Cross Ange Episode 5: Do or Die

So this week I made a decision. Episode 5 would be the make or break episode. If this episode failed to impress me or made my blood boil to the point of eruption I’d be done.

I’ll save everyone the trouble and not talk about the cliche rom-com crap involving Ange and Tusk.

Tusk vs Spinal

No. Not that Tusk. Gundam Seed guy wannabe wishes he were as cool as Killer Instinct’s Tusk.

Like I said, I figured that if I’m going to stick around with this crap, every single scene where Ange and Tusk bond, I will skip. If the few skits I saw this week before I pushed hit fast forward were any indication then any yuri fan would have walked away long ago. With that I will only talk about the interesting parts of the episode.


So apparently Tusk’s parents died. Of course they did. Again with this trope…for fuck’s sake…His mom was a dragon slayer…okay. The Commander was also there at that time for some reason. Oh and Tusk knows about Villkiss. Well that wipes away the “Tusk being the spirit of Villkiss” theory.

Hilda being mean or possibly tsundere

I bet you jerk ass writers want to have Hilda join the evil empire later on, don’t you?


Fucking assholes with your “lesbians are evil” bullshit. This will be one of my red flags. If they have Hilda or any other likable/lesbian character join the evil empire I’ll automatically quit. Also if they do not have her join the empire but kill her off in a retarded manner that will also be a red flag. Actually killing off more of the dragon slayers in a stupid manner would be a red flag.

Ange vs Wyvern

I hate to admit it because of how crappy the show has been up to this point but the fights between dragons and dragon slayers are still cool. Let it be known that I do like the fight scenes. The added blood is not cringe inducing. It’s more like present day WWE cage matches that lack any blood. Without it the violence would not be as effective. So the blood has its place here.

Ange calming down

Also Ange finally calmed down amongst the nicer dragon slayers. Good, because if I had to watch any more of stone cold badass wannabe Ange I would have more shit to fast forward through.

Ange's maid

You know. I honestly hope Ange’s maid isn’t revealed to be gay for Ange next week. Because knowing who the dick wad writers want to hook up Ange with I will feel horrible for the maid. Then again FUCK them if they have the maid be a spy for the evil empire. That would mean she may be forced to sacrifice her life for Ange…though even if she weren’t a spy it wouldn’t surprise me if they did kill her off for a dumb dick reason.

In the end I will say this. Usually I drop an anime if it fails to impress me after five episodes. Cross Ange was about to reach that point and it would have been dropped this week had I not made the decision to skip all bullshit scenes from now on. Tusk is gone for the time being so he’ll hopefully not come back again until much later when the dragon slayers inevitably decide to take on the evil empire.

Basically the show has not yet hit the point where I say “I’m done with this shit”. Not yet…surprisingly.

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27 Responses to Cross Ange Episode 5: Do or Die

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Two words: Stockholm syndrome
    You’re even making concessions to be allowed to be with the show xD


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh I was definitely raped by this show but it’s like Ange and Zola. My vital organs were not penetrated during the rape. So I’m technically still sane. It’s one of those “I hope there’s still good in my rapist” scenarios. Remember, the things I do for yuri.


  2. elkat4 says:

    This anime is like an abusive relationship. I want to leave it, cut all ties to it, but I keep on coming back to it even though the only I’m expecting is more pain and suffering. When this anime ends, I will be grateful and pray that won’t ever be another season.

    On the other hand, I can’t say I hated Tusk. He does nothing for me to hate. I don’t like him either since he doesn’t do anything for me to like. He, like this anime, just straddles the neutral territory between love and hate that makes me accept his (and this anime’s) existence without having a strong opinion about it. If I feel anything for Tusk (other than indifference) and this anime it’s only pity. Pity that he is no different than any male lead from a harem anime, being so bland and uninteresting that I wouldn’t bat an eye if he were to die and could easily say “this anime would so better if he didn’t exist” (like I do for about every harem anime I’ve ever seen.)


    • Overlord-G says:

      We know the show is bad for us but we keep coming back for more regardless. I’m going to reflect on this in the coming week because this irrational feeling has made me feel conflicted with who I am and what I watch anime for.

      His only purpose is to fulfill the male power fantasy, as usual.


    • i hate “harem” genre too unless its yuri female Harem 😉 , agreed with you that this anime would be much more better if “he” didn’t exist..this is why i stay away from any mecha genre anime..non of them fill my expectation for my yuri dose..pity that this could be awesome without “Him”


  3. the_elevator_man says:

    “Resists the stockholm syndrome” Watching only the first 10mins without subs and then posting would do that. What is astounding is how many predictions appear to be spot-on. “I bet Tasuku/his familiy/clan is the male norma,” “I wouldn’t be surprised if CA becomes a mainstream mainstay.”

    Maybe CA can work as a mainstreamer, perhaps finding a niche like fellow snake-troper Madan ou Vanadis or something. There was some good development, Ange really seems to be beginning her much-anticipated maturity. There’s still the good music and fight scenes. And the last 10mins were infinitely better than the first. But on the yuri perspective, CA’s pretty much dead.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Oh no doubt this show could become a mainstream sweetheart. The otaku mainstream goes nuts for this kind of stuff.

      It would seem the show is straying away from the yuri, which would be the nail in the coffin I need to “free myself from this temptation”.


  4. y_urination1870 says:

    Yeah, I already hated Tusk the moment I noticed him in the dam op. Evil empire plot joining looks grim, but I don’t think it’ll happen ultimately (using the opening movie as a basis).
    Only reason I ever bothered continuing the show to episode 4 was because of the pink haired rich genki-gal (not twintails, the one with the keychains Ange knocked into her curry).


    • Overlord-G says:

      Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing continuing…I thought this week I’d have a definitive answer but when “Stockholm Syndrome” was brought up…I need more reflecting.

