Machine Story Review (By Mako-Tachi).

Well what do ya know? The Yuri Nation’s first guest review. Should be a fun read. Please show our esteemed guest(s) the respect they deserve after each post.

HamletMachine is an online artist who is mostly know for her BL webcomic Starfighter and her other erotic BL art, but the artist draws a plethora of LGBT themed artwork. Unfortunately, the artist does not have a long running comic such as SF for her GL works, but she has a collection of short comics and one shots featuring ladies loving other ladies.

HamletMachine currently has an ongoing comic known as the Machine Story. It’s a story featuring her persona the Machine and the small girl who finds her one day. The Machine is broken and battered, so the girl repairs her and they become close. That’s all there really is to the comic. It’s nothing exceptional on that front, but what makes the comic even glance worthy is the exceptional artwork HamletMachine creates. It’s simple, but has a sort of charm to it, especially in this comic.


While the story is a 3/10 (being generous) the artwork itself is a solid 11/10. Hamlet’s style is refreshing and interesting. Her characters have a sort of masculine charm to them, and the style is almost rough, but it fits with the themes of her works that are rather, well, sketchy and rough.



Now on to the GL front of the comic, the real reason for this review. The GL in this comic is pretty low. It’s a soft series (only 12 pages and some side work) featuring a curious machine and a girl who views the Machine as a sort of prince more than anything else, but it’s not like you have to squint real hard to see that maybe the little girl has a slight crush on the Machine, and the fact that the Machine shows any interest at all in someone else is curious enough.  If you’re in the mood for something brief with a few cute interactions then this comic will be right up your alley.

However there are downsides to the artist’s work. For one, the story isn’t really present and there isn’t much characterization that goes on so you have to get to know the characters through sketches from outside of the comic. Also, the comic itself is extremely brief. The artist hasn’t discontinued the story, but it still has been about two years since the last update for the official comic. The artist still draws cute artwork featuring the two ladies though.


For a grade, the comic gets a 7/10, those lost points are due to the short length of the comic and the story itself, but the artwork makes up for it. As for a recommendation, I would recommend anything by HamletMachine. She’s an amazing artist who draws a plethora of LGBT erotic situations, and they are always lovely to look at.

HamletMachine’s gallery and her tumblr blog. Both are heavily NSFW and features a lot of BL artwork, so tread at your own risk.

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1 Response to Machine Story Review (By Mako-Tachi).

  1. Overlord-G says:

    A fine introduction good sir. Sometimes style over substance can go a long way if the images somehow manage to affect the viewer. Based on this review this sounds like one of those stories.


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