animated like this, Engrish and all.

InterestingVintage Kyouko

Vintage TOSHINO KYOUKO! Speaking of…

Catchphrase of the millenium

It is not a Yuru Yuri production without using this legendary catchphrase at least once.

Mature tea drinkingSakurako 2015

Moments like this are why this couple is my favorite in the series.


This had to a joke about yuri fans who obsess over dramatic yuri.

Movie's plot in a nutshell

Yup. That’s the mega-sode’s plot in a nutshell, the supreme 8 go camping for a day during Summer vacation.

Poor dear

Poor dear. I do hope whenever the series ends these two ladies will hook up.

Two Mirakuruns

It’s nice to see Chinatsu eventually stopped fighting this trend. It is best not to oppose TOSHINO KYOUKO in vain.

Snacks made by ChinatsuWorried for their lives

Chinatsu’s not exactly a professional at arts and crafts so I do not blame them for having been wary of her (during that moment) unknown culinary skills.

Dr Boom-Boom and Cute Mute cameo

Profound words spoken by Cute Mute to Dr Boom-Boom.

Chinatsu's spot taken away

Oh Chinatsu.

SadnessSadness 2

The moment of silence during this scene is what sold it. The sadness.

Oh yesThat's more like it

There we go.

Soul mates

Yuri fan 4 life I am.

Test of Courage partnersTrue words

Yeah. I don’t recall YY having a test of courage segment before in the previous two seasons.


How cute. They feel bored without the idiot around.

Poor dear 2Vintage Akane

Don’t worry dearie, I’ll continue cheering you on.

Frightened ChinatsuScars of fear

More proof that AkaChina, though adorable, may also prove deadly to poor Akarin. Then again she is a disciple of the great Iono-sama so I think she’ll manage.



Chocolate memories

CHOCOLATE aftermath memories!

Kyouko's trademark tomato jammies

If I were younger or female I would have asked my parents to buy me tomato jammies.

Another successful experiment

Another successful “experiment”. Hehehe.

We'll be back!

And we’ll be waiting with open arms.

Overall like the K-ON Movie this mega-sode was just a longer episode of the anime that did not contribute much to the overall plot (or lack thereof in YY’s case) but gave fans more reasons to smile and once again be blessed by their favorite ladies doing what they do best…and as far as series like the aforementioned K-ON and Yuru Yuri go that’s all we could ask for.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot to add this history making moment.

History being made

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44 Responses to Yuru Yuri Nachuyachumi!: Brokeback Lilies

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I am desperately hoping for a season 3 and 4…..The manga has a lot of really great chapters to use.


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Oh, also to note, the pee incident, and the drinking tea like an adult incident, were both chapters in the manga. I think the one where Kyouko said “SUGIURA AYANO!” was too, but my memory’s a bit weak on whether that’s true.


  3. Tenshi says:

    Thanks for posting this. I would have never found it myself, since I mostly just read the manga. Kyoko is love, Kyoko is life.


  4. fantasygirlkanna says:

    I patiently waited for this and it was really awesome! XD Season 3 and hopefully 4/movie I shall wait for you…

    I think Chitose was sooo cute when she realized she was too embarrassed to tell Akari her yuri visions of Kyoko and Ayano. Plus is it just me or are Chitose’s visions in this OVA were more intense than usual? (The almost kissing scene of Kyoko and Ayano by the campfire vision was just mind-blowing)

    I really thought Ayano would just suddenly blurt out her feelings for Kyoko when they were doing the test of courage but instead they end up holding hands and that works too 😛


  5. kracensc says:

    Watched it just now, didn’t even know it was going to be a thing until you posted this…
    So many moments, if it were possible, my nose would have bled as much as Chitose…
    I’m not a huge fan of manga’s but I read the entirety of Yuru Yuri as I loved it so much and in doing so I read bits that I just couldn’t wait to see in the anime adaptation… I had to see it… and they delivered the things I wanted to see, Kyouko yelling “Sugiura Ayano” for one, I had to pause it, go back watch that moment again and then I had to take a moment to recoup myself… Not to mention the student council wearing their animal pyjamas…
    As for the yuri… well….
    The moment in the woods with Ayano and Kyouko… All the Sakuroko and Himawari moments… Even some Akari and Chinatsu to! So much Yuri goodness, I lose so much man cred when it comes to my Yuri obsession and my very unmanly reactions to the beautiful Yuri moments, but still its not enough… never enough…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      Yuru Yuri is that one show that can please everyone so it makes that it is one of, if not the most financially successful yuri series in existence.
      Not much to add that you haven’t already.


