“These Days”. A yuri novel plug

A request was recently sent to me to promote a special story, similar to the fanmade script of Kannazuki no Miko “Reborn”. This time however, we got an original ongoing story that may grab yuri nation members’ interest. “These Days”, an ongoing yuri novel written by Goodboy64


I picked Fumi and Ah-chan because I think their appearance somewhat describes how the two protagonists of “These Days”, Lilly and Rea, may look like. Add the extra touches given in the novel descriptions of both girls and we get Lilly and Rea.

These Days is about the aforementioned Lilly and Rea, two childhood friends who had known each over ten years and all was going well until one day Rea confessed her true feelings for Lilly. What happens after could be best described as a yuri drama with a surprise third genre I will not reveal.

Overall the story’s pretty interesting so far but there are some minor gripes. The pacing can somewhat feel fast at times, for example, an event was taking in one chapter and in the next one it takes some time before it is made clear what exactly happened. This is a minor gripe because the events are indeed brought up again but do keep this in mind while reading. The second minor gripe are typos like “decent” when the author actually meant to say “descent”. This should not be a problem unless the reader is picky.

Readers can check out the project by clicking on the below link. Make sure to subscribe to GB64’s blog so as to be informed when new chapters are written because like all independent writers, they do have other duties besides their literary work.


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10 Responses to “These Days”. A yuri novel plug

  1. goodboy64 says:

    Thank you for the kind plug, I appreciate anyone who took the time to check it out. Criticisms are welcome as well, since I am both writer and editor, its tough to look objectively at your own work. Also, how could I miss such an obvious grammatical error? I’ve went ahead and fixed it, so thanks for pointing it out.


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  3. Cytrus says:

    That’s a typo, not grammar ;).

    Grammar be when me writing sentence like this.


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