Yuri Quickie: School Idol Festival

I was contemplating whether I should review Love Live: School Idol Festival or just talk about the yuri content. However, after news broke out that 10 million people had already downloaded the game my short review is this: For Love Live fans who haven’t picked up the game yet and have an IOS or Android, DOWNLOAD IT! Sure it’s a “free to pay” game but it’s a good one. Anyway on to the yuri.


Thanks to the research by fellow yuri council member Neko Haruka it is confirmed that the school Muse and the other playable girls attend is an all-girls school.

Nico's If I Knew Magic side story

The FEMALE avatar keeps telling Nico no until Nico is left with only one target to use her magic on.

Now here’s the thing. After maximizing the “bond points” of a girl’s card you get a bonus cutscene depending on the card type you have. Each card has a different cutscene. Besides normal cards all the Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare Muse cards have a cutscene and some of them have the girls…saying things to the FEMALE avatar.

As of this post I am at a pitiful Rank 34 because I do not play often and I rarely play Hard and Expert difficulties. I’d like to see someone have quick reflexes using a tablet rather than a controller. My thumbs are big. The reason I mentioned my rank is because aside from the side-stories there is also the main story that is ongoing and as it progresses at higher levels you get cutscenes like the one below…and that is where I will end the LLSIF Yuri Quickie.


>Eli: Okay? Write it like this: “Thank you for telling me your feelings. However, I already have someone I love more than anyone else in the world. That would be my beloved childhood friend, Ko-u-sa-ka Ho—-“
>Umi: U-Uwaaaaaaaa!!!!

>Umi: So that means you write responses like that too, right? “Sorry, I already have someone very important to me. That would be my classmate, Toujou No—-“
>Eli: Uwaaaaaaaaa…! Wh-What are you saying…
>Umi: See, you’re just like me. *giggles*
>Eli: …I really am. Ahh… being in an all-girls school is tough!

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20 Responses to Yuri Quickie: School Idol Festival

  1. elkat4 says:

    While I haven’t yet convince myself to give the anime a second try (depending on how many shows I’ll be watching this season, I might have to do so just keep from going into yuri withdrawal), but I wouldn’t mind playing the game. Unfortunately, I haven’t played any rhythm games and doubt that I would be all that good. TT_TT


  2. r0nkun says:

    Moments like these make me with I would get an Android, don’t like iOS. I will stick with my laptop an old school phone for now though.


  3. nonbi says:

    I play daily and I still don’t have an UR through recruitment. I’m so tempted to buy Love Stones just because some of the SRs and URs are just too cute.


  4. Takadou Akane says:

    Eh…you know you don’t have to stress the “female” avatar all that much, Seriously, if anyone had done just a little research about the LL universe they would have known that Otonokizaka High School is an all-girls school, whether it’s in the anime, manga or SIF. That coupled with the fact that when you are about perform a live you will be presented with a list of “helpers” (meaning other players), if the helper is not on your friend list then that player will be listed as “academy student”, there can be only one conclusion about the avatar: only brain-dead people would think that such a student is a male…IMO anyway…Sorry if I had offended someone.
    That aside, I play this is the only mobile game that I play daily. Aside from the characters and the yuri contents, it also helps you train the reflex of your fingers (It works for me anyway).


  5. theyaoifan says:

    There is a part of the game wayyy over in lvl 40’s of the game where the girls talk about marrying each other


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’ll do my best to eventually get there.


      • Cytrus says:

        By that time, the convo will have changed to “the type of guy you like: >:D.


      • Overlord-G says:

        “Gives middle finger to KLab America”. Thanks for making me lose most of my interest to get that far now ya lousy homophobic company.


      • Cytrus says:

        I’ve been catching up on Love Live recently (I’m late, I know), and whatever yuri content I can see is as unoffensive as it gets. Never would have thought it’s a title that requires “watering down”.


      • Overlord-G says:

        The censorship is targeted more towards the mobile game than the anime. Since NISA’s handling the anime dub it’ll be in safe hands.


  6. Silvachief says:

    I discovered this a week or so ago and have been having a lot of fun playing it ^_^ I can’t stand the Free to Play model a lot of the time, though I have to make an exception for this.
    I’ve managed to S-rank the combo portion for every one of the main songs at hard level. Those B-side hards and experts are a nightmare!


  7. chikorita157 says:

    I was going to play this, but I have a strong hate for mobile games for the fact that I do not like touch controls, especially for rhythm games (not to mention, most mobile games in general are terrible). However, I am planning to cover Love Live Idol Paradise on the Playstation Vita next year (I got the one with Maki, Nico and Eli) when I test the new recording setup with the Vita TV (not sure it will work with the Hauppauge HD PVR with the HDMI to component converter).


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