  6. cookape says:

    Koyoko x Ayano had more yuri scenes than the others or may be their toying with us right,right.(hope not) Found the entro funny i couldn’t smiling 🙂


    • cirno9fan says:

      Us manga readers keep this in mind at all times: Namori LOVES screwing with us (in terms of pairings)
      HimaSaku is one of the few stable ones. AkaChina is actually also fairly sturdy, but much less pronounced than HimaSaku. The teacher and prez relationship is another one.
      But, once you get outside those three…….things begin to get very murky. Which isn’t a bad thing. I mean, they have lots of great choices of girls to be with, it’s only normal they wouldn’t settle on one so easily.
      KyouAya is definitely what I’m hoping for, but I’ve gotten to the point now where a YuiKyou and AyanoChitose is fine too


      • Overlord-G says:

        As I’ve told others here this OVA has not teased us more than the previous two seasons have. It was more of the same to me. Some established couples along with some other potential ones…because money.


    • Overlord-G says:

      No less teasing than usual.
      The intro was glorious.


  7. automaticimperfection says:

    What? What is this awesome material that I have yet not seen?!!! -looks for it- oh good lord!!!


  8. cirno9fan says:

    Just realized something (while the movie played in the background during my grind on MSZ)
    “Yeah. I don’t recall YY having a test of courage segment before in the previous two seasons.”
    They were likely referring to the Christmas pairup. Or any other time they got chosen to be paired up.


  9. elkat4 says:

    At first I was disappointed that Rize and Nishigaki wasn’t camping with the main eight, but then I realized that they may wanted to keep their exact relationship secret. (Not any of the girls would have minded; it’s just if the school knew…)
    So how long before Kyouko get’s the idea to make a live action Mirakun fan film starring Chinatsu? (I’m sure she’d happily cast herself for the role of Rivarun.) I can imagine quite a lot that could go comically wrong.


    • Overlord-G says:

      They would not have done much anyway. Besides, Dr Boom-Boom and Cute Mute segments are best used sparingly.
      A Mirakurun movie directed by TOSHINOU KYOUKO would be crazy.


  10. shawnxtx says:

    Our Dark Lord is still strong in her quest to conquer the siscon with her dear sister Akari., that scene alone is funny about her overloaded perversion 🙂 I did finally able to download and watch it since delayed release via official channel.


  11. Lyonel says:

    Those Himawari x Sakurako moments were so totally worth to watch even if it was that short. Why can’t those two be more in the focus aaaargh D:


  12. mutopis says:

    the drama is a lie


    I felt a great ecstasy in the Yuri Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy, and were suddenly silenced with pleasure.


  13. x says:

    I can’t wait for the third season and Chitose would blend well in a zombie apocalypse and not get bit, yuri protection


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  15. yurimylove says:

    “easy” yuri almost gets “tricky”… almost (at the Kyouko x Ayano campfire scene). Well we do have season 3 to look forward to. Great fun OVA! Still in true form delivering moe yuri to fans who’d grown to know and love.

    I noticed something that’s also touched upon by some other readers. Despite the more obvious “one-sided attraction chain” that’s often played for the lulz:

    Ayano –> Kyouko –> Chinatsu –> Yui

    I somehow feel the hidden vibe that the show is subtly pairing the following for real instead:
    Ayano x Chitose
    Kyouko x Yui
    Chinatsu x Akari

    I actually wouldn’t mind if the above pairings become canon, but I’m wondering if I read too much into the story??


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