2014 Year In Review Survey

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As we all know by now 2014, or “The Fifth Age of Yuri” as I dubbed it at the start of the year, has been amazing so far. I say “so far” because it will thankfully continue this Winter and hopefully onward. Once again I am borrowing a page off of the great Michirumagazine‘s playbook and sharing a very interesting survey with my English speaking fans. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask the doods and peeps of the yuri nation to participate in a survey consisting of 9 important questions that everyone is free to answer or not answer. I am very interested in hearing what everyone has to say about the third age of yuri because I think it has been amazing so far but there is more to it than simply a one word opinion of the year. With that I leave to you the nine questions that I will guide everyone to answer and, again, you are all free to accept or deny answering the questions. If some participants have trouble answering the questions or cannot come up with an answer they are free to skip the question. Here are some guidelines:

  • Again participants are free to accept or deny answering the questions. If some have trouble answering the questions or cannot come up with an answer you are free to skip the question. HOWEVER, the one question that requires an answer is #1.
  • Make sure to number all your answers so I can tell which questions were answered by how many participants because I plan on discussing them sometime in January.
  • Most of the questions may be answered with either an open answer (Further elaboration on the written answer) or a closed answer (Just the written answer with no further elaboration). Some of the questions have additional options that are explained.

Ready? Let’s begin.

NibuDeko combing

#1: How would you rank the state of yuri in the animanga industry? Participants are free to write an open answer with further elaboration on the question or pick one of the five closed answers below.

  • Bad
  • Poor
  • Acceptable
  • Noteworthy
  • Amazing

#2: Which yuri manga has felt the most satisfying to read this year?

(Note that the manga does not need to have begun publishing this year. It can be a manga that began publishing sometime before 2014 BUT it has to either have ended publication this year or be an ongoing one.)

#3: Which anime with yuri content has felt the most satisfying to watch this year? (Like question 2 the anime does not necessarily need to have premiered in 2014. It could have aired in 2013 and have ended this year. You can use any anime with Grade 1 to 5 yuri content in your answer.)

#4: Rank the following yuri media formats in a top 5 or top 10 manner or for participants who are ordinal and up to the challenge, rank all the below from favorite to least favorite. – One-shots – 4-koma – Manga – Light Novels – Fanfics – Fanarts – Doujinshi – TV Anime. – O.V.A.s – O.N.A.s – Anime Movies – Live-Action – Drama CD’s – Music Videos/AMVs – Visual Novels – JRPG’s – Yuri in other Video Game genres

#5: Mention which of the below genres (or a combination of the below choices) participants would like to see more future anime with yuri content be produced about. Action, Martial Arts, Adventure, War, Science-Fiction, Comedy, Sports, Drama, Fantasy, Gakuen, Historical, Idols, Magical Girls, Mechas, Mystery, Police, Slice of Life, Super Heroes, Horror.

#6: Describe the type of yuri relationships participants would like to see more of in future yuri works Use the below typology to help form a description.

Typology: amount of physical intimacy, personalities, character archetypes, age, occupation, sexual preference (straight, lesbian, bisexual, other), social status.

#7: What are participants’ least favorite trends in yuri anime or manga?

(Check out the highlighted text for more details on most of the below mentioned trends.) Bad end, male interference, incest, “Best friends” angle, excessive fanservice, yuri stereotypes, emo lesbians, betrayal, shows not “crossing the subtext line”, superficial yuri. (Participants may also mention a trend not included among these examples if they so choose.)

#8: What past anime or manga (pre-2014) would participants like to see future works of? Examples of future work: new season, remake, movie, live-action, spin-off, other.

#9: What anime or manga in 2015, that participants are aware of. are they most excited for?

Uiharu X Saten

As previously mentioned this is a survey to better understand how nation members feel about the current state of yuri media. The results will be discussed in January. Thank you to everyone who chose to participate and I look forward to reading your responses.

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40 Responses to 2014 Year In Review Survey

  1. EasyOs says:

    Question #1:

    Anime-wise i personally believe this to be strongest year in terms of Quantity
    while Manga-wise it’s remained rather consistent for the past few years.
    overall — Noteworthy

    Question #2:

    tough question, not many manga running through this year have really been
    what i’d consider “satisfying” except maybe the Akuma no riddle manga in
    it’s expanding the stories background and heaping on the yuri.

    Question #3:

    Akuma no riddle, half because of the Uki-Uki-Waku-Waku-fluffy-unexpectadly
    happy ending, other half because 90% of the western viewer-base
    cried, whinged, whined and spat venom at it for not fulfilling their despair fetish, making me feel good
    that i can legitimately enjoy something so many others hate.

    Question #4:

    #1 Visual Novels
    #2 manga
    #3 TV anime
    #4 4-Koma
    #5 Yuri in other Video games
    #6 O.V.A’s
    #7 one-shots
    – the rest i don’t really pay enough attention to.

    Question #5:

    Martial-arts, Sci-fi, Adventure and mystery. Any combination or
    by themselves.

    Question #6:

    Really hard for me to answer properly but here i go.
    I always liked Ms. Vincent’s(Gunsmith cats) style, (sorta)celibate lesbian
    who keeps a mainstay personality as a badass bounty-hunter,
    only difference i’d like is she’d have to actually get the girl in the end.
    Nadie(El cazador) is also relevant considering personality and relationship progression (maybe up the intimacy a teensy bit).

    hope that was a good enough answer.

