232nd G-View: Sora no Method

I’d like to think up a fancy introduction for this review but I can’t. Instead I’ll say “teenagers will be teenagers”. This is Sora no Method.


Alternate Title: Celestial Method.

Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural

Themes: Coming of Age

Number of episodes: 13 + 2 OVAs

G-Rating: 6/10

Plot Summary: Nonoka Komiya is a girl who once lived in Lake Kiriya City, based off of Lake Tōya Hokkaido, where she met a blue-haired girl named Noel. Seven years later, Nonoka returns to the city, which now has a mysterious saucer floating above it, and reunites with Noel, who promises to grant her wishes.

Sora no Method

First things first the show’s presentation is most impressive. The soundtrack and the animation quality are praiseworthy. Watching the show once again reminds viewers of the absolute beauty the countryside has to offer. This show had me loving sunflowers quite a bit and made me want to find and run in a sunflower field someday. Anime that take place in the countryside have had that kind of effect on me. My favorite flower is still the lily though…duh!

Getting the presentation out of the way I can confidently say that Sora no Method’s plot and characters are without a shadow of a doubt absolutely, positively, undeniably, INDUBITABLY…okay. Not terrible, not amazing, just okay.


I will get flack for this from some but the similarities between SnM and AnoHana are several. Not in the main plot, resolution and stuff but rather the concept and cast stereotypes. Yes these stereotypes have come together several times but I am serious when I say that they feel so much alike in these two shows.

Sora no Method main castAno Hana main cast

  • -Both have main characters who are dragged along with the main story and are closest to the mascot/catalyst figure.
  • -Both have a “jerk-wod” who is the last to “be healed” and the second closest to the mascot.
  • -Both have an observer type character who is the most calm of the bunch but is as emotionally wrecked.
  • -Both have a genki.
  • -Both have a character who is “attached” but also serves as a trigger for one of the other characters.
  • -Both have a mascot/catalyst that supposedly got the group together years ago and supposedly (this being a keyword for both shows) triggered their angst-ridden present.

Having said all this I can honestly say I liked SnM more than AH and it also made me reflect that AH may not have been as good as I thought it was. However, that reflection had me seeing the realization SnM being better than AH as not saying much.

Young Sora no Method Cast

Anyway back to the SnM the show is a character driven drama exploring teenage-esque dramatic situations complete with teenage-esque angst. Not saying children and adults do not go through similar “angstiness” themselves but this stuff is debatably more prominent in teenagers., flying saucers and omega kawaii light blue haired lolis notwithstanding. It can easily get annoying or be considered sappy because of how many times the waterworks flood the monitor. Some reach the “oh so popular” “woe is me” level of angst. For viewers who have yet to pick this up be aware of this fact.

With that in mind let’s briefly discuss my thoughts on the main characters:

Sora no Method Beach

  • Nonoka starts off lame but thankfully becomes likable quickly for the rest of the show.
  • Yuzuki is the genki of the group and also has the most interesting dramatic subplot of the show though she was a pain before being healed.
  • Koharu is the calm observer of the group which would explain why she’s my 2nd favorite character. She too gets “angsty” but it is temporary and she levels into the “worried mother figure” as it were.
  • Souta’s the “guy” of the group.He’s neither unlikable or awesome, just the “guy”. He does what he has set out to do in life.
  • Then there’s Shione…Shione Shione Shione. My one compliment for her is…that she’s very attractive, possibly the hottest second only to Koharu.

Basically it’s a cast of characters on a show where it takes some time for all of them to become likable, meaning viewers have to endure lots of whining and moping before everyone’s eventual redemption, if the viewer had not bashed his skull in with a hammer before that point.

And now for the character I consider the backbone of the show. The one character who did not suck even once in the show’s run. A character so adorable, so huggable, so magnificent that even a guy I know who “has no soul” could not help but melt every time she appeared on screen and did something.

Glorious Noel



Dear, sweet Noel. If there was only one reason anyone curious enough were to give this show a go it would be Noel. By gosh. She is literally the heart of both the main group and the show. She may seem carefree and ditzy at times but the sweetie knows exactly what to do when she gets a grasp on a situation. She knows what to say and when to say it. I have a nickname for her but that would spoil part of the story.

Overall, Noel and the gorgeous presentation aside Sora no Method as a whole is okay. Do I regret watching the show? No. Do I agree with some peeps who said this show is a contender for best anime of Fall 2014? No. Will I watch the show a second time? Only when I feel like I want to hug Noel again. For viewers who got a lot more from the show than I did, cool. Glad to hear it filled you with FEELZ and stuff.

