2014 Yuri Anime Awards Results


Thank you to all nation members out there who dropped by and cast their votes on what was the most successful Yuri Anime Awards thus far. Here’s hoping 2015 will be even better. So after nearly a month of time to cast votes the results are in. Let’s take a look at the Yuri Couples Festival first.

Haruka and Yuu's stamina is commendable

Sakura Trick: Haruka and Yuu take the gold here. Kotone and Shizuku come in second with Yuzu and Kaede third. Drama and subtext definitely have their moments but when it comes to yuri goodness what most of the people want is “love each other now then think about stuff later”. HaruYuu did just that, lack of knowledge on what true love is notwithstanding.

Team Sexy

Akuma no Riddle: Team Sexy assassinate the competition. Team Teddly come in second and Team Twisted Duckies third. This one was THE shocker of the ceremonies. I mean I was expecting either Team Teddly or Team Twisted Duckies to take the gold but Team Sexy…and in a dominant fashion? Well Well. Must be because of the manga and doujins. I will say this, of all the pairings Team Sexy is the one I would enjoy seeing making love most of all. I mean for peeps who saw episode 13…WHEW!

Gossip cam

Sabagebu: Miou and Yayoi. Even though Yayoi only appeared in one episode it was clear that compared to Momoka and Urara MiYoi was the more believable pairing that would have a SANE relationship.

Maki and Nico

Love Live 2: In the most voted category of both ceremonies (unsurprising) NicoMaki take the gold (Also unsurprising) by a landslide. NozoEli came in second and Team Honoka third. No love for Kayo-chin. More on that later.

Pay attention to Miyu 2

Magical Girl Illya 2: No matter what onii-chan foolishly tries to (inexplicably) be the apple of Illya’s eye or a dormant conscience awakens to suck mana through kisses, there is only one person destined to spend the rest of her life as Illya’s spouse. Miyu.

Anya the Ojou-sama

Soul Eater NOT!: A shame this mid/prequel got scoffed by hardcore Soul Eater fans. Anyway the tsundere beat the airhead to the shock of no one.

Yaya fearing her badass image's destruction

HaNaYaMaTa: Another win for a tsundere but this time the tsundere’s case for being the cute one’s chosen one was much stronger than in SEN’s.

Sharo thanks the lightning

Is the Order a Rabbit?: What can I say, animeniacs love tsundere girls.

Iona's horny

WIXOSS: Grinchy seductress with an interesting secret beats cute heroine with an interesting secret.

More YunaTogo

YuYuYu: One of the rare times a tsundere lost. YunaTogo’s love story was that powerful.

And now for the category whose results I was most intrigued by…

What do animeniacs like more than one tsundere?

NibuDeko bikini

Two. A most impressive accomplishment for NibuDeko who beat the likes of YukaNya and InuNeko. An applause for these two lovely ladies.

Lastly we have the newly introduced Madoka Kyono award.

Honoka looking cute eating

Congrats to Honoka.

Lily Award

And now for the Yuri Anime Awards!

Haruka and Yuu's special moment

Best moment 2014:  Let me explain. This first kiss was the dawn of a new “age” of yuri that promised the nation a wealth of content for the rest of the year and beyond (I hope.). It is also the second longest kiss in yuri anime history, second only to Kiddy Girl and. There is much more to this kiss than what I mentioned but I’ll leave it at that.

Eli and Nozomi

Best Love Live 2 moment: Surprised these two gorgeous lassies beat the poster couple of the series. There is hope for diehard fanbases yet…even though it is a itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny small one.

Camera Girl's mission

Best Girl Friend BETA moment: Erena was the breakout star of the show as far as the nation was concerned.

Yuu Scolding Haruka

Best Co-Star: Was not an easy win for Yuu I’d say but she pulled it off. Well done.

Funny Ragyo pic

Best Villain: Goes to show that being charismatic, despicable and all-around fabulous are good enough to warrant Ragyo as a great villain and once again shows that contrary to internet critics’ opinions, being a one-dimensional villain still works in the modern era of media as long as the douche does it well and Ragyo pulled it off spectacularly.

Ryuko Matoi

Iono-sama Award: 2 votes got Ryuko the win here. Well her harem was most interesting to say the least.

Now before we get to the co-main events of this year’s ceremony allow me to share my votes as is customary with yours truly.

