Akuma no Riddle Episode 13: Island Brawl

Should have known some people did not notice the trailer for the bonus episode and threw F bombs upon viewing the RAW release of the OVA. As for me when I learned the episode would take place on a deserted island I immediately prepared myself for glorious swimsuits, especially from the first half of assassins who were eliminated before the pool episode. In any case let’s see how this alternate timeline rematch played out.

This post will be both an episodic and the promised Bikini Patrol swimsuit coverage from yours truly.

The black text will be the bikini patrol segment while the red text will be the episodic so viewers not interested in my…”ahem”…swimsuit judging can skip to the red text.

TokaHaru swimsuits

First up is TokaHaru.

Tokaku stuck with her sporty swimsuit. She has an athletic type body anyway so it suits her fine.

Haru on the other hand traded in her pink one-piece for a more frilly look. At least she’s wearing shorts.

Team Sexy swimsuits

Here we have Team Sexy once again showing us that my dubbing the duo as such was not random.

Isuke kept her simple yet super effective blazing beauty swimsuit from the pool as if to show us her measurements are enough to make lesbians suffer nosebleeds.

Not to be outdone by her partner we have Haruki showing us what she’s been hiding with her amazing zebra vixen knot two-piece.

Otoya swimsuitShiena Swimsuit

Next up we have Team Hack n’ Slash.

Otoya, being the aggressive ho she is caters to the “tighter” swimsuit fanatics out there with her spade (I know the style has a different name but whatevs) and dons her erotic apparel quite well.

Shiena goes for a combination of sweet and lethal with a cute bottom and tasty top, fitting how she’s more of an analyst than a fighter.

Hanabusa and Banba swimsuits

Third is Team Twisted Duckies.

Hanabusa realized her previous attire, though fitting her character, was pitiful so she tried be a little more revealing while maintaining her nobility and…secret.

Banba once again dons the classic school attire. Not much to say here. Perhaps her figure and character will give her an edge.

Team Clockstoppers

Fourth we have Team Clockstoppers.

Suzu too changed her attire and went for a more simplistic look perhaps to accommodate her partner.

Kouko, like Isuke relies on her figure to do the talking as she dons an aqua green one piece.

Team Teddly swimsuit

Last but not certainly not least we have Team Teddly.

Prince Chitaru went with a big cutie look with her “rosey” one-piece while Teddy, keeping true to her deceptive childishness dons a childish swimsuit.

Like last time when viewers were asked to vote for their favorite enemy assassins on the show this time I request fans to vote on the best beach assassin based on swimsuit choice, appearance and usage. Also like last time three girls per vote.

Now that that’s out of the way on to the episodic.

Underwater enemy

Quick intro. Class Black is on a cruise and Nio detonates their ship, stranding the girls on a “deserted” island. She once again has the girls going after Haru but instead of killing her they have to the nearby afforded weapons inside chests to help them catch Haru and remove her red badge. The assassins all have yellow badges.

Hanabusa Sneak Attack

First up surprisingly is Hanabusa.


Sad that one of the toughest bosses in the game got axed so quickly. Oh well. Surely that upped Shiena’s chances of…”gasp”…DOING SOMETHING!


Is this really an alternate dimension? I think this is actually a continuation. I assume that the Class Black students were invited on a cruise…just because…or maybe it was Nio and Dr Yuri apologizing…whatever. Sexy lesbian bikini assassins. Oh and Team Teddly dropped out because they were busy being in love. Guess Chitaru did forgive her in the end.

Interesting alliance

Oh so it is canon after all since Shiena said she would win this time. Okie dokie. Also in an interesting turn of events Shiena and Mahiru formed a temporary.

Shinya lives on!

I was expecting this to happen at sunset but this confirmed two things to me.

1: Shinya lives on and did not disappear. This probably pissed some fans off who expected Mahiru no longer needing Shinya as some sort of character development. For me it means Hanabusa gets twice the pleasure from the Banba duo.

