233rd G-View: Girl Friend (Beta)

Possibly the easiest show I’ve had to review in a while it’s Girl Friend BETA.

Girl Friend (Beta)

Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, School Life

Themes: Bishoujo, Yuri, Moe-cational

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 11/10

Plot Summary: Cute girls doing cute things.

Never in my life have I been able to sum up a Girls Club SoL anime as simply as this one. That is literally the premise of this show. There are no gimmicks that accompany GFb other than the number of girls on screen being large. There is no definitive gimmick. It is not centered around a light music music (though there is one), a dance club, mountain climbing, studying how to pick up guys, celebrating the wonders of the countryside, cultural studies (Though there are two foreigners), etc. It is all about cute girls doing cute things. If one could come up with a gimmick it would be a mesh of previously used gimmicks with actually effective, albeit incredibly simple morals thrown in. It is the way they are presented that come off as most informative. One example is the “otaku favorite” weight loss episode. Believe it or not the episode teaches very valuable dieting tips that can be easily overlooked by many people struggling to lose weight through dieting. The show is more educational than it is given credit for.

Me want more

GFb is based off a mobile dating-sim game where the invisible MALE avatar is given the option of numerous girls to court and in the process win their love. However, like other anime based on games with a male lead and several girls such as Koihime Musou, Kantai Collection and Sengoku Collection, the anime version has no prominent male lead in sight. Instead it takes place in a regular co-ed school. The show centers around the daily lives of numerous female students who are all adorable and come in varying shapes and sizes. On the down side because of the large cast and the show only being 12 episodes long some of the girls do not much screen time for viewers to get to know them better outside of their established stereotypes. It doesn’t drop the show’s entertainment value but it could be seen as a bummer for viewers who were interested in a particular girl but sadly do not get to see much of her. Keep that in mind before choosing to pick this up.

Almost forgot to mention there are episodes that are legitimately heartwarming. One in particular that legitimately gave me an epiphany was the one about “Novel Girl”.

Sleepy gardener

The animation quality is relaxing and surprisingly not low budget for a show with a simple premise like this one. It is genuinely pretty to look at. The soundtrack is adorable and comforting, especially the fluffy OP and ED.

There are FAR too many girls to talk about so I will simply mention the ones that stuck close to my heart.

Chloe being awesome

#1 is Chloe Lemaire. A French foreigner whose gimmicks are speaking Euronese (Adorably botched Japanese), and confusing/exaggerating Japanese phrases, customs and metaphors. She is as easy to love as she is to hate…apparently. She’s still my #1.

Possibly smitten Shiranui-san

#2 is Isuzu Shiranui. She’s a short, soft spoken yamato nadesico and is voiced by the love of my life Aoi Yuuki. As a bonus Aoi voices her using her toned down voice, imo her best voice. The sad part is she does not show up often.

Miss Monochrome GFb Version

We even got the surprise casting of Miss Monochrome who is not a one-shot character AND has lines perhaps to draw in players to the game in hopes of hooking up with her or something. Whatever. She’s in the show and that’s awesome.

French-Japanese Alliance ftw!

Like the shows I mentioned above the amount of yuri ships in GFb are numerous. One episode starring a certain girl who I will get to in a bit is so yurirific it made my heart pound. By show’s end nation members will at least have found five pairings to ship…or twelve.

Erena Mochizuki

There is one girl however whose antics can even have casual anime viewers coming to the conclusion that “Yup, this girl’s a lesbian.”. Erena “Camera Girl” Mochizuki. She’s my #3 btw. Her face alone should tell viewers what kind of girl she is or even the show’s cover. She’s a photographer who likes girls. The first episode blatantly introduces her as such.

Overall Girl Friend (Beta) is a straightforward anime with a large female cast doing cute stuff while often sharing simple and valuable morals with occasional touching moments. As always viewers who are not into Girls Club anime should skip this one. Others are free to bask in the cuteness.

PS: Unfortunately no swimsuit episode was included. Biggest, missed opportunity, EVER!

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24 Responses to 233rd G-View: Girl Friend (Beta)

  1. cirno9fan says:

    This was just a great show to watch and always have a good time. There was not a single episode that was not enjoyable, and the yuri ships are many indeed! Loved the final scene where Erena snuggled up to her #1 just in time for the picture 😉

    Was sad to see my favorite not even appearing in the final episode, but she did get a lot of screentime throughout, so it’s an acceptable loss.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Despite her strong dedication to her craft Erena still has one girl she loves most of all.

      DJ Tomo and Horror Club Girl were both fun characters to watch.


  2. elkat4 says:

    This is a great anime, the perfect dosage of cute to lighten the mood, especially after watching anime with darker, more depressing tones.

    I was surprised to find Erena not being able to participate in the antics of the girls in the last episode, but when they showed where she was it all made sense. Even she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph cute girls in cosplay! She is a true otaku! Wipes tear away from eye

    Also, anybody else got a feeling that Mei purposely got in a hurry just to make Akio help her get dressed? I’m keeping my eyes on you Ms. Miko.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      It was the stress reliever of the Fall season.

      You should know Camera Girl better than that. One thing she never does is miss an opportunity to take photos of pretty girls, especially in cosplay.

      Another ship. Hopefully we get a second season to find out what that was about.


  3. Kai says:

    I haven’t finish it atm and since it’s episodic in nature, I’m kinda taking my time with it. Best Girl for me is obviously Fumio though.


  4. MarkS00N says:

    So many potential, so few episode, hopefully one day it will get a 24 episodes series (or even 56 like precure!) to allow for more room for other couple (like those that only in the last episode shown to have been enjoying new years eve together for sometimes) and to deepen those who kinda sideline because of the sheer amount of cast…
    Unlikely but it isn’t a fault to have dream…


  5. automaticimperfection says:

    Camera girl and Chloe for the win!!!!


  6. curaga444 says:

    Dat 11/10 G-Rating, Very nice buddy, i thought i was the only anime watcher who loved this show to death. LOL

    …Oh, and…Isuzu Shiranui is hot 🙂


  7. mutopis says:

    I demand a swimsuit/ova!


  8. K says:

    Honestly, I was not going to watch GB at first, but my brother talked into it. I don’t regret it. I liked the interactions between the girls and the plot of the week format, which had a different group of girls as the focus. Sure, most of them never got developed but it can’t be helped, large cast and all.

    All in all, as you said, GB is a show about cute girls doing stuff that isn’t focused on one particular activity. Very nice.


  9. yurimylove says:

    Yes a very relaxing and enjoyable series indeed. All the girls you highlighted are adorable, I also quite like the (nominal) protagonist, Kokomi Shiina, if only because we the audience get to know her “slightly” better than the rest due to her “slightly” more screen time…


    • Overlord-G says:

      Kokomi was technically chosen as the poster girl of the anime with her being more prominently featured throughout this adorable show. I will never forget how I immediately became hooked to this show when Kokomi woke up. The first scene of the show is a kawaii cutie waking up.


  10. Hanneman says:

    When GF aired for the first time, and that scene where Chloe kissed Kokomi was everywhere, i vowed that i would marathon it first that any other when i got the chance. Vacation came, and i could experience the bliss of every episode this show had.

    Also, moe is life!


  11. kracensc says:

    Not knowing anything about the show, I quickly grasped it was based on a dating simulator, due to the wide variety of individual personalities and stories.
    I can’t think of a single character that I disliked, and the yuri was not disappointing, lots of funny moments and memorable scenes.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sometimes source materials don’t mean much. What seemed like a het-harem waiting to happen thankfully became an enjoyable Girls Club show.


  12. “11/10” OH MAH GAWD


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