Girl Friend BETA Episode 11: Au Revoir Ma Belle Peche?

Il n’est pas le fini de Chloe sur l’anime GF(b), si?

Thanks to Chowko for the calmer correction:

“Ce n’est pas le fini de Chloe dans l’anime GF(b), si?”

Professional French speakers out there note that I have not taken French classes in 9 years so please do not be too harsh on my French.

French and Russian

Duex mademoiselles jolies, une Francaise et une russe. C’est magnifique!

A requestNude modeling

Never change Camera Girl. I guess Elkat was right about her future career after all.

The promise

Ten points for continuity!

Oh myIndeed

That would explain why I got attacked by a pack of female ogres when I lied back in college.

Here we go again

The only reason the old “maybe leaving school” story did not upset me this time was because it’s Chloe. Surely she would not leave. Remember, it’s Chloe.

Kitties 5

Good to see you again Funky Hair Girl, Judo Girl and Class Rep.

Oh dear

Remember, it’s Chloe.

Sup popsGreat advice

Always love your parents if they took great care of you. If not then that’s a problem.

Papa Francais

Oho, Monsieur Lemaire a une moustache admirable. Beaucoup du respect pour son attention pour l’hygiene et son “Euronese” aussi.

I should have known

Having said “It’s Chloe” in this episodic I was still surprised I did not see it coming. It was so obvious this whole situation stemmed from Chloe’s ongoing miscomprehended view of Japanese culture.

You will always be my #1 Chloe with Shiranui-san as #2.

Next week though is something that is truly worrisome…the final episode. Curses. I was sure GFb would be 24 episodes.

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18 Responses to Girl Friend BETA Episode 11: Au Revoir Ma Belle Peche?

  1. automaticimperfection says:

    Last episode so soon? Awww, haha I loved this one, the whole misunderstanding, of course we should of seen it coming, yay for the girls and your french is pretty good,for what I recall at least.


  2. Chowkko says:

    “Ce n’est pas fini pour Chloé dans l’anime GF(b), si?” I would say :p the way you said made it sounds kinda gloomy though… Otherwise, your French is actually pretty fine!
    The French is this episode was hilarious to hear. (even though it was surprisingly very accurate!)
    A very touching episode, too bad we didn’t get to see the party!


    • Overlord-G says:

      True but she’s my #1 girl so her leaving would have made me gloomy. In any case your way is definitely better.

      I barely understood what Chloe and Papa were saying so I too thought it was well spoken.

      Hopefully they’ll throw another one to celebrate the new year.


    • cirno9fan says:

      Yeah…I wanted to hear the new song…


  3. cirno9fan says:

    It feels like a bit of a stretch that foreigners would be that…and willing to pull their daughter out of a school they probably put a fair amount of money into without researching it themselves…>.>


  4. elkat4 says:

    We need some massive crossover event where all the blond-haired foreign girls in anime meet and geek out over Japanese culture. I mean they could practically band together and form their own army! The blond haired foreign girl alliance! Defending Japan from threats…. not from Japan or something.

    Also, getting a little ambitious there aren’t you Camera Girl? I know she doesn’t have black hair, but I think she would be an excellent addition to a certain queen’s harem. After all, she has an eye for cute girls and the persistence to get her shot! The very thing any would be conqueror of maiden hearts.


    • Overlord-G says:

      The awesomeness of seeing foreign blonde girls, both straight and lesbian, meeting and having a conversation about why Japan is awesome would be a dream come true.

      I’m sure Iono-sama looked up her contact information for future jobs and…other special occasions.


  5. Alexis says:

    Chloe y Yuria (Blonde and platinum como se me ocurrió decirles) me encariñé con ellas, sobre todo Chloe que es bastante inocente en cuanto a las costumbres y sí, se quedaron cortos con 12 episodios porque faltaron estas dos:
    de hecho salen por una fracción de segundos en el capítulo 9 interpretando al nuevo clásico del “yuriverse” Romeo y Julieta.
    Elena-san es toda una personalidad puedo escribir sus delito… digo hazañas pero me quedo con la que dijo la semana pasada.

    Interesante, apuesto a que hay una gran historia sobre ese encuentro con las feministas, sería bueno que la platicara para… que digamos… deslindar responsabilidades


    • Overlord-G says:

      Disculpa por no haber respondido su comentario antes pero hubiera sido grandioso ver esa pareja con un papel mas grande en el show. Romeo y Julieta si fue una obra impactante para la nacion en 2014.

      No…es mejor no platicar sobre los detalles exactos de ese incidente.


  6. r0nkun says:

    I wonder if Chloe inherited her Chloe-ness from her parents, because that is one heck of a misunderstanding and the parents should have known. Keep trying Camera Girl, keep trying.


  7. mana says:

    This show is surprisingly have a very good moral value, the title itself is very far off from the content lol. Wow camera girl she is awesome!, I’m impressed.


  8. K says:

    So, Chloe almost left Japan forever…because of Chloe. That was a very ‘Chloe’ thing to happen. All that did, however, was show that she has friends who care about her a great deal. I liked her dad. Having a cool-looking moustache helps

    That Erena sure is a bold and persistent one, indeed.


  9. yurimylove says:

    this episode is a perfect example that, even western girls can be moe too XD


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