2: I thought Shinya came out after sunset because of a werewolf like metamorphosis when in actuality the afternoon sun reminds her of “that time” and it severely weakens Shinya just like her boss fight. We now know for sure that Shinya’s weakness is bright white lights and I guess a weak defense but that’s because she’s a berserker.

Mahiru defiled

Shinya’s rack is more impressive than I thought.

Get a room you two

It pays to be a Hanabusa. Also Team Teddly really need to get a room.

Cool weapon Tokaku


Otoya strikes

No need to kill Haru this time but I doubt Otoya paid attention to that part.

HandyOtoya defeated

Figures Tokaku could even make an adorable weapon effective.


Next up was Isuke vs Kouko. Kouko really should have risked firing a bullet to see whether her gun had good ammo. Could have made this encounter less sad.


Isuke borrowed a page from Hakan’s playbook. Well done sexy beast. Speaking of the sexy beast…


Kouko conquered. Also I like to think she was upset at Kouko for copying her “simple yet effective” approach at inducing lesbian boners.

Hip drop

Even Tokaku was no match for Isuke’s slippery sexiness.

Shiena strikes again

Two in a row for the Blurry Slinger. Maybe she has a shot.


GET…A…ROOM! Also make sure there’s a hidden camera in there.

As for the final 5 I feel no need to discuss either that or the winner. All we need to know is that Shiena made the final five, semi-blind! Not bad for a chick who didn’t get to do anything in the anime version.

So what did we get out of this OVA? Lots of Teddly, some Twisted Duckies, lots of TokaHaru…and that’s it. Still, I got a lot more out of this episode than raging otaku boners I must admit. Worth the wait I say.

Also some of my peeps noticed the difference between Team Teddly and TokaHaru’s relationships. Teddly’s more like newlyweds while TokaHaru’s like an already married couple. This goes back to my Life Lessons marriage post. Why did I not notice it sooner?

Once again for peeps who have watched the AnR anime please vote if you can. Post the three best bikini bodies of your choice in the comments while also sharing your thoughts on the bonus episode if any.


Nio being a tease as usual. I do not count her in the poll because she covered her bkini in camo. A last minute tease does not count.

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20 Responses to Akuma no Riddle Episode 13: Island Brawl

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Poison girl (can’t seem to remember her name)
    And Suzu

    If we’re voting for swimsuits/looks..?
    If not
    Poison girl
    Toukaku (but this is tainted by the manga, where she’s much more expressive)

    Anyway, really enjoyed the OVA ~
    Lots of hilarity, lots of ships, and lots of fun

    I would argue that TokaHaru actually had a fair amount of presence. Sure they were bickering, but it was like a couple’s bickering. And Azuma also gave that winning line which got Haru very red-faced.


    • Overlord-G says:

      No this time it’s looks/swimsuits. I already did fav enemy assassin a while back and Banba won.

      True Tokaku’s continued determination to protect Haru made her blush. Bickering is what anime version TokaHaru is best known for so what we got here was more of the same.


  2. the_elevator_man says:

    Mahiru (Biased, but yeah, she definitely has an understated sexy figure)
    Kouko (Again, understated babe rivalling Isuke)
    Shinya…what, that’s not allowed? Fine, Sumireko.

    Watakushi has it subbed. I’ll wait for you to see the subbed before fanboying.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I already did.
      I see why you got mixed up. No subs in the pictures.


      • the_elevator_man says:

        Oops, my bad. Of course you can enjoy without subs. Honestly, I don’t think I picked up much more afterwards, but obviously thanks to the subbers.

        I liked it. Imagine how AnR would have been with omake, specials and self-aware puns and this is pretty much it. Biggest complaint is somehow it shrunk to 20mins rather than 40.

        -Shiena made an impact all three times she engaged in blind shooting. Nice job. Screentime check, swimsuits check. No kisses though, and that was something on your checklist…2/3 ain’t bad.