μ’s: Nozomi, Umi, Rin

SOTY 2014: Harupoppo, Naru, Togo, Yukari, Mako

And now to announce the amount of votes our dearest μ’s members got.

Hanayo: 1 (“Sobs”. It’s a miracle. A kind soul pitied her enough to vote for her. “Sobs”.)

Rin: 5

Honoka: 7

Kotori: 8

Nico: 10

Umi: 11

Maki: 15

Eli: 18

And the winner is…

Fortune Teller Nozomi

Nozomi with 19 votes. Quite the battle I’d say.

And now for the moment the nation has been waiting for, the 2014 Yuri Superstar!

Satsuki: 9

Benio-sama: 9

Mitsuki: 10

“Iona”: 11

Naru: 12

Chitaru: 12

Urara: 12

Camera Girl: 12

Miyu: 12 (Nominated two years in a row but still couldn’t pull it off. Better luck in 2015, provided your performance is impressive enough.)

Mako: 14

Inugami-san: 19

Tokaku: 20

Yaya: 22

Yukari: 26

Togo: 26

And last but not least. the 2014 Yuri Superstar is…

Sexy Harupoppo Henshin

Harupoppo with 28 votes.

There you have it doods and peeps, another Yuri Award ceremony in the books. Thanks again for voting and let’s meet again in the 2015 which will hopefully also be packed with so much yuri content (subtext and canon) that some will be sad that not everyone got nominated, which is a good thing because it indicates how much greatness there was that year.

To find how many votes were made in all categories check out the posts below.

The Yuri Nation Anime Awards 2014

Yuri Couples Festival 2014

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18 Responses to 2014 Yuri Anime Awards Results

  1. automaticimperfection says:



  2. cirno9fan says:

    Awww…only four of my votes went to winners….
    Ah well, was a great competition, and hoping 2015 I find myself thinking hard on more than two categories~


  3. yurimylove says:

    wonderful! In my opinion the voting results make good sense, in that even if Sakura Trick might not be the best anime there is, it surely represents well what most yuri fans want to see onscreen, hence it bagging some of the big awards home is well deserved


  4. JimJiminy says:

    The fact that the love live yuri couple of the year could possibly be due to the fact that you could vote as many times as you want if you just click “return to poll”. (found that out by accident when trying to see how Eli-Nozomi was doing). Nico-Maki probably would have still won…much to my dismay.

    It was a great year for yuri, here’s to looking forward to a continuation of the age!


    • Overlord-G says:

      I suppose some figured that out. It may make next year’s voting numbers less but it’ll at least be fairer.

      So far so good based on the current and upcoming shows.


  5. r0nkun says:

    damn, only got two winners I voted for. Atleast Nozomi won dearest μ’s member and by one vote, so I feel like I contributed.


  6. the_elevator_man says:

    Claps Well done all entries. This one reminded me of the current NHL Allstar game – you really can’t go wrong with anyone you choose. Good job Harupopo, respect to Team Sexy, and yeah, hopefully YuriKuma, Kancolle, Vivio et all can keep the run going. (And nj Yaya and Miyu, the only ones who I voted for. Sunao, need some non-Team Sexy doujins here…)


  7. Denny Sinnoh says:

    All good plugs for all of them. Man, I’m subscribing to the wrong streaming service.


  8. Denny Sinnoh says:

    I have Netflix which is painfully devoid of most Yuri anime. I have just been lurking on your posts, unfortunately I have not seen most series, so I cannot comment very often, but I very much enjoy the posts.

    That other post you re-blogged said something about Yuri manga having a little more action than most of the anime’s. That may be true for capturing the moment, and allowing the reader to dwell on certain points. I can’t explain, I just love the genre, even if I don’t have the words to describe it. So life affirming : )


    • Overlord-G says:

      You could try Crunchyroll, as long as you live in a country where region locking isn’t an issue.
      Another possible option is Hulu.
      Funimation is a last resort really. If…other means…if you get my drift…arrr.

      Manga is sually less restrictive with their yuri content than anime, yes, but both are awesome and should be checked out by any yuri fan. So it’s great to hear you enjoy the genre. Heaven knows we need more positive support for yuri as a whole with the fanbase sadly being as niche as it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. This is great. For me, Sakura Trick wins hands down for Yuri of the year and Haruka and Yuu definitely win as my best Yuri couple of the year. However, my OTP Yuri couple will forever be Haruka and Michiru a.k.a Uranus and Neptune.


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