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22 Responses to 232nd G-View: Sora no Method

  1. rishi1998 says:

    i literally watched this ep 2 hrs ago after amagi brilliant park last ep my phone went dead so i wrote this using my 3ds but still i will miss the show …. and an after word

    and they lived happily ever after ….
    i demand season 2 n continued manga


  2. cirno9fan says:

    Haha….oh wow our opinions are so very different on the show (except about Shione, she wasn’t exactly a very great character, and of course about Noel being adorable)

    So, first of all, most obviously, Yuzuki is my favorite character of this show. I never disliked her once, but I grew to like her more as the show went on. She started off as third favorite (trailing behind Nonoka who was behind Noel). Still holding out hope for NonoZuki 😛 Guess I’ll have to rely on pixiv for that one though.

    Second, may as well get this out of the way now, after having seen everything Fall has to offer, I am now officially dubbing this show as Fall 2014 Anime of the Season 🙂 It was a long and hard battle, Selector first took this position, but then YuYuYu grabbed it, only to have Selector wrest it back, and finally….This show, by the skin of its teeth, pulled into first. It was a crazy battle, but Yuzuki and co won me over.

    Now, one reason this is true, is that while, yes, Souta is a guy, I actually liked him a lot. This easily offsets how annoying Shione could be at times (though there were also plenty of times where she wasn’t annoying, mostly when she was around Noel, ShioNoe shipper here btw 😉 ) I think I even liked him more than Koharu, netting him a spot in the top four somehow. Though, that’s highly debatable, as Koharu was pretty great. But I liked him more than Shione, and liked him way more than I thought I would.

    I don’t get the comparisons to AnoHana based on what you’ve written, but I still need to finish up the show. All I can say is that Nonoka could NOT be further from Jinta. I’ve seen enough of Anohana to be able to say this (I think I’m six episodes in..?). I don’t really see Noel as anything like Meiko either. Meiko had a STRONG connection to their pasts when they were kids. Noel only had a somewhat there connection to Nonoka when they were kids. But Noel did influence things greatly by just existing for many years. Meiko influenced things by not existing. Rather big difference there. Who was the “genki” person…? Are you trying to compare Yuzuki to Tetsu…? That really seems like stretching things there. Maybe it was Koharu you were going for…? I guess she’s closer to Tetsu in how optimistic she stayed until the end, but I dunno. I’ll stop with that though, you saw Anohana through to the end, I did not. So maybe they become more similar later?

    Either way though, it’s just obvious that the show did very different things for us. I, for one, don’t mind drama. Even if I might complain about it at some points, I eat up drama. This show did a wonderful job of serving that up. It also managed to be so full of good feelings. The final sets of episodes were tough to get through, but I made it, and I cried almost nonstop through the finale~ Still nothing compared to Love Live S2 where I cried nonstop the last two episodes to the point where I was worried I may have cried myself completely out and caused some sort of damage xD but I’m fine, and I still am able to cry just fine 😀


    I’m gonna miss Yuzuki and her signs T_T


    • Overlord-G says:

      Like I said I am happy for you and others who got a lot more from this show than I did. Teen angst at full throttle isn’t my thing unless I get something special out of it like in Tari Tari. That did not happen in SnM for me.


  3. I really find this anime very sweet. They value each other very much especially Shione and Nonoka that’s why it’s very understandable why Shione was very upset with Nonoka at the first few episodes. I liked it very much when Noel made cranky Shione realize that she still cares about her precious friend Nonoka. Though I do feel the same thing about watching it the 2nd time, it’s not something I’d immediately watch again but I will just when I feel like it. But overall it’s a good watch.


  4. K says:

    First of all, Happy New Year!

    I agree that this anime was just okay. Most of the drama felt forced, making Yuzuki and Shione very unlikeable. When the drama wasn’t the focus, it was nice.

    As much as I was fine with the ending, I think it could have ended when Noel left. It’s as if the development the gang got (excluding Nonoka and Shione) never really happened, so they got a chance to start over without actually earning it. Maybe I’m not getting something…

    Noel was the star of the show, indeed. She and Nonoka were the best characters in the show for me. Yuzuki was a funny girl when she wasn’t busy being a plot-induced twat. Shione’s reasons for being upset with Nonoka may be understandable to a point, but being an absolute jerk about it was not the way to go, which is why I liked her at the end when gave Nonoka hope. Koharu was reasonable and Souta, outside of his relationship with his sister(and everyone else) and being called on to help, was there.

    The animation quality of this show really was impressive, to me. The music was nice, as well.


  5. yurimylove says:

    i’m with you on the ratings for this show. And I stand by my earlier statement that, I do feel like this could’ve been a nice subtext-filled yuri series which sadly missed the mark. As it is, it’s a nice sweet story that could’ve been told in a 3-or-4-episode OVA…


  6. adfae says:

    Well in the ova SORA NO METHOD: ARU SHOUJO NO KYUUJITSU★ there is more subtext between Shione and Nonoka


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  8. Robert Blumenberg says:

    the new Sora no method OVA has noel/carol and nonoka/shione as yuri couples and so both OVAs are worth watching

    here is a link to the 2nd OVA , japanese only

    Liked by 1 person

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