        I’ll throw in another random theory – it’s neither an alternate dimension nor a continuation, but rather an extra pop quiz sometime/somewhere in the series (yes, plothole for how everyone, especially Otoya is still there where she didn’t survive the first day of class) before exams or something. The big evidence is that in this continuity, sensei’s wish for everyone to graduate caused whatever the retcon ending happened to be. You gotta live to graduate. It’s as good an explanation as anything!

        I know you’re gonna hate this one, but I felt real vindicated when the day after I voted your “most anticipated yuri 2015” survey, Chikane’s younger dragon/orochi sister appears out of nowhere, hits Ange with a yuriffic Reincarnation/Kanazuki montage, and orders McMahon to put John Cena into the Hall. It’s still trashy, over the top, service-laden and cheesy like this enjoyable AnR special, but it still has hope for a yuri ending. You might end up having to take the stairs for a while milord.


  3. EasyOs says:

    Kouko get’s first for me with the surprisingly sexy simple one-piece.
    Next is Takechi for matching her psycho-lesbian nature with the super provocative swimwear. ;P
    3rd has gotta be Chitaru, you took the words straight out of my mouth with “big cutie”.

    Also a funny thought i had about two of the couples. How ChitaHitsu act like Newlyweds whereas TokaHaru act more like an old married couple? it’s kinda cute.


  4. automaticimperfection says:

    So,it is a continuation..? Hmmm, it was too short then!! I had figured the Shiniya/Mahiru thing before, ( the bright lights ) also for voting…

    Mahiru just cos she’s my fav char from the show,and I like those swimsuits ,hehe


  5. automaticimperfection says:

    Also Chitaru and..eh the loli looking one, WOW I loooved that 😀


  6. Lee503 says:


    Im surprised that it was an actual continuation from the original series, gotta love the Chitaru and Hitsugi scenes. Tokaku being protective of Haru is always nice to see.


  7. elkat4 says:


    Dear gods, Hitsugi and Chitaru were so lovey-dovey that I’m surprised the other characters didn’t pipe in (at least tease them a little).

    Sumireko takes the lead during the day and Banba takes lead at night. I hope Sumireko’s body is built to handle Shinya’s rough play.

    Finally on an unrelated note, I’ll leave this here:

    Liked by 1 person

    • Overlord-G says:

      I guess the others didn’t care because the two weren’t bothering any of them.

      Hanabusa’s arms and legs are mechanical and the rest of her body has titanium ribs like the other assassins do so I think she can handle a “rough night”.


  8. r0nkun says:

    Public service announcement: Please remember, for your own safety, to keep Banda in a well lit environment at all times, thank you.

    Taking into account usefulness as you said (which actually does change things up for me):
    1: Isuke (she made damn good use of hers and a bottle of lube)
    2: Suzu (actually like modest beach attire and it added to the “I’m harmless, jump in the hot spring with me” look)
    3: Tokaku

    Hanabusa would have been third if her attire didn’t prove a hindrance, maybe should have had a wetsuit instead.

    I was kinda with Haru in the “lets loss so we can go get meat” mentality. That was the best loser area I have ever seen.


    • Overlord-G says:

      A most helpful public safety tip people who know assassins should follow.

      Forgot to cover her limbs since apparently they’re not impervious to extended exposure to humidity.

      Quite the fun loser’s area it was.


  9. Bananaz says:
    1. Isuke (easily at the top) 2. Haruki (her swimsuit appeals to her body type) 3. Sumireko (dignified rich girl still hot, no matter how she dresses)


  10. K says:

    Hmm…let’s see…

    First off, I think it was a alternate reality, even if there were call backs to the anime proper.

    For my choices…
    Suzu. Her swimsuit complemented her relaxed nature, which was effective enough to swipe that badge from Haru.
    Shiena, just because she actually got to do something and what she did counted for something. Her swimsuit was cute, of course.
    Isuke. Her swimsuit + body lotion = super effective.

    Hitsugi and Chitaru were so lovey-dovey, calling them newlyweds seems very accurate and that has got to be the happiest Loser’s Circle i have ever seen. Nio was having fun with the commentary and she is such a tease.


  11. mutopis says:

    needs moar episodes.


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