St Michael Girls’ School Game Plots Revealed

As soon as I posted the news about the new Hanabira Website, Team AXYPB managed to get some more info on the two new games mentioned featuring the six newcomers and Risa x Miya.

St Michael's Girls Newcomers

Here’s the snippet of the interviews telling readers what to expect. First is “The New Generation” followed by “For Old Time’s Sake”.

“What was the concept for this brand?”
The love between refined ladies and common folk…? I guess.

“If you were to assign a love-themed catchphrase to each of the three couples, what would they be?”
For Aya and Ai, ‘We started life as one.’ …Twins searching for their missing half.
For Nagisa and Rina, ‘Love is blind.’ …The past and future spent with you is what gives my life meaning.
For Hazuki and Manami, ‘Curiosity killed the cat.’ …A fateful love, where getting too close just to satisfy her curiosity brought about her downfall.

“Tell us about the moe points of [For Old Times’ Sake].”
This will be a story that shows Risa and Miya’s first encounter. The moe points this time are going to be scenes where they have confusing, less-than-romantic feelings for one another as they both come to be aware of each other, so you should definitely look forward to that.

Hanabira IOS

So from these excerpts we can piece together what the four pairings’ plots will be about. For Old Time’s Sake is technically a prequel to Sono Hanabira 11 and 12. That would explain why there are plans to reprint both games (or only 11) with a price drop this December. Another big announcement is that “FOTS” will be an exclusive release for Android (hopefully) and mobile phone devices. The game is expected to come out this Winter.

As for the three New Generation couples the one I am most excited for are the twins. I heard that this new company brand has plans to release “safer” versions of the games with no love scenes. I personally would not mind this as I mainly watch yuri for the romance and not the sex. However, do not omit kissing. Kissing is very important in yuri media. More than sex, on screen passionate kisses (not random/erotic ones) are what the yuri nation craves most of all. It is the ultimate sign of a positive future to solidify the two girls’ developing/developed love for one another.

Turns out only the Risa X Miya mobile game will be safe for work. New Generation will be 18+ as is the norm with Hanabira games.

Aya and Ai Kimishima

Kimishima Aya 君島亜弥
A second-year student of the annex building who transferred from public school, she and Ai are twin sisters. With a bright and cheerful disposition, she has a little bit of a submissive streak.

Kimishima Ai 君島藍
Aya’s elder twin sister, and the class mascot. While typically meek and docile, she’s actually very willful, and won’t budge once she’s set her mind on something.

Aya and Ai’s Story…
Aya is a transfer student, who has just gotten into the swing of things with the upper class girls. Her older twin sister, Ai, is so clingy that the rest of the class treats them like they’re a couple. But how does Aya feel about this…?

So yeah, the twins. I guess Kaede and Sara was only the beginning of the incest pairings, though this one may be more risque with them being sisters born from the same mother. Candy Boy sure has come a long way since making yuri about “sisterly love” cool.


Nagisa and Rina

Misawa Nagisa 三澤渚
The star of the track and field team, who’s always surrounded by fans. She and Rina have been best friends since they were little, and they can often be spotted together.

Takahata Rina 高幡莉菜
A spoiled and pushy princess. But for some reason, everybody loves her. In class, she’s treated like an actual princess. She has a particular fondness for Nagisa.

Nagisa and Rina’s story…
Rina, the radiant maiden, and Nagisa, who’s always at her side. Rina is actually a kissing fiend, and will lock lips with Nagisa any chance she gets, regardless of the time or place. Will this, combined with various other factors, push Nagisa’s embarrassment over the limit?!

Basically another “princess and athlete” pairing. If one were to count Mai x Reo as one then this would be the third pairing alongside Rikka x Sayuki. At least all of them have something that make them stand out.

Hazuki and Manami

Onohara Hazuki 小野原葉月
A transfer student who was admitted in the second term. She makes no attempts to hide her humble roots. She’s well-liked by everyone.

Suou Manami 蘇芳愛美
A sheltered girl with an air of grace and refinement. Her true personality comes out through her internet idol persona “MANA”, where she’s cruel and abusive.

Hazuki and Manami’s Story…
Manami, who sits next to Hazuki, tips her hat to Hazuki and her humble roots, acknowledging her as “The truly refined one.” One day, Hazuki boldly proclaims to Manami, “We should become a best couple.”

This third couple may end up surprising fans based on the plot and character descriptions. Still it’s the twins’ story I want to see unfold first.


Oh and the developers hope to promote cycling as an efficient weight loss method through Risa and Miya. How awesome would it sound to say that “A cute lesbian couple motivated me to start riding a bike (again).