    Question #7:

    Bad ends, Male Interference, betrayal, Gay for pay, Gay til’ Graduation, Most Gender-bender’s and Superficial yuri.
    No real need for further elaboration.

    Question #8:

    Despite the futility i really wanna see an Anime adaption of Poor Poor Lips so bad.
    failing that the completion of Sasameki koto’s anime adaption.

    Question #9:

    Yuri kuma arashi is the obvious one, but Koufuku Graffiti is a Manga Time Kirara Manga so that too.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I too smile wide whenever the Western fanbase of anything goes on a rampage. Idiocy from a bunch of people whose expectations are destroyed is great entertainment.
      Maybe I should read Gunsmith Cats. I had heard interesting things about it.
      Good answers overall.


  2. Timothy Bacchus says:

    My answers are all just my personal opinions and feelings towards the survey.

    1. Poor – Yuri as a genre needs more love. Compared to Yaoi, it definitely needs more attention, more contribution and the like. Even if many would say that Yuri is improving, I still see so many many many rooms for improvement. Or in a shorter note, I’m still jealous that Yaoi gets more attention than my beloved Yuri.

    2.Legally Married and Kase-san – I love Yuri in its fluffiest forms.

    1. HaNaYaMaTa – Moe, fluff, warm, well, you know the feels.

    2. Hm…
      Top 5
      1 – TV Anime
      2 – Manga
      3 – Doujinshi
      4 – Fanfics
      5 – Fanarts

    3. Adventure, Drama, Gakuen, Slice of Life – I’m into more old school stuff.

    4. Probably the love teams with Tsunderes, Tomboys (but not into trans or cross dressing), and Danderes.

    5. Bad ends, Abuse, Cheating, Male Interference, Incest, Gay for pay, Excessive fanservice, superficial yuri.

    6. Anime for Girlfriends by Morinaga Milk and Straberry Shake Sweet by Hayashiya Shizuru and continuation of Prism by Higashiyama Shou. But alright, I give up, they are not gonna happen. Just wishful thinking. Sigh…

    7. Anime or Manga, none at the moment, I guess… I prefer to wait until they are all complete before watching rather than waiting


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sadly yuri’s growth will continue being slower than yaoi’s for a while. Maybe because of how Japan doesn’t take yuri as seriously as yaoi. Maybe something to do with sexism or patriarchy. Not entirely sure.

      Good answers.


  3. the_elevator_man says:
    1. It’s breaking through. Noteworthy and a half, especially compared to the other recent years. Amazing would entail a release “up there” with the Utena, Marimite, stoPan, KnM, and maybe PMMM. Does Hanayamata/ST/AnR reach it? 4.5 works.

    If AnR had a second season to flesh it out and Cross Ange could qualify as the yuri it was anticipated, then an Amazing might have been in the cards.

    1. Well, between only Citrus, AnR and Sakura Trick, I’ll go with AnR. AnR and ST being neck and neck quality-wise, ST is a cute rehash of the anime whereas AnR…well, there’s a reason why I’m recommending the read!
    2. ST for Yuru Yuri fans, AnR for KnM fans. AnR.

    3. I wish I knew or cared about some of those…damn it googles them up

    -Anime (if they make it up here it’s already an accomplishment)
    -Manga (probably the de facto media)
    -VN (still pretty accomplished)
    -Light Novels (Marimite pretty much)
    -Anime movies (getting into the spinoffs and quasi-officials)
    -Drama CD’s
    -4-koma (getting into the fan-ish section)
    -live-action (into the “I’m not really a fan part)
    -ona (I had to google this one up)

    1. Drama/action/adventure. Yes, I know that it’s one of the more saturated tropes but there’s a reason: yuridom needs its gamebreaker like Evangelion or Geass or FMA etc. I mean, the mere hope of that made Cross Ange so anticipated…
  4. Tough one. I’ll go with the “epic/devotion” type that Utena/KnM/GR0/PMMM pulled off and AnR kinda did. Different circs, but a relationship that goes the distance, beats all challenges and puts a definitive mark.

  5. Aren’t all of them yuri stereotypes? I’ll go with the notion/percentage of evil, superficial yuri. Most will go with male/bad ends, but I think “evil yuri” is the mechanic which allows the male insert the popular vote. Example: Tusk in CA is a mainstream fan favourite. Now imagine if lesbians Zola, Hilda, Chris and Rosalie weren’t portrayed in a hugely negative, douchey light at the outset. I mean, if Ange/Hilda acted like NanoFate at the outset, Tusk will have a much harder time being accepted. Most people will complain about Tusk being there, I’ll complain how he got in that easy.

  6. Thinking back on it, probably superficiality is a worse fault than evil portrayal: Chikane/Homura/Shizuru are technically evil, but with fleshed-out depths that go beyond the StoPan/CA’s “let’s just rape you and talk about global warming” shtick.

    1. Marimite new season, easily. Way too much unused material from the light novels. Or my pipe dream of a KnM alt universe done by Gen Urobuchi and UFOtable rather than Kaishaku.
  7. I’m not as enthused next year tbh. Kancolle. Yuri Kuma seems really random, and the artwork and premise is too “out there” for me to throw the chips in just now. Of course, that’s what I said about Sakura Trick too…

  8. Shoot me, but I almost went Cross Ange just for the sheer willpower willing it to pull off the comeback.

    Long survey, good luck with the info.