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Since many nation members went nuts over the events of The Legend of Korra finale I have decided that since the series is now over the time has come to binge. Besides I was planning to marathon Korra once it ended anyway. With the huge buzz regarding the couple of Korra X Asami that I knew little of as I took a break from the show in Book 2 this seemed like the perfect time to investigate the phenomenon that grew and grew.

I initially had another anime scheduled but now is a good time to finish the show and finally see what the big deal is behind KorrAsami.


Also since this American-produced anime is neither yuricentric or has a large female cast the series review will be posted on OG’s Anime Island while KorrAsami will be discussed here in an upcoming Yuri Quickie segment.

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14 Responses to Filler Post: KorrAsami Research

  1. saint07 says:

    Same here. After tumblr spoiled everything what could be spoiled about ending, I decided to watch it for Korrasami. So far Book1 and several episodes of Book 2 were pretty mind numbing with devilishly handsome, cool, nauseatingly perfect Mako and stupid love triangle drama, but I’ve heard Book3 and 4 are a lot better in that regard. I guess on needs patience to get to the good stuff.


  2. Lena K. says:

    Enjoy the show 🙂
    Maybe you’ll come to find more yuri then I did 😛


    • Overlord-G says:



    • FireSeraph says:

      You’ll get most of the yuri stuff in Season 4 really imo. Season 3 feels like they’re just two girls who are friends with each other and bonding over stuff. Season 4 just kicked things into overdrive and left me banging my head on the table because I was thinking they’re just teasing people.


      • NemoPrime says:

        I don’t know, I kinda got a subtext vibe from most of their season 3 interactions too. Asami essentially became Korra’s Katara that season (for example: Asami protects Korra while she’s meditating, much like Katara and P’li did for Aang and Zaheer respectively). I’d say that their interactions in season 4 are of a higher quality, but season 3 still had some pretty high quality interactions, and much greater quantity. This combined with the better villains of that season makes it my favorite season of Korra and possibly even of Avatar.


      • DataportDoll says:

        After the letters we can indeed confirm all the season 3 subtext, while restrained compared to season 4, was intentional nonetheless. The Change finale where Korra’s “home” is with Asami (not her parents, whom we KNOW were in Repub. City, and would arguably be better at preparing ‘traditional water tribe dress’), Asami casually throwing Korra her car keys, something she never, ever surrenders control of, Asami’s referring to the pair as “we” as a unit, the use of the word “girlfriend” in season 3, all of it real. \o/


  3. FireSeraph says:

    That is also possible. Maybe it was ‘Let’s start with making them closer friends first’ before moving on to heavier things. Not sure if that was the vibe that they were going for but who can say? ^_^ My favourite is season 3 but the series finale is definitely the one of the best I’ve seen so far.


  4. FlameHazeKatsu says:

    I keep staring at the picture, like I’m trying not to freak out here…though inside I am… -stares at the picture-


  5. Hrithika the Shipping Queen says:

    IT WILL BE WORTH IT. Have fun, OG Man 😉

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    • Overlord-G says:



      • NemoPrime says:

        The creators have just come out in full support and said that they decided on making it canon while making season 3. Any subtext you see in that season is officially intended to develop their romance. Also, one of the creators apparently shipped them before they even finished the first season.


  6. Avalon says:

    Ooh fuuck!!!! i’ve already deleted the whole season 1 & 2 even before i finished the mid-to-last episodes of Book 2. I don’t expected it would be this good, oh damn, it’s my fault for being impatient.
    Thanks ma bro for the post, it gave me some hope again for the show. Now, first i have to redownload the whole 2 season before i could join you guys in season 3 & 4.
    Keep the post up mr. admin, i’ll stay tune.


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