Lastly to clarify: “For Old Time’s Sake” will be an all-ages game while “The New Generation” will be for the usual 18+ age demographic.

For the full interviews go here:

Source of the plot summaries:

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17 Responses to St Michael Girls’ School Game Plots Revealed

  1. nonbi says:

    I too can’t wait for the twins. Some are saying that the new gen couples are from the middle school branch. I don’t care if there’s adult scenes or not for them, I’ll still love these cute lil newbies.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I just want to see them work their magic. If they do get some love scenes, it’ll be no different from all the others we’ve seen over the years.


  2. Alexis says:

    Hello mister OG!
    Ok por lo que pude entender con mi parco inglés es que pretenden dividir la franquicia en dos: para todo público y solo para mayores de 18, estoy de acuerdo, más diversidad. Pero me parece que en el caso de las tres nuevas parejas, el que diseña los personajes no es Peko y es una lástima porque sus diseños son muy buenos. Salvo por ese pequeño detalle estoy de acuerdo con lo demás. En esas imagenes de Miya y Risa, tengo la sensación de que Miya se sacude el cabello como cierta mahou shoujo (cofcofhomuracofcof). Lo que si me gustaría que hicieran pronto es un juego dedicado a Rena-sensei… con un end harem de ser posible… después de todo se vale soñar



    • Overlord-G says:

      Ese parece ser la idea con la nueva generacion. Hacer un “spin-off” que es para todo publico en un sentido. Yo no tengo problema que Peko no dibujo las nuevas chicas. Son tiernas suficientes.

      Hay una razon obvia que refiero a Risa y Miya como MadoHomu 2.


      • anon says:

        No. La nueva generación será probablemente 18+ también, ya que es juego exclusivo para PC, fue anunciado en Dengeki Hime, una revista con contenido exclusivo para mayores de 18 años. Además los scans de esta no dicen nada acerca de que este juego sea apto para todo público, a diferencia del juego para móbiles de Risa y Miya (For Old Times’ Sake) donde claramente se indica que es un juego para público en general.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Bueno. Eso tambien funciona. Sera una gran delicia ver las morochas haciendo el amor.


  3. Hanneman says:

    I really do not know how to feel about a Sono Hanabira announcement. For once, it means more yuri products being released, and more new things for we entertain ourselves and squee over. On the other hand, i cant be hyped, because it will be a long time before we get our hands on a translated version (i do respect the translators’ effort, or we wouldn’t have any of the 9 SonoHana games already translated). You know what i mean.

    At least, i’m happy that the franchise isnt stopping anytime soon.


  4. EasyOs says:

    It seems you work pretty fast too, i saw this update here before catching AXYPB actual update on it.(though my time zone/sleep pattern might have something to do with it). Coincidentally i have been replaying all the hanabira games from the beginning and personally can’t wait for more, plus the new artist’s work still keeps the Moe factor up there like Peko’s (‘specially the twins).
    I just hope the physical copies i have lined up make it through customs.XD


    • Overlord-G says:

      AXYPB got the info first. I just report on it. That reminds me I need to review episodes 5 and 6 for completion’s sake. I’ll save 9 for when 10 gets an English patch.

      Good luck getting the games through customs.


  5. Pingback: Sei Michael Joshi Gakuen, la nueva marca yuri de Sono Hanabira que podría tener anime - koi-nya

  6. yurimylove says:

    “on screen passionate kisses (not random/erotic ones) are what the yuri nation craves most of all.” you nailed it dood! That’s exactly how i feel too. Hence why i love Sakura Trick so much…


  7. anoncpm says:

    It’s interesting to see Hanabira getting a non 18+ game. I’ve never read the Hanabira novels for the sex content, honestly ( a fact which none of my friends seem to believe -_-), I always read them for the romance (I love any non-drama heavy yuri, which is what makes the Hanabira series so enjoyable). I actually found myself skipping through most of the sex scenes because some of the dialogue and stuff sorta makes me cringe. I’d actually find more passionate sex scenes far more appealing, such as under the covers, rather than out in the back of the school grounds with legs over shoulders ect…

    This is the one thing I’ve always disliked a little about the games’, there’s ALWAYS a power imbalance between the couples, especially in the student-sensei one, that’s a very off-putting thing to me sadly 😦

    I’m also most anticipating the twins, I’m really curious about how they’re going to handle that subject, hopefully it won’t be too angsty and dramatic lol.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It’s cool. Not everyone likes the love scenes. The girls (most of them) are lovable so it’s all good.
      Currently only two games in the entire franchise are for “all ages” in a sense.
      Runa X Takako is one of those pairings that is kinda tough to bear not because of the age-gap but the poor dynamic between the two.

      I predict that it will handle the incest thing much better than Citrus at least.


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