Sora no Method Episode 5: Operation Fireworks

Let’s see how Nonoka and Koharu (and I guess Boy) help Yuzuki calm down.

Let’s see what I can talk about today that isn’t Noel’s greatness.

Nonoka and Koharu planning OF

Unless Koharu has a flashback she’s practically done in “people who need an attitude adjustment”. She was thankfully easy to help cause I like her.

Yuzuki sucking 1Yuzuki sucking 2

You know. Yuzuki reminded me of a client of a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist etc. Things would be so much easier if the client were to fess up and explain what is/are their issue/s. However it never is. Depending on the client’s issue it can be quite the challenge to get them to open up. My point is that’s how Yuzuki was acting this whole time. Unfortunately unlike clients who have more heavy burdens Yuzuki came off being very selfish by the end. Perhaps someone can vouch for her but personally I yelled “Yuzuki no baka!” at the screen whenever she did something dumb since slapping Nonoka.

Noel trying to be friends with ShinoeNoel trying to be friends with Shinoe 2

Seriously if Shinoe’s arc does not end with her confessing her love for Nonoka or showing subtext signs then I will be most disappointed. An interesting note was that Shinoe said it did not stop snowing after Nonoka left and the weather mysteriously cleared up when she came back.

Boy's injured leg

Oh and the hospital scene from last week was NOT the siblings’ parents dying but Boy injuring his leg looking for Yuzuki who ran away from home…again.

Yuzuki route cleared

Anyway Yuzuki eventually does get an attitude adjustment and Noel ends the episode with more awesomeness.

Noel being awesome as usualThank you Noel

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14 Responses to Sora no Method Episode 5: Operation Fireworks

  1. JimJiminy says:

    This episode that brought a big smile to my face. And I really liked the fact that Yuzuki’s problem with everyone was that she couldn’t apologize to them instead of the fireworks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. r0nkun says:

    Problem: can’t launch fireworks because of saucer
    Solution: ask the saucer to put on the fireworks show
    Result: the military views it as a deceleration of war and Nonoka gets taken away in an evacuation order and Noel must fight the military to get back Nonoka. When I say fight, I mean with cuteness of course.

    I may have made that last part up. I’m going to cry in the end when (I assume) Noel leaves.


  3. cirno9fan says:

    I really like Yuzuki’s character. Yeah, she’s done a lot of selfish things, but she recognized that, and did something about it.

    Noel… very criminally adorable T_T

    It just makes me worry more and more we’re getting the bittersweet “Goodbye” ending TT_TT


  4. rishi1998 says:

    Yeah i watched it a bit late rather i would be the one to first post as i am busy with my xams here i have 5 zams in row with two being state competitive..

    But the ep is a bit lacking in a sense that the stuff about headphone-chan i think she doesnt even stand out anymore…. Until next time i guess well its awkward too she hated the saucer due to the fact she coudnt apologize ??? Well the ending was the best i guess it still is a 12 ep series?

    Long love the 2d otakutachi


  5. rishi1998 says:

    U know ep 6 is already out watched it half an hour ago…the joke with the onii-chan was trolling lol..and the out of order double lol and both parteis koharu,nonoka,and utouto-chan(sister)[sry i am pretty bad with names] and the other party shione and noel parrelleing in the onsen were all awesome..


  6. yurimylove says:

    Would you like some flying saucer with your fireworks?


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