Yuri Kuma Arashi 2nd Trailer

Something strange happened so I’m uploading the trailer again.

Yuri Kuma Arashi Poster

What I was trying to say before WordPress started acting like crap all of a sudden, this trailer shows viewers what the animation quality will be like. It features girls holding hands and confessing their love for one another, sexy transformations and vintage Ikuhara staircases.

-Ginko: I’ve found you, Kureha Tsubaki. Delicious… You smell like a feast. I’ll teach you my skill. Roar roar.
-Ruru: All right! Ruru’s going to do her best and eat up a lot of girls!
-Sumika: I’m in love with you, Kureha. I love you so much.
-Text: A legend that revolves around lovers who have been separated from each other. Not broken by the transparent storm, they will be found.
-Girl: You don’t understand! And you don’t understand anything about me and Sumika! So don’t talk like you do!
-Mitsuko: Now, get away from her! I won’t let you touch Kureha!
-Konomi: I’ve never seen Mitsuko like that… I won’t forgive that kind of thing!
-Girl: Die! Die!
-Kureha: The time of punishment has come. Roar roar.
-Text: The Yuri trials begin!



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19 Responses to Yuri Kuma Arashi 2nd Trailer

  1. Yeah that’s better.

    Aoi Yuuki saying “Yurusenai!” I can’t even contain my hype.

    Yuri is the beginning and the end of the world.


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  3. anoncpm says:

    Looks promising, that’s for sure. Nice to know the yuri will be central to the plot 🙂
    I’m still a little confused about what the “The yuri trials begin.” is meant to mean though.


  4. automaticimperfection says:

    A bear magical girl…some dreams..and girls with hats..and the bears…very odd bears…and love, yuri love. I shall expect this eagerly .


  5. Lee503 says:

    Hyped for this, definitely a Grade 1 Yuri


  6. r0nkun says:

    Yuri and adorable space bears. so much potential. Yet I have this uneasy feeling for some reason. I pray it turns out to be nothing. Maybe its just such an odd unexpected combination I don’t know how to process it properly.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Lesbians and space bears are like a match made in heaven. Maybe that’s what’s got you feeling uneasy. How could something this awesome actually exist? There has to be a catch.


  7. mutopis says:

    Gay bears from outer space are coming to steal our women! all hail the gay space bears!

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  8. yurimylove says:

    wow another grade 1 yuri series! The “new age of yuri” which you famously dubbed may very well extend into 2015! hooray!!


  9. PillowPluff says:

    GAO GAO!!


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