Life Lessons: Is Blogging a Dying Art Form?

Kotori,Nico and Nozomi bikini

Recently Yumeka from Animeyume celebrated her 8th anniversary of aniblogging and shared her thoughts on an interesting subject about the state of blogging which can be read here. I found the subject interesting and figured I’d throw my own two cents into the pot.

NibuDeko bikini

As Yumeka explained in her post it is becoming more prevalent that animeniacs are losing interest in blogging as a form of expressing their opinions in anime and the like. Whether it is because of there being less free time as animeniacs grow older or them losing interest in anime over the years the fact remains that over the years quicker methods of communication have surfaced across the world wide web such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Reddit, etc.

Some major sites use pictures, large headers and short, to the point non-cryptic texts that are easy to understand and this approach works very well as the modern internet surfer dislikes reading long posts and prefers watching videos, listening to podcasts or the “keep it simple” approach. One thing I am not good at is “keeping it simple”. I am known for being long-winded and in real life slipping on my words. I just can’t sum up my overall thoughts in a short manner. I have to explain myself in detail. It is what I do.

It would be difficult for me to articulate my words in sentences on a vlog without tripping. I know there’s editing but I’m too lazy to make vlogs. Besides I feel more comfortable conveying myself in blog format, not because I do not want to bless the world with my manliness. I’m just used to this method and have no desire to change it. Unlike other life courses blogging is one where the only necessary changes are one’s writing style and topics covered when necessary and the blog layout every now and then.

As mentioned above I am long-winded and find it annoying posting multiple tweets that have a 140 letter limit. I tweet at times but I mainly use Twitter to plug my blog. I mainly use Tumblr to post pictures or plug my blog. I am most active on Facebook whenever a friend drops by but again I use that to plug my blog.

Sento Isuzu and Hoshino Fumina

Blogging may be a slowly dying art form but as long as there are people who stop by for more than the Yuri Anime List (and the Yuri Manga List that desperately needs proper trimming) I keep going. I said this once before, if there ever came a long period of time where I would get no visitors at all despite continuously churning out content I would eventually call it quits but as time passed these three years (as of this writing) I get more popular thanks to the fans who stick around and some who promote my work to others. I do not get along well with everyone but with the people I do it’s all good. Also if I were to get popular on Youtube for example, I would get unwanted attention from people who are only there to cause trouble rather than talk about the main subject of the video.

In the end I will continue using the blog as my main form of conveying my thoughts on anime and the like because I feel more comfortable doing this way and also my fanbase. I do not know how long I will continue blogging but as long as I am able and people are interested I still have a lot more to give to the yuri nation and animeniacs in general.

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18 Responses to Life Lessons: Is Blogging a Dying Art Form?

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Keep up the good fight! It’s nice having this blog to freely talk about things with other people who definitely share interests

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  2. automaticimperfection says:

    Yay,you make me feel like writing more ^^

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  3. kitsu260 says:

    I feel kinda depresive after see old blog I visit like ”Thatanimeblog” ”Animehistory” and stuff who are now abandoning
    I want to be a Veteran in this stuff like journalist who keep working after been very old
    because is beatifuld like see a Tree grown up.


  4. Kai says:

    Basically you use every social media possible to plug your blog. Well, I’m guilty of that too anyway, though I hadn’t been using Facebook for that lately.

    I think I’m also pretty much used to blog format too. I feel it’s a bit tricky to get my point across on social media like Twitter or Facebook, since they are used for “quick posts”. Because Twitter and it’s 140 character limit, I even opened a Tumblr page just in case I wanted to say something beyond that, lol.


  5. K says:

    I just realized that anime blogs existed a little more than a year ago and I have been constantly revisiting some sites recently(like yours). As long as it’s an fascinating issue, I like reading long paragraphs on anime-related topics (and other interesting topics) and I must thank you for linking to Animeyume because that gives me more things to read, heh heh.


  6. yurimylove says:

    i get what you (and Yumeka) meant. There were a pair of “Hontou Ni” anime blogs I used to like reading before your castle was erected. They have “retired” from blogging a while back I believe. But anyways the whole web is a constantly changing world, not just the blogsphere. Ever few years new trends become wildly popular, and displacing many previous fads that came before. I’m old enough to have seen several “generations” of webexpressions rose and fell. At first there were these static HTML homepages (some even with photos wow!) hosted on Geocities/Homestead etc. Then yahoo groups, online forums etc. became popular. Later came photo-posting/sharing sites, then blogs, myspace, social media/facebook. Now we have all these tumblr/tweet/instagram/apps stuff for our latest short-attention-span generation of youth…


    • Overlord-G says:

      Such is life good sir. We are all like children who quickly dispose of our old times whenever something newer, fancier and shinier is shown before us. Even if what we already had was awesome we as a race tend to gravitate our attention towards what’s “superior” or “hip”, thus the cycle will continue long past your lifetime and even mine.


  7. PillowPluff says:

    I think it’s time constraints in offline world that causes the decreasing interest in blogging bout anime/manga/etc. nowadays. It’s almost all connected really, for example: in real life, we go to school and uni/job all the while using our small bits of free time to have fun enjoying the amazing media culture of japan, but as workload increases as time goes by, we end up having less and less time to do things we want. And THEN slowly we start focusing on small niches of anime and manga that we really like rather than back in our old beginner days where we would watch anything we could find as even slightest bit interesting. And then eventually we would only occasionally find time to blog about stuff or even enjoy watching/reading anime/manga/etc.

    That’s how I think it goes. (from my exp anyway).
    But then we end up sooner or later, if our interest was strong, going back to finding time to watch/read more anime and manga/etc and blogging again becomes a possibility. but just a possibility.


  8. Silvachief says:

    I’m…probably guilty of being one of those readers that avoids longer posts (I mean the ones with pages and pages of text), though if there’s a summary I always read that and will read the whole deal if I find it interesting enough. That’s one of the reasons I try to keep my stuff short (and let’s be honest, I only post reviews nowadays anyway, so that works out quite well).

    As for other media…well, blogging’s the easiest way to get into more personal one-on-one discussions with people. Comments on Youtube, for instance, are hugely impersonal and I haven’t found a personality doing video reviews that I like in any case. Social media doesn’t allow you to establish the same base as a blog does, so I don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon.

    I should really put some effort into promotion…as it is i’m just posting things and hoping people find me XD Time’s a big factor, though, and it’s a problem for many people, as you say.

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    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s cool. I drop by and share my thoughts on your posts…when I’ve seen, played or am aware of what you reviewed.

      Exactly. It’s easier to establish a group of people to talk to in blogs rather than the random nuisances that infest social media sites.

      Promoting my blog kinda helped boost yuri fan awareness of it so maybe it can help boost awareness for animeniacs and gamers with similar interests as yours.


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