230th G-View: Yama no Susume 2

So the second season came to a close. The question is how good is it compared to its reasonably enjoyable prequel? Let’s find out as we take a look at the second season of Yama no Susume.

For readers who missed it here are my thoughts on the first season.

220th G-View: Yama no Susume

Yama no Susume 2

Alternate Title: Encouragement of Climb Second Season/2

Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Themes: Mountain Climbing, family, educational, growing up/coming of age

Number of Episodes: 24 (13 1/2 minutes each).

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Aoi, her best bud/potential lover (More on that later) Hinata, Kaede and Kokona continue their adventures climbing mountains while also experiencing and attempting to overcome the challenges of being mountain climbers

yama no susume main cast

I can best describe YnS 2 as a whole using three superlatives, bigger, better and cuter. S2 is twice as long as its predecessor (not counting the bonus OVA), feels grander in its execution and gives off a more relaxed, occasionally invigorating feeling while watching.

The show’s concept remains the same, cute girls doing cute things while going on entertaining mountain climbing adventures. In fact after seeing S2 I was more convinced that S1 was an elongated prologue preparing our girls for the challenging climbs ahead and challenging they were. Also like last time the show made sure to educate viewers on the necessary equipment for mountain climbing, tactics and strategies for successful climbs and guides for several of Japan’s mountains including the most famous of all. Yes, they tackled THAT mountain at one point. Said experience also happens to be one of the best arcs of the season along with the last one which continues the show’s main plot. Of course when the girls aren’t going for gold they spend their time entertaining audiences with their cuteness. What the first show accomplished in introducing the wonders of mountain climbing the second bestows a sense of fulfillment by show’s end.

YnS 2 scenery

As I described earlier S2 feels bigger and better in both the animation quality and both its OPs and EDs. My personal favs being OP1 and ED2. The scenery plays as important of a role in drawing the viewer in as the girls do. The quality is THAT good. So much nature, so serene.


The gang’s still got the same likable quirks that make them fun to watch. Aoi’s still the shy, hardworking protagonist, Hinata’s still the genki, Kokona’s still the cute one but she may also be the most prominent and Kaede’s still the wise elder with the hot bod. What’s new in S2 is the deeper character development each of them go through, especially Aoi. Well she is the main character so it makes sense. Still the other three get their time to shine as well either in flashbacks or epic moments. No one feels pointless. Even the newcomers contribute further development while also being fun to watch. Speaking of newcomers there’s a certain girl who does not officially debut until halfway through the last arc of the season…unless the writers played a “Where’s Waldo?” kind of game up to her debut.

Hinata X Aoi

I mentioned in the S1 review that I did not notice AoiNata. I took the word of some of my peeps that there was something between the two. S2 on the other hand…it could not be any more obvious. This picture summarizes what kind of relationship the two have. They bicker a lot but when push comes to shove the one person constantly in their minds is each other. Then there’s the last arc…Yup, they’re pretty much set for marriage. Funny thing is neither girl is a tsundere. As a bonus another one of the girls gets some yurirific goodness but I will leave that to interested readers to find out which one.

Overall YnS 2 is a continuation everyone who enjoyed the first season should pick up if they have yet to do so. It expands on everything that made S1 great while also delivering more goodness. I cannot guarantee viewers who were not impressed by S1 will think differently of S2 but it does not hurt to give it a try.

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20 Responses to 230th G-View: Yama no Susume 2

  1. shawnxtx says:

    Very long time I was in the hibernation zone, It is good to be back. How are you OG?
    OH, today is the Christmas Eve and very soon to be the Christmas Day. “Marry Christmas to everyone from this nation.”
    This season is definitely improved in many ways from the previous season – more characters’ developments and relationship blossoming between Aoi-chan! and her peers. For the yuri in this show, it is certainly would not be disappointed.


  2. the_elevator_man says:

    Guess there’s no real good place to say it, so Merry Christmas overlord! And I suppose I better watch at least an episode.


  3. yurimylove says:

    Another very satisfactory show has concluded… for now. And your review is spot on regarding both seasons. I very much enjoyed both the cute girls and beautiful mountain sceneries. Reminds me of other shows also with great sceneries such as Non non biyori, Aria, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō, etc.


  4. Rennercm123 says:

    Just finished S1 and on to this one! Happy holidays to you and everyone else!


  5. cirno9fan says:

    lol when I first started watching the episode, I said to someone I talk to on skype:
    (It’s like a married couple’s fight)
    Seriously, the entire last episode was basically that xD
    I’m guessing the other couple is Kaede and her dutiful/ever worrying about her wife (I can’t remember her name right now unfortunately, but anyone who’s seen the season knows)


  6. shawnxtx says:

    I’m shipping Aoi x Hinata so badly. Those two are fighting like lovers…Aoi-chan is good match w/ that new tomboy cute one 🙂


  7. mutopis says:

    I hope there is a new season. it was really cute.


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  10. Mauron says:

    I recently watched through this after its name appeared next to Yuri Camp (I don’t care if that’s not the name – it should be).

    It was a fun show. Based on one of the scenes in the first ending, I thought Kaede x Kokona would be a thing, but the only in show sign was Kokona getting a “toothache”, and they firmly established Kaede’s relationship.

    The top 10 moments OVA was hilarious. Extensive recaps are best done 1) inaccurately, 2) with bad over dubbing of the original dialogue, or 3) randomly in the middle of the original scene.


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  12. Christian Appel says:

    Do you review S3 of 2018?

    Because there is the famous lean on each other train scene and we all know what that means.

    I liked all three seasons and the OVA. The second season special episode 6.5 is VERY special.

    Aoi x Hinata were the cute BF couple, Kokona was the cute loli, Kaede the hot bod wise glasses girl and Honoka the cute tomboy. Her brother was very funny with his show off car.

    Wouldn´t mind S4.

    The tactics, lessons and advices about mountain climbing were very helpful, if you want to do it yourself.


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