      She’s a cool cat, Pinky.


  5. Avalon says:

    lol, calm down guys, no need to be so rude, since we’ve already know about where’d this fucking stupid plot of the anime lead us, why don’t we just hope and pray for the good ending show, what if it main plot’s something similar with KnM? you’d regret for whatever you’ve been said don’t you? we just need to calm down and see how this fucking bullshit show would end, if it doesn’t satisfied us enough, then we wouldn’t need to buy the DVD don’t we? maybe you can make a new post and tell to those who haven’t watch this goddamn anime yet, so that they wouldn’t do the same mistake like what we did.
    btw, RWBY and Karen Senki are drawing my attention, did you check them out?


    • Overlord-G says:

      Nah. KnM didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out. KnM had likable protagonists that were worth caring about imo. It didn’t take many episode for fans to warm up to the good guys, unless it did for you.
      The “scene” in KnM was not as cringe worthy because it had a good reason behind it, like it or not.

      Of course I’m not watching this legally. I refuse to support this crap.


  6. x says:

    There maybe be some hope, but then again there isn’t. They could do a 360 on the story and have the ange kill her ally’s and save the maid, but I doubt it.


  7. damm its now confirm that “guy or not?” will b joining them later on, the only reason for me to watch the next episode is because of Momoka, da fck with the so called accident pretty much skip most of the part in this episode, i foresee dragon will be their allies in the future.


  8. Michl says:

    I hope you continue to covering this show. I know its torture. I saw the guy parts. It’s nothing new. It’s like the same old harem where the loser male gets put in the same awkward situations. The problem with this show is the male is not supposed to have any role except a supporting character.
    I hope he isn’t the LI. Why do guys want to see this type of stuff all the time? Just watch Yaoi, you get your fix for male characters. There are great shows with male leads and good romances. Then we get the other crap that is mostly harem or the loser male characters that bring the show down. There are shows that would be great without male character.
    I am hoping that Tusk is not heavily involved in the plot to his parents.
    I am hoping that Ange relationships with her teammates grow.


  9. Otaku girl says:

    I saw this coming as soon as I saw him in the op. This I going to turn into just another harem anime that I drop like a hot potato. Im not even going to stick around for the ending because I already see it as a cliche.


  10. kracen says:

    Saw this, it looked cool, started watching it, wondering why I never saw coverage so I searched, found you stopped after 5 episodes… wondered why… got to episode 5, dropped it, I no know why.
    Tusks character type is the main reason why I hate male characters in anime, and why I am reluctant to give any a chance because of it.
    Hilde didn’t bother me, the whole ‘evil lesbian’ thing never has either, different personalities are different, it’d actually be unrealistic if every lesbian in anime were portrayed as sweet and loving, so variety is nice. Though you’ve likely seen more than I have, maybe its more common to portray them this way than I know.
    I liked all the other characters, its just I can’t deal with a character like Tusk without wanting to violently murder someone to subside my hatred.
    Did you ever finish it? Is it worth suffering through and skipping his scenes to make the whole thing worth watching? Or for my own (what little there is left of it) sanity, was stopping here the right choice?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. The Otaku Judge says:

    Yay, you did not drop it. I have been waiting since November for the next review 🙂

    The maid is a nice character. Later on she gets seduced by a female general from the evil empire and switches sides. Upon realizing she is gay she becomes a bloodthirsty murderer…. nah just kidding!


    • OG-Man says:

      Later on I did drop it out of sheer anger. I couldn’t take it anymore. Over time though more and more and more positive opinions came for the show from the most unlikely of viewers. I didn’t pay attention to them. Then your review was upped…DAMN IT YURI SPIRITS! STOP SENDING THESE MESSAGES! FINE! If reviewing the show will stop you spirits from sending more people to coax me into give the show a second chance I’ll do it.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Thugz4Less says:

    I just started watching this trainwreck of a show and I think you’re going about this all wrong. With all the tropes, ridiculous lines, derp scenarios, and over the top characters (looking at you Vivian), this show is begging to not be taken seriously.

    I’m getting a Fists of the North Star vibe where everyone acts all serious when the most ludicrous stuff is happening. Hell, you meet the Capt while she is grabbing some squad mate’s boob. Ange is introduced at the end of a losing match and gives the most over the top inspirational speech for something we the audience care little about. Then she goes and gets a child taken away, presumably killed. Come on!

    The way they throw characters to the wind just as you meet them adds to the insanity of this show. Not to mention the Stockholm syndromed Hilda who I can’t believe you said is a likable character.

    Ange is the only semi likable character because at least she hasn’t intentionally tried to kill, molest, or rape someone. And let’s focus on that last one. Why is no one unsettled by how easy going everyone is about the dead captain just molesting and raping everyone? The higher ups practically encouraged it by giving her a room alone with Ange! And they all just laugh it away saying “oh she’s always been a womanizer” or “your too rough with the squad’s nipples.”

    I don’t think the show is saying lesbians are evil, I think they’re saying that these girls are evil and just happen to be lesbians.

    And why the hate for Tusk? Sure he looks like every male gundam protagonist, but he’s literally the first male since Ange’s insane, sister loving brother. And to be honest, the estergan is a bit too high right now. The show could use a few more males to even it out.

    But at the end, who cares? With lines like, “I’ll kill her! I’ll kill her dead!” there is endless possibility for this ridiculous show.


    • OG-Man says:

      I already finished the show and Thought it was ultimately not as bad as I initially expected it’d be. I’ve seen far worse. After ep5 it ranged from good to tolerable but overall not amazing. You may think otherwise as you progress.

      As for the depiction and treatment of lesbians…at least they weren’t treated as jokes or evildoers. It was strictly Zola…for the most part.


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